Next Meeting:
Tuesday, 22nd of December 7 PM (4th Tuesdays now)                               
Denny’s,205 Nugget Ave.(at East McCarran), Sparks

December 22 Minibourse! Bring coins to sell or trade

January 26
Dinner, Awards, and Elections

The Last Meeting
21 members braved the threat of snow to hear Rusty’s presentation of NV’s centennial medal set. He had Ken Hopple’s set in a NV shaped plaque complete with the platinum coin. Don’t see
many of those. I’m officially retired and have more time to take care of club’s business. Snow kept me home this weekend, so do not know if I’ll make it to the Panama-Pacific Exposition and
missed the historical bourse in SF,  
Please consider running for election to one of the officer seats or one of the two board seats. Nominate yourself or someone at the December meeting.
Saratoga .25 is in the mail and scheduled to arrive 12-15. I should be able to make up some 2015 S sets before the meeting. I still have FREE ANA memberships with a free digital
subscription to the
Numismatist magazine. The ANA is also continuing its coins for A’s, 3 or more A’s earn a coin. We also offer a small scholarship for the graduating senior off to college
who makes a presentation to the club. The coin press will not be up and running until January I hear.
Don’t forget to bring something for the Bid Board now every month!

Early Bird Prize was velociraptor copper round won by Rick de Avila.            .            Saratoga .25 in the mail, NA $1, Johnson $1 here. 2015 S set should be available.

Raffle prizes winners were:
Ken Hopple: chocolate coins,2006 proof set, 1988 proof
set, magnifying loop, History in Your Hands DVD, PDS Delaware .25    
Rick De Avila: $1 silver certificate, foreign currency
Claude Sendon: 2007 proof presidential set, coin holders,
PD Johnson dollars
Bart Daniels: mystery box,.05 1988 proof slabbed, PD          
David Elliott: set 3 steel pennies
Ed Cranch: 1971D unc. Ike, Morgan copper round
Robert Rodriguez: 2015 Red Book
Jerry Breedlove: 1982 50 pesos
Gailen Sendon: coin book, bunch of coin bags
Joe Wozniak: Mint shopping bag
Alacia Sendon: a bunch of blue books

Jerry Breedlove won silver bicentennial set for $22, donated by Larry Demangate

  Quarter Pot
Ed Hoffman (not present) won the quarter pot.


Upcoming Coin Shows

December 11-13, LV Numismatic Society’s Coin Show, Palace Station Hotel, 2411 W. Sahara Ave., Tables: ?, Admit: ?, CKShows, 888 330-5188,

December 18-20, Coin, Currency, Stamp Show, Orleans Hotel, Tables: ?, Admit: ?, Israel Bick, 818 997-6496,

January 8-9, East Bay/Concord Coin Show, Clarion Hotel, 1050 Burnett Ave.,Tables: 39,Admit: $3, Bill Green, 925 351-7605, www.norcalcoinshows,com

January 22-24, San Jose Coin Club Coin Show, Double Tree Hotel, 2050 Gateway Place, Tables: 70, Admit: $4, Ray Johnson, 408 598-7772  www.sanjosecoinclub,

RCC Officers
David Elliott….......... President….......…815-8625
Rusty King..............Vice President......... 677-7057
Doug Larson............Past President..........843-0162
Gerald Breedlove........Treasurer..............425-2967
Andre Azzam ..............Secretary….........338-0707
Paul Williams…..........Director….......…720-5395
Joe Wozniak.............…Director…......…853-4223
Ken Hopple ....…..........Director..............677-1544
Shannon Holmes...........Director..............827–4359
Paul Williams…..........ANA Rep.............720-5395
David Elliott...................Editor................815-8625
The RCC Board meets the 4th Tuesday of the month at Denny’s at
6:30 PM. Everyone is invited to attend

The Other Coin: The Three Wisemen

The coins for the Three Wisemen have tradition-ally been: Azes II of the Indo-Scythians, Phraates IV of the Parthians, Gondophares of the Indo-Parthians (whom St. Thomas is said to have
converted to Christianity) or Aretas IV of the Nabataeans. There were several other petty kings of the East that either did not issue coins or were not ruling at the right time

Azes II, 35bc-4ad, A. II mounted/Athena stands  Phraates IV, 37-2bc, head/ king as archer        Gondophares, 10bc-50ad, bust/Nike stands       Aretas IV 9bc-40ad, wife Shuqailat/ cornucopias

