Next Meeting:
Tuesday, 1st of April 7:30 PM
Carrow’s Restaurant
605 N. Wells Avenue (Wells and 6th), Reno, NV

April: So-called Dollars Jeff Shevlin introduces us to so-called dollars.

April 25,26: Nat’l Coin Week at NV Museum Minting our new medal, lectures, all the new coins. Help us “celebrate civic service” and the 50th
anniversary of the Kennedy half, 30th anniversary of the club, and 150th anniversary of the State.
The Reno Coin Club and Nevada State Museum celebrate National Coin Week. All the new US coins will be available at near cost. We will have the
first 2  park quarters of 2014, Harding, Coolidge, and 2014 Native American dollars. Also a limited number of 1964 and 2014 Kennedy halves. Starting
8:45AM both days we will have lectures on:
8:45AM-Opening Remarks and Greetings by President of the Reno Coin Club
9AM -Ken Hopple-"Discovery and Restoration of the Carson City Cancelled Dies"
9:45AM Rusty King and Dave Andrews-"The Making of the 125th Anniversary Medal for the State of Nevada"
10:30 AM David Elliott "Coins of Constantine the Great: Pagan and Christian Imagery"
11:15 Paul Williams, "50th Anniversary of the Kennedy Half Dollar."
There will be a display of ancient and obsolete US coins. Free foreign coins for kids as well as the Old Coin Press minting a new medal celebrating Reno
Coin Club’s 30th anniversary and the states 150th. Admission is $8 for adults and children under 18 are free.

May: Kennedy, His Call to Service, and the Half Dollar A round table to reminisce about Kennedy. The 1964 and 2014 half dollars will be up for bid,
and we will look at the ANA Coin Week material.

June: My Favorite Coin and Auction Bring your current favorite coin and coins to auction. 10% to club. Probably have finger foods again.

The Last Meeting
47 people were present to listen to Fred Holabird and associates on how they determined the contents and passenger list of the SS Republic in 10 days.
Maritime and Navy archives, newspaper accounts, rescue ships account were elusive and often absent. The crack team of computer people, researchers,
and government experts were able to assemble a pretty complete list. One of the 4 lifeboats that held about 30 people was evidently commandeered by 4
military paymasters to protect their payroll. Most of the people on the makeshift raft died . Some 200 ships went down in the hurricane that sank the SS
Republic. Our first bid board went well. There’s room for more coins. Bring one coin at a time. 10% of sale price to club.

Early Bird Prize was 2013 S quarter set won by Martha Judson.

Raffle prizes winners were:
Howard Buchler:filled penny album, 2009 dollar set
Ed Scott: 1971 unc. Ike $, .50 coin album
Dan Trabke: 1989S .05 proof, and 2009 pennies
Laurel Hoggan:2007D Jefferson$1, Mint bag
Jerry Breedlove: 2013 S quarter set, buffalo .05        
Ken Hopple: 2013 S quarter set, chocolate coins, 1993D MS65 .10
Leo Rossow: counterfeit coins book, grading coins book, unc. 2005 .05
Tom Benjamin: buffalo .05
Joe: roll 1995 pennies
Garrett Allen: copper round
Cole Allen 1939S buffalo .05
Bill Gregory: unc. 1976 half
Brent Speegle: paper money book

Morgan Dollar Money Clip donated by Larry Demangate won for $23 by Paul Williams

Quarter Pot
Pete Plath (left early) won the quarter pot about $40.


Upcoming Coin Shows

April 4-6:
Las Vegas Numismatic Society Coin  Show, Palace Station, CK Shows 888-330-5188 ,

April 25,26: Nat’l Coin Week at NV Museum Minting our new medal, lectures, all the new coins. Help us “celebrate civic service” and the 50th
anniversary of the Kennedy half, 30th anniversary of the club, and 150th anniversary of the State.

April 25-27: Santa Clara Coin, Stamp, Collectibles  Show, Santa Clara Convention Center, 5001 Great America Parkway, Admit:$6, Scott Griffin
415-601-8661 ,

May 2,3: Sacramento Valley Coin  Show, Four Points Sheraton Hotel, 4900 Duckhorn Dr., Admit:$3, Bob Shanks 916-204-5168 www.sacvalcc.

May 4: Vallejo Numismatic Society’s Coin  Show, Veteran’s Memorial Bldg., 420 Callaghan Ln., Ed Hoffmark 707-642-8754 www.solanocoinclub.

RCC Officers
David Elliott….......... President….......…815-8625
Rusty King..............Vice President......... 677-7057
Doug Larson............Past President..........843-0162
Gerald Breedlove........Treasurer..............425-2967
Andre Azzam ..............Secretary….........338-0707
Paul Williams…..........Director….......…720-5395
Joe Wozniak.............…Director…......…853-4223
Ken Hopple ....…..........Director..............677-1544
Shannon Holmes...........Director..............827–4359
Paul Williams…..........ANA Rep.............720-5395
David Elliott...................Editor................815-8625

The RCC Board meets the 1st  Tuesday of the month at Carrow’s at 6:30 PM. Everyone is invited to attend.

