Reno Cartwheel
April 2010

Next Meeting:
6th of April 7:30 p.m.

Carrow’s Restaurant
605 N. Wells Avenue
Reno, NV  

ANA Beautiful Places: Mint Marks and Landmarks:. Please bring a coin from your most beautiful
place. There will also be a Club Challenge of 15 questions (see below).

May No topic at this time

June My favorite coin

At The Last Meeting

David Elliott presented a DVD of Indian coins from ancient times and the present as well as having
examples of the coins in trays. The new shield penny was available as well as the Sacagawea dollar
with peace design of wampum and arrows.

Early Bird Prize was won by Ralph Doucette: 1976 half dollar

Raffle prizes winners were:
Steve Podhurst: Mystery Box Bicentennial medal
Gerald Breedlove: 1963 Franklin
Ed. Wasezewski: 1963 Franklin
Larry Demangate: Coins of Israel
Lloyd Johnson: Israel coins 1967
Ken Hopple: wheat pennies
Ralph Marrone: 2 40% silver halves
Steve Podhurst: 1984 World coin book, John   Wayne Coin
Dan Trabke: wheat pennies, Israel set 1965
Jack Gruhler: 1976D half dollar
David Elliott: Marshall Island 1st man on the   moon,  Israel set, coin tubes
Paul van Sikke: Kennedy 1/2 1967, coin books
Andre Azzam: World paper money
Brittany Gruehler: coin of Israel
Jack Gruehler wheat pennies
Geraldine Podhurst: book CA gold coins

Jamie Thompson (not present) won the
quarter pot–$28.75


Steve Podhurst won the auction for 1922 Peace Dollar belt buckle for $20.

Please let one of the board members know of a topic you would like to do or have presented.
Someone in the club knows all.

Upcoming Coin Shows

April 23-24
Carson City
Nevada State Museum
National Coin Week Dollar Exchange
10AM -3PM
Admission to museum $5, student senior. child discounts, press running

April 30-May 1
Sacramento Valley Coin Club
The Dante Club
2330 Fair Oaks Blvd.
(530) 885-9050

May 2
Vallejo Elk’s Lodge
2850 Redwood Parkway
(707) 642-8754

RCC Officers
Doug Larson…. President……843-0162
Karen Sanguinetti..Vice Pres...857-4508
Ralph Marrone..Treasurer.……882-6741
Shannon Holmes ..Secretary….827-4359
Dan Waterman….Director……747-4380
Ed Waselewski…Director……354-0287
Gerald Breedlove….Director...425-2967
Duke Morin……….Director…856-4935
Paul Williams…ANA Rep...…720-5395
David Elliott........Editor...........815-8625

The RCC Board meets the third Tuesday of the month at the Carrow’s at 7:30PM. All members are
invited to attend.

AS     I      SEE     IT!

Members of the Reno Coin Club are extremely lucky to be involved with the best coin club in the
country.  Last December 19th on a somewhat cloudy day, the Reno Coin Club struck its 25th
anniversary medallions at the Nevada State Museum.  It was a rare opportunity for RCC members
and the general public at large to see the Nevada State Museum's #1 Press strike the 25 .999 Fine
One Ounce Silver Medals, along with the Nickel, Brass, and Copper medals that were struck later
on the same afternoon.
Many thanks have to go to Duke Morin for arranging to have the Mayors of Reno, Sparks, and
Carson City appear at our striking ceremony.  Many thanks also go to Sparks Mayor Geno Martini
for attending.

After remarks by  RCC President Doug Larson, Duke Morin, Mayor Martini, Bob Nylen, Alan
Rowe, David Elliot and Ken Hopple, everyone went to the press room where Ken Hopple began to
strike the beautiful .999 fine silver 1 ounce pieces with the RCC's commemorative obverse and the
Nevada State Museum's #1 Press Reverse. The first two strikes off of the #1 press were reserved
for the Mayors of Reno and Sparks. They were given to Mayor Martini who graciously
volunteered to give Reno Mayor Bob Cashell Reno's medal, because Mayor Cashell was unable to

All through the morning Ken Hopple regaled museum patrons and RCC members while he fielded
questions about the minting process and the Carson City Mint. After minting the 25 silver pieces,
work began on the nickel, brass, and copper strikes. While most RCC members left for home
before this happened, a good batch of museum patrons stayed and purchased a number of the
club's medals.

4-5 times a year Dave Elliott runs a quarter and dollar exchange at the Nevada State Museum with
his wife or daughter. Since the date that the RCC was minting its medals was December 19th,
Dave and his wife were both dressed up in full Christmas regalia at the Reno Coin Club Table,
where they traded quarters, 2009 pennies,and presidential dollars with the public. They also gave
away foreign coins to the younger collectors. (Thanks especially to Larry Demangate.)

After a brief lunch with Bob Nylen and Ken Hopple, Doug Larson and I came back to help finish
minting the club's copper, nickel, and brass medals. We had a very interesting and rewarding time
packaging the medals and answering questions about coin collecting. Ken minted the medals,
Doug packaged them, Bob Nylen encapsulated them, and I stamped each package noting that we
had permission of the city of Reno to use the downtown Reno Arch on our medals.
We in the Reno Coin Club have a very special relationship
with Bob Nylen and the Nevada State Museum staff. When
we both have coin shows in any given year, we give free
bourse tables to each other.  A few years back, we were
sponsors with the Nevada State Museum in their presentation
with the "Coins of the Mexican Revolution" presentation
(ANA Exhibit) and accompanying speakers. Bob Nylen and
Gene Hattori bothhave been frequent speakers at Reno Coin
Club events. Call the Nevada State Museum about business
hours at 687-4340.
Finally I would like to thank Doug Larson, along with Ken
and Karen Hopple for the wonderful time we had designing the
club's medallion. With that I would like to close with a  picture
that shows our lovely Reno Coin Club medallion.
That’s how I see it! Rusty King

ANA Club Challenge!

Bring your answers to the club meeting. We will send in the completed challenge for a prize to be
raffled at the club meeting or our coin show (yes we’re still trying to get one up and running for
the Fall with the help of Duke Morin and Doug Larson). I also have prizes for right answers.
Feel free to e-mail your answers to me,

1. What is the numismatic relevance of 132 South Eden Sreet?

2. In 1935 President Roosevelt directed Treasury Secretary Henry Morgenthau to ask Congress
to authorize two new coins. What were the denominations of the coins, and what were
their intended purposes?

3. Who is portrayed on the 1891 $50 Silver Certificate and for which historical event was he listed
as the main speaker?

4. What is the longest one-word name for a coin, and where was he coin used?

5. What world mint was geographically the northernmost ever established?

6. What coins were known as “black dogs”?

7. Which country hand-struck bullion gold coins in 1990?

8. Coins from what city and its colonies were nicknamed “colts” in the ancient world?

9. “Tribute pennies” most likely were issued by what country and what ruler? (I know)

10. Who is the baby depicted on the reverse of the Roanoke commemorative half dollar, and
what is her significance?

11. How many coins were needed to complete the Panama-Pacific Exposition double coin set
and what was the original purchase price for the coins and presentation frame?

12. What did Doris Doree and Irene MacDowell have in common?

13. On what unit is Macao’s monetary system  based?

14. Why was a tiny maple leaf placed next to the date on some 1947 Canadian coins?

15. Which state quarter portrays an image that is totally not within is state boundary?

Bonus: Name the youngest person ever elected to the ANA Board of Governors? How old was
he? What year was he elected?