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SF set of all five 2013-2017S quarters in case $5
National Park Quarters  PDS .50        
Presidential, Native American  D P $1.25
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Next Meeting:
Tuesday, 27th of August (4th Tuesdays)                               
Denny’s,205 Nugget Ave.(at East McCarran), Sparks

July 17 Reno Coin Show, Best Western, Bill
Green 925 351-7605 info@norcalcoinshows.com

August 27 Large Cents Dan Waterman

August 30
New Coins at the Museum

September 24 Island Coins Laurel Hoggan

September 27 New Coins at the Museum

October 22 Happy Birthday NV! Rusty King

The Last Meeting
Reno Coin Club had its first picnic in July thanks to David Loder and Laurel Hoggan with a good turnout of about 40 people and lots of food! Likely to be an
annual event
. A few of us participated in the replica striking of the 1870CC half dollar at the Nevada State Museum August 1. Robert got several early
numbers, and I got to see number 44 struck on the press. The half ounce silver coin will be selling for $125, and the number of strikes has been raised to 3000.
Thomas Rogers, the retired US mint engraver, was there to sign the cards. It's a beautiful, if overpriced coin. I will bring mine as well as the Littleton Coin
Company's painted and gold plated 2009 Lincoln pennies and the Mary Ross dollar set.
We joined the ANA's effort to get a 2021CC Morgan dollar made by the
US mint
to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the transition from the Morgan to the Peace Dollar. We will need 289 co-signers for House Bill 3757. Join the
: http://www.money.org/coin-legislation and get others to help us. We only got until December. (See more about it below.) San Antonio quarter not out until
August 26th
. I got new hearing aids finally $8500!! I can now hear half of what you say, not just 20%. The club could save a few bucks if you read the newsletter
on-line. I’ll pass around a sign-up sheet.  Bring up to 5 coins for the bid board now. We  have board meetings before the meeting and ask for quiet so we can
conduct business. Please leave upper right seats open for board members. Contact me with any ideas or problems: 815-8625 datbbelliotts@prodigy.net

Upcoming Coin Shows

August 18 Fairfield Coin Club Show, Fairfield Community Center, 1000 Kentucky St.,
Admit: $1, Tables:25, Bill Bartz 707 688-8014, 707 384-3793
Moviesman8@comcast.net www.solanocoinclub.com

August 25 Sacramento Coin Show, Lion’s Gate Hotel, 3410 Westover St.,
Admit: $2, Tables:66, Peter McIntosh 916 317-9055
peter@mcintoshcoins.com www.sacramentocoinshow.com

August 30-Sept. 2, Las Vegas Numismatic Society, Tropicana Hotel,
2121 S. Casino Drive, Laughlin, Admit: ?, Tables:?, CK Shows 888 330-5188
info@ckshows.com      www.ckshows.com

September 13-15, Santa Clara Collectibles Show,
Santa Clara Convention Center, 5001 Great America Parkway,
Admit: $6, Tables:76+, Scott Griffin 515 601-8661
scott@griffincoin.com      www.griffincoin.com

September 14, CA Numismatic Association Forum,
Vallejo Naval Museum, Heritage Theater, 734 Marin St.
Transportation Numismatics. FREE. Michael Turini
707 246-6327 dlhcoins@gmail.com www.calcoin.org

RCC Officers

David Elliott….......... President…........…815-8625
Rusty King..............Vice President......... 677-7057
Doug Larson............Past President..........843-0162
Mary Long..................Treasurer.............853-0696
Andre Azzam ..............Secretary….........338-0707
Laurel Hoggan…..........Librarian..........…223-5096
Joe Wozniak.............…Director…......818 321-6678
Ken Hopple ....…..........Director..............677-1544
Shannon Holmes...........Director..............827–4359
Paul Williams…..........ANA Rep..............720-5395
David Elliott...................Editor................815-8625

datbbelliotts@prodigy.net  www.renocoinclub.org

Not The Other Coin: A 2021 CC Morgan Dollar (and a Peace Dollar Too, not CC)