If there is a topic you would like to see please let a board member know. Someone in the club knows all.

Not the Other Coin: So-Called Dollars
I didn’t know anything about so-called dollars, until I looked them up. They are generally souvenir tokens and commemorative medals that are about the
size of a silver dollar. They commemorate world fairs, city and state anniversaries, American battles, completion of public works and exclude advertising,
political, and military medals. They also include silver medals minted in the 1800s as monetary bullion. The standard catalog of the medals: Harold Hibbler
and Charles Kappen’s So Called Dollars was first published in 1963, so only coins before 1962 are generally included. There have been two reprints and
the book is on-line at .The website has additional medals up to 1962. The is in progress a new catalog, which will bring the so-
called dollars up to date. Jeff Shevlin and William Hyder have a detailed book on the 1939 Golden Gate Expositions medals at
Another website Jeff seems to have contributed  to all the various websites and is an expert on the so-called dollars.

Numismatic Potpourri                        

The big news was the discovery of some 1427 gold coins in a can by a Northern California couple with  $27,980 in face value and ten million in auction
The Saddle Ridge Hoard, as it is called, is the most valuable treasure find in the US.  The hoard consisted of 1400 $20 gold, 50 $10 gold, and 4
$5 gold pieces dated from 1847-1894. Mostly from San Francisco mint, but including A Georgian $5. The hoarder chose coins in uncirculated condition
which make the 1866 S No motto, 1877S and 1888S, 1889S, and 1894S some of the finest known. The coins have been slabbed by PCGS and Kagin
will be selling them on Amazon soon. An unlikely suggestion that the coins were from a San Francisco mint heist was discounted both by the observation
that the mint would not have such a range of dates and by the mint that stated there would be no way to prove the coins had come from the mint.
Chinese hoard of some 1.4 million cash and hoe coins dating from the Western Han Dynasty (206BC-24AD) was unearthed last October
complete with molds and strings of coins.

curved baseball coins for the National Baseball Hall of Fame are being released March 27. The silver proof and uncirculated coins with the
highest dome are $51.95 and $47.95. They come in at just under 27 grams, 90% silver. The silver clad nickel with only a third of the dome of the silver
are proof $19.95 and uncirculated “18.95. The proofs are being made in SF and uncirculated coins in Denver. The gold coins’ prices are still to be
determined, but are being minted at West Point at 8.359 grams 90% gold. I’m getting the clad for sure, maybe the silver.

US Mint says it wants it 1974D aluminum cent back and has filed suit. A little strange since the 1974 P aluminum cent has been around since
2005 and there has been no move to get that one back.
Odyssey Marine Exploration has come to an agreement to bring up he rest of the treasure
from the SS Central America.
Their experts (like those we just heard from on the SS Republic) estimate that the shipwreck still has a commercial
shipment of gold that was valued at approximately $93,000 in 1857, as well as a substantial amount of passenger gold valued in 1857 between $250,000
and $1,280,000. The expert we retained to analyze the extensive collection of records and contemporary accounts of the shipwreck places the most
likely 1857 face value of the total remaining passenger and commercial gold at $760,000.
Presidential portraits for the remaining dollar coins have been selected. Ending at Ford in 2016 unless Jimmy Carter dies. (Where’s my voodoo
Must have Reagan dollar)

The last 2 Native American dollar coins will be honoring the Mohawk iron workers and the WWII code talkers. Two of the proposed designs are
below. All of them will be on the website.

Stacks is sorting through a
30 ton hoard of US coins. The hoard, which contains over a million coins, ranges from bags of large copper cents and
Capped Bust half dollars, to Morgan and other silver dollars. Other coins include Washington quarters, Franklin half dollars, bags of Flying Eagle and
Indian Head cents, nearly 10,000 1909 V.D.B cents, and more. Most are in circulated grades, and will appeal to collectors seeking coins that are both
historical and affordable. The market value is estimated to be well into eight figures, with initial estimates ranging from $15 to $20 million. They will be
auctioned off in the next few years. Heritage has a nice article on
6 pennies worth four and half million dollars they are: 1) 1792 silver plugged
experiment 1.15 million; 2) 1793 chain cent 1.38 million; 3) 1795 reeded edge cent $646,250; 4) 1794 starred reverse cent $632,500, 5) 1944S steel
penny $373,750; 6) 1936 Canadian dot cent $402,500.
Australian bullion coin releases for March:

Paul Williams has secured
20 1964 silver Kennedy Halves, and I will get 20 each of PD 2014 Kennedy halves, so we can make up 50 year sets.
$3.29 million was paid for an 1890 $1000 Treasury note.
Fred Holabird reminds everyone that the club’s large library is housed by
him at 3555 Airway Drive #308 (around back as Holabird Americana).
Call 852-8822
SF set of all five 2013 quarters in case $4
National Park Quarters  PDS .50        
Presidential, Native American 2013  D P $1.25
1825 Eire Canal Opening
1893 Columbian Exposition
1945 Victory Medal