Next Meeting:

April 24,25 National Coin Week at the Museum
April 28 NCW: Remarkable Women: Catalysts
of Change featuring Eva Adams

May 26 Stan Paher Ghost towns of Nevada

June 23 Can you beat Sam Dibitonto’s Morgan?
Sam will bring his MS Morgans. Bring
your best and see if you can beat his.

July 17, 18 Reno Coin Show, Reno Ramada
Hotel & Casino, 1000 E. 6th St.

After the Last Cancelled Meeting
Everything April is cancelled.
Stan will be ready to go in May if Denny’s is open and Sam is eager to show off his Morgan collection. Hopefully just a
month more of this quarantine.
The US Mint is closed indefinitely with the new quarter and other items delayed. The July Reno Coin show is still a
if things open up and dealers are willing to come. The raffle prizes include a 1907 $5 US gold, Liberian $25 gold, Mexico $2 gold, 1881 S
MS63 Morgan and 1887S Morgan and 10 2020 silver Eagles. The club gets the first $200 for tickets. Bill Green gets the next $905 for prizes, and we then
split any profits 50/50. Hope this all happens.
Will raffle off 3 club medals when we next meet and then start the 1884 CC boxed dollar raffle.
Laurel has collected notes on club members:
Milton reports he's doing well. Laurel's well. Dave Loder's well, but his senior living home does not allow
any visitors, so our June picnic is cancelled. Dan Waterman is enjoying his snowbird 2nd home in AZ. Dan also got married! Laurel thinks it was in March.
He has to wait until the governors allow us to cross state lines again before we can meet his wife Chrisina. Before all this virus stuff, Dan was able to attend a
coin show in Mesa AZ. Larry Demangate’s church held services in the parking lot with everyone staying in cars and listening on FM radio. My family
watched a streaming service on a tablet with a family Easter egg hunt. With daughter, wife, and daughter-in-law all working ER or home care, I keep thinking
someone will bring the virus home, but so far so good. Reno is still not a hot spot like Vegas or New York. I am mostly upset about Greek post offices
closed, so coins I purchased are delayed, the comic book store is closed, I am housebound as high risk and doing lots of yard work. Rusty seems to be
doing a lot of yard work too. Let me know how you are doing. So I can tell everyone. Contact me with any ideas or problems:  
775 815-8625.


Upcoming Coin Shows

June 4-6 Long Beach Coin, Currency, and Stamp  Show, Long Beach Convention Centre, 100 S, Pine St. Admit: $8 Tables: huge Taryn Warecker 805 680-0294

July 17, 18 Reno Coin Show, Reno Ramada Hotel & Casino, 1000 E. 6th St. Admit Tables: 38 Bill Green 925-351-7605     

RCC Officers

David Elliott….......... President….......…815-8625
Rusty King..............Vice President......... 677-7057
Doug Larson............Past President..........843-0162
Mary Long..................Treasurer..............247-5796
Andre Azzam ..............Secretary….........338-0707
Laurel Hoggan….........Librarian..........…223-5096
Joe Wozniak.............…Director…......…853-4223
Ken Hopple ....…..........Director..............677-1544
Shannon Holmes...........Director..............827–4359
Paul Williams…..........ANA Rep.............720-5395
David Elliott...................Editor................815-8625

Treasurer’s report: Minimal activity, especially since we had no monthly meeting due to COVID-19.  Income included $30 for medals raffle sales and $20 for 2020
renewal dues. Normal expenses were paid for the newsletter, our website, bank fees, plus $400 ($200 for raffle tickets and $200 for 1884 CC to raffle off) for the
planned Reno Coin Show-related expenses. At the end of February our available balance was $2,875.92.  