Legislation authorizing 2021 Carson City Morgan and Peace silver dollars to benefit (ANA) American Numismatic Association, Nevada State Museum, and WWI
Museum. Collectors urged to contact representatives to become a co-sponsor of House Bill 3757.
Coin collectors could soon purchase a 2021CC Morgan silver dollar and simultaneously support the American Numismatic Association (ANA). On July 15, legislation
was introduced (House Bill 3757) to authorize production of 2021 Morgan and Peace silver dollars to mark the transition in 1921 from the Morgan to the Peace
designs. A combined maximum production of 500,000 proof and uncirculated Morgan and Peace silver dollars would be authorized. An unspecified number of
Morgan dollars could be struck at the former Carson City Mint (now the Nevada State Museum) on modern US mint presses.
Sales of the two coins will include a surcharge of $10 per coin, 40 percent of which will be paid to the American Numismatic Association for educational programs
(after the U.S. Mint has recouped all of its production and associated costs). The National World War I Museum & Memorial in Kansas City also will receive 40
percent of all net surcharges, while the Nevada State Museum located in Carson City will receive 20 percent. The enabling legislation, jointly introduced in the House
of Representatives by US Reps, Emanuel Cleaver, D-Mo., and Andy Barr, R-Ky.  289 co-sponsors are needed by mid-December.
The commemorative coin initiative is being led by Tom Uram, chairman of the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee (CCAC), president of the Pennsylvania
Association of Numismatists, and current board member of the ANA; and Mike Moran, a member of the CCAC. “It’s critical that hobbyists reach out to their
Congressional representatives immediately to press them to co-sponsor the bill,” says Uram. “We need the required number of co-sponsors by mid-December in
order for this to become reality.”
ANA President Gary Adkins noted that the silver dollar commemoratives could ignite additional interest in the hobby. “I encourage every collector to contact their
Congressional representatives to co-sponsor H.R. 3757 commemorative coin legislation,” he said. “Not only is this great for the hobby, but for the first time ever
proceeds from a commemorative coin program will support numismatics.” The Peace dollar was approved in December 1921 upon the declaration of peace between
the United States and the Imperial German government, replacing the Morgan dollar. According to information provided in the proposed legislation, the design
conversion from the Morgan dollar (minted between 1878 and 1904, and again in 1921) to the Peace dollar (struck from 1921 to 1935) reflected a pivotal moment in
American history. “The Morgan dollar represents the country’s westward expansion and industrial development in the 19th century. The Peace dollar symbolizes the
country’s coming of age as an international power while recognizing the sacrifices made by her citizens in World War I and celebrates the victory and peace that
ensued.” The output of the 2021 silver dollar issue will likely involve transporting a press currently used to strike U.S. coins, according to Uram. Uram said he met
earlier in 2019 with U.S. Mint Director David J. Ryder, who was receptive to the idea of the commemorative coin and its striking in Nevada with a current U.S. Mint
coinage press. Striking coinage outside a Mint facility requires congressional approval, with the legislation to have a provision permitting production at the former
Carson City Mint. In the last such striking, the U.S. Mint ceremonially struck 1989 Bicentennial of Congress copper-nickel clad half dollars and silver dollars on three
seven-ton coinage presses hauled from the Philadelphia Mint on a flat-bed trailer and parked under a tent in the east parking lot of the U.S. Capitol.
See bill and how to contact legislature: https://www.money.org/coin-legislation
The best way to do this is to call the DC representative office and ask for the person in charge of dealing with Treasury Department matters. Ask them to co-sponsor
HB 3757 to have new 2021 commemorative Morgan and Peace silver dollars made. So says Congressman Mark Amodei’s legislative assistant. If you have friends
and relatives in other states that would help that would be great.

Not The Other Coin 2: CC 1870 Half Dollar

Looked like there was about 200 or more people at the museum to take in the nice appetizers and drinks before the drawing for the order of minting, a $5 surcharge.
The CC half dollar costs $125, very steep, but it was nice and the engraver from the US mint was there to sign the card.. 3000 will be made from Lovelock silver
mines, Couer Rochester. I got number 44, about half way through, so a hundred or more coins were sold that night with you being able to see your coin made on the
old press. There was a band or fiddle and guitar anyway. The $25 party fee was a good value. Overall, it is a nice coin to have, a high grade original would cost a lot
more. You’re supporting the museum, and being made on the original press makes it a likely to recuperate its cost. Please call a few congressmen for the CC Morgan
dollar, and you might suggest a W nickel should be made to complete the series. Numismatically yours, David Elliott

