Reno Cartwheel
January 2011

Next Meeting:

Tuesday, 4th  of January 7:30 PM
Carrow’s Restaurant
605 N. Wells Avenue (Wells and 6th), Reno, NV  

No topic scheduled. Please bring in any Christmas treats (coin gifts) you want to share. Hope
we all didn’t get coal in our stockings. I got a real nice donation of rarer and nice US coins,
which I’ll give to Doug to spice up the raffle.

Awards Banquet and elections, January 18, 7:30 PM-details to follow

At The Last Meeting
Ok I had the flu, but Shannon sent me some notes, and I got Dan Waterman to pick up the
Lincoln dollars and raffle prizes (thanks, Dan), so I was there in spirit any way:

Ken Hopple: grand prize of silver club medal, also copper medal, and nickel medal
Doug Larson: 2010 silver eagle
Rick DeAvila ditto
Ralph Marrone 1 oz Englehard silver bar
David Elliott RCC brass medal  
Rusty King 1999 $1 star note.

Bird Prize was a penny roll (date would be nice)

Raffle prizes winners were:

Roger Edwards: 1979 mint double set, Irish mint set 1966
Rick De Avila: Indian penny, Buffalo nickel, Merc dime set, SBA set, Buffalo nickel set, 1979
mint set, Nevada centennial medal
Dan Trabke: mint medal
Ed Scott: medal, coin tubes, coin folders, presidential coin
Garrett Allen: 1969 mint set, 1968 mint set, Israel  mint set 1970, 1971
Ralph Marrone: 1982 mint set
Ken Hopple: 1980 SBA set, 4 1956 silver proof dimes
Jerry Breedlove: 1974 mint set, 1969 Mexican mint set. Israel 1971 mint set
Quint Anina 1956 proof dime
Claude Sendon Israel coins, Israel 26th anniversary set
Larry Demangate: ancient coin
Jack Gruhler:dollar coins
Jeff Allen: presidential medals
Bart Daniels presidentiel medals
Gary Dahlke: Whitman box, 1964 NV coin, 1984     half dollar

Tony Villalobos name was drawn for the  quarter pot, presumably not there????

Baseball cards Ed Scott $35
2000S Clad VA quarter Shannon Holmes $10
Morgan key chain Paul Williams $35

Upcoming Coin Shows

January 28-30
San Jose Coin Club Coin Show, Doubletree Hotel, Bayshore Ballroom, 2050 Gateway Pl., 70
tables, Call Ray Johnson, 408-973-1606,

February 25-26
Lincoln Celebration at the State Museum, Carson City. Lincoln dollars and the other presidents,
all the new Lincoln pennies, and the national park quarters at face or cost will be available along
with Doug Larson’s Civil War display. Bob Nylen’s Lincoln penny lecture, and Ken Hopple at
the press minting Lincoln medals–how can you resist?

March 17-19
ANA National Money Show, Sacramento Convention Center

April 17-23
National Coin Week’s theme is “Blue, Grey & Greenbacks: Money of the Civil War.” I imagine
Ken and I will be at the State Museum in Carson city on Friday 22 and Saturday 23.

RCC Officers
Doug Larson…. President……843-0162
Karen San Pres...857-4508 guinetti..Vice
Ralph Marrone..Treasurer.……882-6741
Shannon Holmes ..Secretary….827-4359
Dan Waterman….Director……747-4380
Ed Waselewski…Director……354-0287
Gerald Breedlove….Director...425-2967
Duke Morin……….Director…856-4935
Paul Williams…ANA Rep...…720-5395
David Elliott........Editor...........815-8625

The RCC Board meets the third Tuesday of the month at the Carrow’s at 7:30PM. All members
are invited to attend.

The Other Coin: Two Roman Quinarii

I scored two small quinarii (singular quinarius) or half denarius because they both appeared to
have an interesting story to tell. The quinarius is the smallest of the roman silver coins. But I
should take a step back.
Minting coins in Republican Rome was primarily the job of one of the three tresviri auro argento
aere flando feriundo (“the three men for casting and striking of gold, silver and bronze”). The
office of moneyer was most likely established in the third century BC. This annual office was
shared by three men at the beginning of their career on the  cursus honorum, the political career
ladder hopefully ending in achieving the highest office of one of the two consuls. A position
from which one commanded Rome and the armies. Candidates for moneyer normally had to be
at least 27 years of age, and had usually already served in the military.
Men from more prominent families begin to hold the office of moneyer when they realized the
propaganda value of coins. Many of the coiners took the opportunity to place on their coins
designs that represented the achievements of their family and ancestors, thereby increasing their
own prestige and hope of election to higher office. Recently it has been suggested that these
representations should be seen in the context of a wider Roman cultural practice of honoring
one's ancestors. Republican coins may not have been issued only for the purposes of
propaganda, but as a commemoration or monumentum to the family to which the moneyer
My first coin was minted by L. Rubrius Dosensus in 87 BC as a supporter of Sulla against



