Next Meeting:
Tuesday, 25th of August 7 PM (4th Tuesdays now)
Denny’s,205 Nugget Ave.(at East McCarran), Sparks

Aces Baseball got rained out! EXCHANGE your tickets for any game at the Aces Box office.

August 21-22, Carson City Mint Coin Show, NV State Museum, 600 N. Carson St., Admit: $4, Ken and I will be there. Please come.

August 25 Coins and Medals for Gambling Andre Assam

September 22 Ice Cream social and a movie

October 27 Oktoberfest. Bring your German coins and medals! Laurel Hoggan

November 24 Happy Birthday NV! Rusty King

The Last Meeting
27 members attended Rusty King’s presentation on 1976 Bicentennial medals and Doug Larson donated Nevada’s example for the raffle. Fred Holabird brought a
remarkable group of Nevada national bank notes.
I hope you got to see them. They will be part of an auction September 24-27, go to or  
call 851-1859 for catalog,  also on ebay.  
Aces baseball tickets can be exchanged for any home game at the Aces box office open during business hours M-
F. There are only 12 games left August 23-30 and September 4-7
. Kennedy $1 and NC .25 will be at the August meeting. I will bring all the coins (learned my
lesson about that) this time.
Johnson dollars are available for sale August 19, but that’s too late for the coin show in Carson August 21-22 or the coin club
meeting, so I will order it after the show and meeting. That way I should have enough money to pay for them.
The Delaware quarter is due out 9-30.  The
board meeting will be at Denny’s 6:30PM before the regular meeting.


Early Bird Prize was T-rex copper round won by Laurel Hoggan.             .            Blue Ridge .25, NA $1 are here. Kennedy $1 here.

Raffle prizes winners were:
Fay Laurel Hoggan: 2009 platinum, gold plated .05
Jeff Allen: 1975 proof set
Milton Angel:set steel .01
mystery box  PCGS 2005 .05 MS66,
Mexico & Peru coins, Marines copper round
Fred Holabird: 1971D unc. Ike, chocolate coins
Art Bonnel: 2004 State .25 set
Ed Scott: Washington half, Rcc copper medal
Donald Stamps: 50 state .25
Cole Allen: 1976 NV Bicentennial medal
Ken Hopple: 2013S .25 set,
Danny Rossow: copper round, 2 French coins
Fay Allen: mint bag, N. Caroline state .25

No Auction

                             Quarter Pot
David Elliott did not win the quarter pot.

I WANT TO THANK EVERYONE WHO DONATES TO THE RAFFLE! (especially Laurel for the Aces tickets)

Upcoming Coin Shows

August 21-22, Carson City Mint Coin Show, NV State Museum, 600 N. Carson St., Admit: $4, Tables:40, Deborah Stevenson,775 687-4810 ext. 237,

ugust 22, N. CA Educational Symposium, American Legion Hall, 1504 Minnesota Ave., San Jose, Admit: Free, lunch $10, Displays and speakers, Sally Johnson,
408 598-7772,

August 28-30, Santa Clara Coin, Stamp & Collectibles Show, Santa Clara Fairgrounds, 344Tully Road, San Jose, Admit: $3, Tables:79, Scott Griffin,415 601-

September 11-13, LV Numismatic Society Coin Show, Palace Station Casino, 2411 W. Sahara Ave., CK Shows,888 330-5188, www.

September 17-19, Long Beach Coins, Stamp, and Sports Expo, Long Beach convention Center, 100 S. Pine Ave., Admit: $8, Taryn Warrecker,805 680-0294,

September 24-27, Million Dollar Auction Live, Fred Holabird, 775 851-18159, (new items daily)

RCC Officers
David Elliott….......... President….......…815-8625
Rusty King..............Vice President......... 677-7057
Doug Larson............Past President..........843-0162
Gerald Breedlove........Treasurer..............425-2967
Andre Azzam ..............Secretary….........338-0707
Paul Williams…..........Director….......…720-5395
Joe Wozniak.............…Director…......…853-4223
Ken Hopple ....…..........Director..............677-1544
Shannon Holmes...........Director..............827–4359
Paul Williams…..........ANA Rep.............720-5395
David Elliott...................Editor................815-8625
The RCC Board meets the 4th Tuesday of the month at Denny’s at
6:30 PM. Everyone is invited to attend

The Other Coin: Coins of Persis, Elymais, and Parthia Hit the Market

Coins of Persis, Elymais, Parthia, and Sassania have come to the market in large quantities and affordable prices underscoring the discovery of large hoards by
metal detectorists. These ancient Middle East kingdoms were usually hard to find and expensive, but can now be bought for under $40 in silver and under $20 in
bronze in very fine condition. They are not coming from ISIS controlled areas.