Numismatic Potpourri

The California Numismatic Forum in Vallejo is well worth attending Saturday September 14 for free. The theme is on transportation and will have 4 lectures
on 1906 San Francisco transit tokens, Transit on Ancient Coins, our own Jeff Shevlin “So-Called Dollars with Transportation Themes,” and from Canada “Banks on
Wheels.” There are door prizes, last time for everyone, on site luncheon service (that you pay for), and free admission to the naval museum. Nice day trip. Begins 9:
30 AM. Or go down a day early for the Santa Clara Show that is always nice.
Still no schedule for the 2019 Innovation dollars yet. Archaeologists from the
University of Gdansk were working in the presbytery of the 14th century Church of the Saint Andrew the Apostle in the town of Barczewo in Poland when they
found a glazed ceramic mug handle filled with nearly 1,000 coins of King Sigismund III Vasa (1587-1632). Armed robbers stole more than $2 million
worth of gold coins from a vault that had been left open at a mint in Mexico City.
The daylight robbery was the latest high-profile crime to hit the capital city
amid record levels of lawlessness across the country. Two people, one wielding a firearm, broke into the government coin manufacturer on Tuesday, threw a
security guard to the ground, and took his gun. One of the robbers then went to the vault, which was open, and filled a backpack with 1,567 gold coins. The coins,
known as
centenarios, have a face value of 50 pesos, but trade for 31,500 pesos ($1,610) apiece. That makes the total value of the haul at least $2.5 million. Encased
postage stamps were among several forms of substitute or emergency currency issued during the second year of the Civil War as gold, silver, and even copper coins
disappeared from circulation. David Bowers, co-author of
The Standard Catalogue of Encased Postage Stamps published in 1989 is gathering expanded information
for a new book on the subject, perhaps for publication next year.

Silver Eagle lovers will have a new coin to add to their collection beginning August 6 with the United States Mint’s release of the 2019-S Proof American
Silver Eagle
. This proof is made at the San Francisco Mint, is struck on a 1-ounce 99.9% fine silver blank, is priced at $55.95, and is available without limits.
Robert Rodriguez has three new articles on the Newman Portal: 1. “1792 Morris So-Called Silver Center Cent Research Presentation: Responses and a Call to
Action,” which contains a brief introduction, excerpts from some of your responses, a discussion of PCGS’ position, and a call to action. The link is:
2.“1792 Silver and Non-Silver Center Cents, Responses from the Numismatic Community,” includes the complete responses from all 19 coin experts. This link is:
3. 50 pages: “1792 Silver and Non-Silver Center Cents: Further Studies of the Silver Plug Contained in the Morris So-Called Silver Center Cent.” Link is:
Tons of California Gold Rush-era coins, ingots, and gold dust were recovered from the 1857 sinking of the SS Central America, " the Ship of Gold." In
Q. David
Bowers and Dwight Manley
America’s Greatest Treasure Ship: the S.S. Central America: the Second Treasure-Finding Journey, 224pp. $50. A complete
inventory of the more than 15,000 US and world coins and 45 assayers’ ingots.
The Perth mint has a can of beer shaped coin of the Simpson’s Duff beer. An
unimaginative gold moon landing coin, 5 ounce Chinese zodiac, the Hindu goddess Lakshmi, and a Christmas minion coin, but the prize goes to this 2oz silver
antiqued coin commemorates the 100th anniversary of the first flight from England to Australia. Featuring a gold-plated rotating propeller insert, the coin design
includes a representation of the aeroplane that made the 17,910 kilometre journey, an ex-WWI Vickers 'Vimy' bomber aircraft, and the flight path.


The new basketball domed coin favored designs and runners up:

Winston Zack’s new Bad Metal: Copper and Nickel Circulating Contemporary Counterfeit United States Coins covers the history of US counterfeits with
two other volumes planned on silver and gold coins. 320pp. $69.
The United States Mint unveiled images of its high reliefs American Liberty 1-ounce gold
coin and 2.5-ounce silver medal
. The 2019 collectibles are scheduled to launch Aug. 15 at yet to be announced finishes and limits. Encased dimes were produced
at atomic energy exhibits during the 1950s and early 1960s
. More than 250,000 dimes were irradiated, encased in plastic and returned to their owners as
souvenirs. A mixture of radioactive antimony and beryllium is enclosed in a lead container. Gamma rays from the antimony are absorbed by the beryllium atoms and a
neutron is expelled by the beryllium atom in the process. These neutrons penetrate silver atoms in the dime. Instead of remaining normal silver-109, they become
radioactive silver-110. Radioactive silver, with a half-life of 22 seconds, decays rapidly to cadmium.
Oct2018-Italian Museums
SF set of all five 2013-2018S quarters in case $5
National Park Quarters  PDS .50        
Presidential, Innovators,Native American  D P $1.25
Club medal silver $65, copper or brass $15
205 Nugget Ave. Sparks, NV
by Holiday Inn, across Hwy 80 from
Western Village
Fred Holabird reminds everyone that the club’s large library is housed by him at
3555 Airway Drive #308 (around back as Holabird Americana). Call 851-1859
Dec2018-Ukraine&Crimea pt.1
2010 Reno
3rd 2019 .25, NA, Innovation dollaD here.
Feb2019-150th Coin Press#1
March2018-Bullion Coins
April2018-NCW ApolloXI
May2019Pacific Exposition medals
June2019-W mint
July2019-Littleton coins