The Other Coin: Salus and Hygeia, Goddesses of Health and Disease

Whom did the Greeks and Romans pray to when plagues came? Salus in Roman religion was the goddess of health and welfare, identified with the Greek
Hygieia, the daughter of Asclepius, who was the son of Apollo. Apollo was the original healing god, but that was mostly a matter of praying he stop sending
arrows of plague into cities and places that had offended him. Asclepius added sanitariums or places of healing where people could be treated by rest, diet,
and exercise. Diet, rest and exercise were the principal medicines of Greek, Roman, and Western medicine until 1800 AD when the cabinet of medicines
had grown to include effective anaesthetics, antiseptics and analgesics. The Greeks and Romans relied primarily on diet and exercise with medicine that were
purgatives, laxatives, or both. Of course, diet, exercise, and rest are still the best medicines.

Above Hygieia stands feeding a snake from a shallow bowl called a patera. Her father Asclepius stands with staff around which a single snake entwines. Sometimes in
the late Middle Ages, Hermes’ or Mercury’s caduceus with the two entwined snakes replaced Asclepius staff for doctors The caduceus is a sign of commerce used
by pharmacists and replaced the healing staff of Asclepius. Why all the snakes? Snakes were symbols of good luck and offered prophetic healing dreams in Asclepian
hospitals, especially when feed milk from the pateras. You were expected to sleep in a room full of snakes, who were symbols of regeneration, being reborn anew
when they shed their skins. The snake is th good god or daemon.

The Roman Hygieia or Salus besides giving us the terms hygiene and salubrious, also let us know when plagues or health problems beset a town and Rome in
particular. Roman coins bore Salus at times of plague or disease to honor the goddess. Greek coins were used to advertize the local hospital or Asclepeion. Salus head
and standing with a snake on a Republican coin and enthroned and feeding a snake from a patera, as the snake rises from an altar. The phrase Salus Publica or “public
health” is a sure sign that prayers are being offered to the goddess for aid in a plague or other wide spread health problem. I pray that we all are spared from the
corona virus and get to meet soon.

Numismatically yours, David Elliott

Numismatic Potpourri

Robert Rodriguez is well and sheltering some friends from LA. He landed a 1798 half eagle above and is on the trail of some quarter eagles to complete a set of
pre-1800 gold coins. It will be great to see them. No comprehensive and authoritative reference guide has been written about these beautifully designed coins. Their
story has never been told, until now.
United States Classic Gold Coins of 1834-1839, a book written by Daryl J. Haynor. The book is priced at $95.

The unreleased
Weir Farm quarter will have both W for West Point mint and V75 on left to celebrate 75 years after WWII. Keep an eye out. Also delayed
until at least May is the basketball coin
. The American Numismatic Association (ANA) announced that the 2020 Summer Seminar, scheduled for June 27-
July 9 in Colorado Springs, Colo., has been cancelled
due to coronavirus safety concerns. The ANS has launched a podcast! Hosted by Publications Director
Andrew Reinhard, each episode of
The Planchet will be a conversation with numismatists covering a range of topics. Episode 1 features ANS Assistant Curator of
the Americas Dr. Jesse Kraft on how Americans spent foreign currency before the Coinage Act of 1857.
The Planchet is available on Apple Podcasts, Google
Android, Spotify, and Stitcher. Subscribe and hear a new episode each month! ANS is also putting more and more of their collection on-line.
Coin Week also has a
podcast by the way
. Thank God for stupid thieves. Gerry Fortin reported a shipment missing in the US mail. Two coins were in the package, an 1871 Liberty seated
quarter and half dollar (NGC MS62). With tracking, it was clear the package made it to the local post office, then disappeared. The collector put out notices to local
stores and the thief brought them in to sell. Dealer called police and had woman arrested in store. She confessed that her post office accomplice had promised her
half of what she could get for them. He and several others at the post office were arrested, breaking up a theft ring. I had the same problem with my local post
office. Lost a dozen shipments or so, all the tracked packages stopped at the post office. Nothing rare enough to circulate pictures. No help from post office that said
the thief will retire soon and end the problem. Had to have coins mailed to other relatives.
Movie on arrest at:


Aruba won banknote of the year. Guess lizards are in. David Ryder’s secret formula for nickels is revealed: The metal alloy is a replacement for cupronickel
alloy for nickels costing 7 cents now. The new metal alloy is composed of 73-77% iron, 22-26% nickel, 0.2-0.5% carbon, and 1-5% manganese. It will work with
existing vending machines where widely used copper or nickel clad steel will not. The new formula has been patented and tested on trial strikes.