We see Neptune head right with Dossens behind and on the reverse victory with palm before an
altar with snake and L. Rubri behind. Sulla had become consul defeating Marius in 88BC in the
Social War (91-87BC) so called, because the Socii or “allies” of the Romans in Italy had the
same military obligations as the Latin Romans, but had more taxes and almost no political say in
the government. Sulla fought to preserve a purely Latin Senate and keep the burden on the Socii.
With victory in hand Sulla orders that a fleet be raised to oppose Mithradates, who was building
an empire in Asia Minor and threatening Greece. This is what the coin is commemorating. By
86BC Marius had defeated Sulla, invalidated his laws, took command of his navy, and was the
new consul of Rome.
The second coin is minted by Petillius Capitolinus in 43 BC and has Zeus’ eagle on a thunderbolt
on the obverse with his name and the temple of Jupiter Best and Greatest on the reverse.

Now besides being a cool coin, the architectural detail of the Jupiter Optimus Maximus is shown
as it was rebuilt by Sulla after it burned down in 87BC during the aforementioned Civil War of
the Socii. There is a whole branch of numismatics that notes architecture on coins to recreate
ancient buildings. We know it had six columns and a multitude of statues on the roof. the SF
likely stands for Sulla fecit –Sulla made this. Marius was a mentor to Julius Caesar, and found
the young man so precocious that he had him made chief priest Pontifex Maximus, so he could
not lead armies. It took Caesar years to figure out a ritual blemish, so he could no longer serve
as chief priest, but he and later emperors and then the Pope kept the title.
Numismatically yours, David Elliott

AT $1.00 EACH.
Edward B Hoffman, PO Box 8027, Spring Creek, NV 89815-0001-27
Ed has donated a big bag of steel pennies, a roll of V nickels and many other things to the club
over the years. Good to see you!
2011 Presidential $1 Dollar Coin Design Images

The United States Mint on Wednesday, December 22 released design images of the 2011

Presidential $1 Dollar Coins. The dollars feature portraits of former Presidents Andrew Johnson,
Ulysses S. Grant, Rutherford B. Hayes and James Garfield. They mark the seventeenth through
the twentieth dollar coins to be issued in the United States Mint Presidential $1 Coin Program
which began in 2007 with George Washington.

DUES Are DUE. Please bring your dues to the meeting or mail them to us.


2011 Native American Dollar to Launch January 12

The United States Mint  announced that it would officially launch the 2011 Native American
Dollar coin in a ceremony on January 12, 2011. The US Mint first revealed the new dollar coin
design in late November.The site selected for the 2001 launch is located at the Plymouth
Plantation in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Pearl Harbor 70th Anniversary Commemorated in Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals

"December 7, 1941 — a date which will live in infamy — the United States of America was
suddenly and deliberately attacked…" These words of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt will
forever be associated with the World War II attack on United States forces based at Pearl
Harbor, Hawaii that resulted in the death of well over 2,000 U.S. Military men and the wounding
of over a thousand.
Gold, silver and bronze medals have been created for the release. The bronze and silver strikes
each have a diameter of 39mm with the proof silver piece containing one ounce of .999 fine
silver. The proof gold medal contains one-tenth ounce of .9999 fine gold with a diameter of
17mm. In addition to the individual medals, special sets containing more than one of the strikes
is also available.
The obverse of each bronze and silver medal authorized by the Association contains an action
scene showing a view of the deck of the USS Nevada with the stricken USS Arizona in the
background. Two Navy sailors are depicted firing a .30 caliber Browning water cooled machine
gun under the direction of an officer at an incoming Japanese plane. Surrounding the scene are
the inscriptions of PEARL HARBOR 1941-2011 and HAWAII. Each proof Gold Liberty Medal
features a portrait of Lady Liberty on the obverse. Inscribed around her are LIBERTY, 2010 and
All three medals contain the same reverse which shows the Arizona Memorial in the center with
a US flag flying above it. An outline of the Island of Oahu is included as well with the position of
Pearl Harbor clearly identified. Surrounding the design are the inscriptions of 70TH,
The bronze medals are currently available for $22 each. Each one ounce proof silver medal is
currently listed at $65. Finally, the three medal set which contains the Gold Liberty and the silver
and bronze medals is shown for $399.For more information, see the official Royal Hawaiian
Mint page at or call the Mint
directly at (808) 922-6468.