Parthian Kingdom was established by Scythians from the South Russian plains in 247BC when they consolidated their invasion of northern Persia, then part of the
Seleucid Empire founded by General Seleucus of Alexander the Great’s army. Coinage continued from 247BC to their defeat in 224 AD by the Sassanian Empire.
The coins bore the portrait of the king, a kneeling archer on the reverse and were all dated. Inscription were in Greek, then also in Pehlvi by 1st century AD.

Elymais or Elam is the oldest of the Persian gulf states known from the 3rd millennium BC. It became part of the Persian empire in 6th century BC by conquest and
the Parthian Empire in the 3rd century BC. The Parthian Empire weaken by Rome and Armenia let Elymais assert its independence and mint coins from 180BC until
227AD when it was conquered by Persis. Elymais coins have portraits of the king with reverses with simple dashes of figures of queens or gods. They were small
coins, first silver, then debased silver, then bronze. Inscriptions are in Greek.

Persis is a 8th century BC kingdom that was the homeland of Cyrus the Great (549-530 BC), who defeated the Medes and ruled greater Iran, giving the name of
Persia to the country that ruled from India to Egypt and Greece until Alexander the Great. Persis maintained its autonomy as the homeland of the Persians and the
Zoroastrian religion of Ahura Mazda, spreading the worship and light and fire against the darkness, not unlike the “force” of Star Wars. They struck coins from
180 BC to 226AD, when their last ruler Ardeshir V founded the Sassanian Empire. The coins have portraits of the kings and the reverses usually the fire altar and
attendants or other religious symbols. Inscriptions are in Persian.

The Sassanian Empire rose defeating Armenia, Rome  and the Kushans and lasted until defeated by Islam in 651AD. Their coinage continued the iconography of
Persis with the portrait of the ruler and fire altar attended by 2 attendants on the reverse. However, they abandoned Greek for Persian and no longer minted on the
Greek standard of drachms and tetradrachms coins instead minted very thin silver coins (thin as manila files) about the size of a half dollar with smaller

These visages from ancient lost kingdoms of the Middle East have always fascinated
me and I scarf them up when they become available. Now they have become cheap.

Numismatically yours, David Elliott

Numismatic Potpourri
The Eisenhower Coin and Chronicles set went on sale Aug. 11 to a quick sellout and website issues. The biggest draw in the set is the Eisenhower reverse
proof dollar, exclusive to the set. Limited to 17,000 sets, the United States Mint dropped the household order limit from five sets to two after the quick sellout of
the Truman set on June 30.The order limit change did little to prevent a buying frenzy as the Mint reports the
Ike set sold out in 16 minutes. In response to the
quick sell out of 2015 Chronicles sets, the Mint announced Aug. 12 that it would increase the production limit on the Johnson set, on sale in October, from 17,000
sets to 25,000 sets. The Mint previously changed the Kennedy set, available Sept. 16, to 50,000 sets, up from 25,000 sets.  On eBay, prices of the set, initially
priced by the Mint at $57.95, quadrupled. A day after they went on sale from the Mint, individual sets were being purchased for around $215 to $250. Sealed boxes
of two sets were trading in the $400 to $500 range.
The $100 high relief gold coin did not sell out at $1,490. Some 8,000 remained in August.

There is
another bill is another bill to replace the dollar bill with the dollar coin working its way through Congress in a period of 4 years. It also removes the
Susan B. Anthony from circulation. A
hoard of 518 Roman coins dated from 260-290 AD were found by metal detectorists in Herefordshire, England. In Idaho
a hoard of CC coins was found
by a metal detectorist valued at $10,000.  Irish pennies dated 1601 and 1602 have been found in the Jamestown dig.
Evidently, one of the colonists was the son of the head of the royal mint and brought the coins over to be used. The Irish had rejected them. They were not much
larger than are current penny.