One of the largest ever hauls of treasure from the Roman period to be found in Poland and the largest ever in the Lublin region has been uncovered in
Hrubieszów. Excited archaeologists think that the treasure of 1,753 silver coins weighing over 11 pounds was abandoned in the last stand of the Vandals before
fleeing from the arriving Goths at the end of the 2nd century AD when the Western Roman empire was collapsing. Coins of Nerva and Septimus Severus were found
dating the hoard. Soon after the World Health Organization designated the COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic,
a private coin issuer in Italy began selling what are
believed to be the world’s first coronavirus coins
. A ten yuan, one ounce fine silver coin offered by Powercoin features coloration and a glow in the dark effects.
The virus on the reverse with the Chinese temple of the Forbidden City and 2020 year-date are on the obverse.
George Bush is going to get his presidential dollar
coin and Barbara Bush her gold coin and bronze medal by special Congressional authorization
. CCAC is meeting for design reviews by teleconference. Yellow
fever outbreaks that began in the US in 1793 struck he Philadelphia Mint that year. To protect the currency supply, the director of the U.S. Mint in
Philadelphia suspended operations during each outbreak of yellow fever.
Letters in the Mint's archive show that he put workers on furlough with guaranteed
half pay for the two to three months that yellow fever lasted. This policy became the Mint's standard response to yellow fever and was applied six times over eight
The latest publication on so-called dollars by Jeff Shevlin & Bill Hyder So-Called Dollars from the Pacific Coast Expositions won awards at the
American Numismatic Association World's Fair of Money as the Best Book of the Year on medals and tokens.
So-called dollars are medals struck to
commemorate events in the United States history.
The 2021 Official Red Book came out April 7. 464 pages spiral bound paper $16, hard cover $20, large print
$30. Get yours today.
1872 $1 seated Liberty dollars struck in copper from the regular dies were not trial pieces as often recorded, but instead were part of off
metal coinage sets that the Mint marketed to contemporary collectors. The off metal pattern sets were coined in both copper and aluminum. It is doubtful that many
sets were actually purchased by collectors, as only two examples of the copper dollar are known today.
Don’t know if this is a creepy rotten donut or a cool
medal up for an international award.
Save our Planet by Keiko Kuboya-Miura is 6" diameter, made from copper and gold foil. The medalist will make duplicates
for $2000 each:

Definitely cool is a Ptolemy I Soter, tetradrachm in the name of Alexander III the Great. Alexandria mint struck circa 306-300 BC. Horned head of the
deified Alexander right, wearing elephant skin headdress. Reverse Athena Alkidemos advancing right, holding shield and spear with Corinthian helmet, monogram, and
eagle standing on thunderbolt to right.
Free 1 year membership to The Numismatist only during National Coin Week, April 19-25, available by visiting: info. and using code NCW20F, or calling 800-514-2646. Includes: Every issue of
The Numismatist from 1888 to the present, virtual exhibits
from the Money Museum, videos,
Money Talks radio program archives, blogs, coin collecting tips and the ability to join the ANA members-only Facebook group, fun
quizzes, games and teacher tools for parents (or grandparents) with kids at home, plus exclusive discounts on publications, seminars and more.
Canadian, UK, and
Australian mints are all closed.
 So n new coins from them. A huge, four-day, online-only Big Tent Auction packed with nearly 3,100 lots of philatelic and
numismatic (stamps and coins), mining, Americana, railroad collectibles and more will be held Thursday through Sunday, April 16-19, by Holabird
Western Americana Collections
, LLC, starting at 8 am Pacific time each day. There will be no live in-gallery bidding for this sale. The number to call for phone
bidders is 775-851-1859. For details, please visit
The Watergate burglars were paid in cash with new sequential $100 bills that are yet to be
but should be as valuable as D. B. Cooper or Lindbergh ransom notes. Serial numbers are:
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