Holabird Western Americana Collections, LLC has an auction Sept. 24 to Sept. 27 that includes 58 national bank notes issued in Nevada, including 18 rare large size
notes. Nevada national bank notes are rare because there were relatively few banks and most of those banks were small. Nevada had only 16 issuing banks, for
instance, while California had 509. The single most valuable appears to be a large, uncirculated $10 note from Nevada’s McGill National Bank. “It might be worth
$50,000 today. The bidders will tell us,” Holabird said. There is a large $10 First National Bank of Winnemucca note Holabird described as a gem. There are also
two large $50 notes and two $5, two $10 and a $20 small notes. The First National Bank of Winnemucca was reportedly robbed by Butch Cassidy but that was
never proven, Holabird said. For the First National Bank of Ely there is one $5 in a large note, two $10 and one $20. Ely and neighboring McGill were one of
America’s largest copper mining camps that produced about $400 million in metals before World War II. In large notes for the Reno Farmers and Merchants Bank,
there is a $10 and a $20. For the Reno National

Bank there are three $50 and a $100, some signed by Nevada mining financier and historical figure George Wingfield. In the last of the large notes, there are three
$10 First National Bank of Elko notes, all with different signatures, and two $20, also with different signatures. In smaller notes, there are $5 and $10 notes. In
smaller notes, for the Farmers and Merchants National Bank of Eureka, there are two $10 notes, one type 1 and one type 2, and three $20, all type 1, all with low
serial numbers. Eureka was a silver mining camp, producing about $65 million before World War II. For Lovelock there were two $10, one type 1 and one type 2,
and a type 1 $20. Lovelock was the commercial center for mines in the mountains north of town that included Seven Troughs and Mazuma. For the First National
Bank of Tonopah, there was one $10 and one $20. Tonopah was another major Nevada mining camp with about $150 million in gold and silver production before
World War II. The low estimate for the sale is $1 million to $2 million, Holabird said. Other items being auctioned include: One of the best collections ever
assembled of western Mechanics Fair and Agricultural Medals, highlighted by a Gold Mechanics Institute medal for replica of a steamship. California fractional gold
pieces. About 100 from several collections, including some rarities. These are very small pieces with a face value of 25 cents, 50 cents and a dollar. More than 100
other numismatic collectibles, including American coin rarities set in sterling silver made by San Francisco silversmith George Schreve, including a rare 1891
Carson City dollar set into a small tray.

Numismatic Potpourri (continued)
A new book on Lincoln numismata has just been published Lincoln's Metallic Imagery - A Catalog and Price Guide of Lincoln Coins, Tokens, Medals and
by Paul Cunningham, 37 chapters, starting with his 1860 campaign medals. Wonder if he got our coin club medals in there? Eric Schmitt, a treasure
hunter has recovered about $1 million in Spanish coins, jewels and other items from the legendary 1715 Fleet shipwreck
off the coast of Florida.
Schmitt, using a prop wash deflector and an underwater metal detector, discovered 51 gold coins and an additional 40 feet of gold chains while diving 15 feet down
and 150 feet offshore near Fort Pierce. The coins include a unique presentation piece called a “royal”, made for Philip V of Spain. Only six examples of the type are
known to exist, and this one is in especially good condition. Nicknamed the “Tricentennial Royal” since the coin is dated 1715 the value of the royal alone is around
half a million dollars. The 11 ships of the ill-fated 1715 Fleet carried a total cargo estimated to be worth about $400 million in today’s money. So far almost $175
million worth of that cargo from six of the 11 ships has been recovered.

Australia and Canada also seem to make the coolest coins.
Australia this month has coins of Bruce Lee and Spock, mother of pearl and turquoise, the Koala bear
and wedge-tailed eagle.

We’re up to
60 double die Homestead P .25, my bag is still unsearched. Germany is about to join the nations making it illegal to own coins of cultural or
archeological significance unless you can prove their provenance for the last 20 years. A petition against the bill in English and German can be signed until
the end of the month at
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note wife and son included in
Varhran coin
Roman Coins in India
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