Azes II ruled northern India/Afghanistan being one of descendants of the Indo-Scythian tribes that destroyed Bactria. Phraates IV was a Parthian ruler inheritor of the Persian Empire.
Gondophares was a Indo-Parthian ruler having broken away from the Parthian Empire forming a kingdom in northern India. Aretas IV was a Nabataean king, who ruled much of the Arabian
peninsula, Syria, and the Sinai with his capitol at Petra. There were other petty kings ruling under Roman or Parthian authority. The Kings of Elam or Elymais and Persis minted coins, but their
chronology is still not established.
Jesus was born between 7BC and 4BC to take into account all the people (Herod, Augustus, Quirinius, Roman governor of Syria) mentioned at his birth, which was how time was kept back then
e.g. the 7th year of emperor, king, magistrate so and so. Also there are good records of a large comet in 7 BC and 4 BC seen in both China and the Roman Empire, which could have been the
Star of Bethlehem that the wise men were following. Our year 0 or 1 was a pretty
good medieval guess.
Besides wisemen candidates, Biblical related coins can be collected by person, place, or event mentioned in the Bible. Jewish kings minted their own coins starting around 140BC with the Lilly of
Jerusalem on the coin. Jewish related coins begin with the end of the Babylonian captivity in the 6th century BC with Judah as the name of a province placed on some Persian coins. Of course,
coins can be collected from almost all the cities mentioned in the Bible, although not from the same time since coins were first minted in the late 7th century BC and Biblical events began with
Abraham in the 17th or 18th century BC and Moses in the 13th century BC.
Popular collecting themes include a coin from each of the cities Paul ministered in or a coin from each city that minted them in the Holy Land, coins showing the history of Jerusalem or the
Jewish kings, Roman procurators of Judah including Pilate, Jewish coins of revolt in 70AD and 135 AD. Of course, the Roman emperors minted coins commemorating their victories over the
Jews known as Jewish Capta coins, often showing a weeping Jewess under a palm tree. You can also collect coins mentioned by Jesus like the Widow’s mite, tribute penny, or one of the 30
pieces of silver (shekels of Tyre) paid to Judas. Most of the cities Jesus ministered in minted coins, often during the time of his ministry. A coin of Pilate is a must, of course, as well as Nero
and Caesar Augustus."The Handbook of Biblical Numismatics” is on-line at Also James B. Lovette's inexpensive, Biblical Related Coins (2000) is good. By the way, a very
nice Widow’s mites can be had for $10 or less. Almost anything of this nature can be found at or on ebay.

Numismatically yours, David Elliott

Spanish Galleon San Jose Found
A wreck off the Columbian coast found some 30 years ago by Sea Search Armada has been identified as the Spanish treasure ship San Jose. The manifest lists gold, silver, and emeralds worth
$4-17 billion dollars. It was sunk in 1708 by a British warship about 16 miles off Columbia. Spain and Columbia are reported to be discussing the division of the treasure Maritime law has
recently established that war vessels belong to the country who flagged it. Columbia claims it since it is in its territorial waters and the wealth was stolen from indigenous people. It is unknown
when the lawyers will be done or if the salvage company will get a cut and do the salvage. The salvage company feels entitled to half. Below is an image of the cannons that identified the ship.


Numismatic Potpourri
Britain is issuing its first circulation 50 pound coin to commemorate Elizabeth II becoming the longest reigning monarch. 31 grams of .999 silver with a mintage of 100,000. It is selling for
face value at the Royal Mint.
There is also a 2 ounce silver 100 pound coin featuring Buckingham palace with a 50,000 limit almost sold out. It is the first coin with the queen’s new image.
The ANA theme for 2016

National Coin Week is “Portraits of Liberty: Icon of Freedom.” This will feature images both ancient and modern as well as foreign and the 3 1916 images on the “Mercury” dime, standing
Liberty quarter and walking Liberty half dollar.
The final designs for the Nixon and Ford dollars have been approved. Reagan dollar design to follow. 2016 Native American dollar will
honor the Code Talkers and the Native American dollar is slated to continue with the 2017 and 2018 designs featuring the Cherokee syllabary and Sac and Fox tribes’s Jim Thorpe and his
ancestor Chief Black Hawk in silhouette.


The 2015-W platinum proof sold out in 7 minutes
all 4000 coins at $1250 each. US Mint gold and silver bullion coins are selling at record rates with the decline in precious metal prices.

The International Monetary Fund made the Chinese yuan a reserve currency at the expense of the euro and pound and to a lesser degree the yen and dollar. The greatest effect is,
however, likely to be a conversion of a trillion US dollars into the
Chinese yuan devaluing the dollar by about 15%. The change next Fall was pushed and promoted by the Obama
Final designs for the gold and silver 2016 Mark Twain coins have been approved.


Some 4,000 mint state Roman antoniniani were found in a cherry orchard in Switzerland. Dated from 274-294 AD they were withdrawn from circulation immediately after being struck.
Their owner must have had selected the specimens for hoarding, their 5% silver content ensuring a stable value in financially turbulent times. Probably assembled over years, the treasure was
buried shortly after AD 294 and include the emperors: Aurelian (270-275), Tacitus (275-276), Probus (276-282), Carinus (283-285), Diocletian (284-305), and Maximianus (286-305). Unlike the
Treasure laws in England, the find became the immediate property of the state with no compensation to the land owner or finder.



The ANA has digitized its entire 125 years of journals, on-line and searchable. The e-library will also include auction catalogs, numismatic e-books, and numismatic dissertations. Just
another great reason to join.
Ireland has joined a number of Euro countries to no longer produce the 1 and 2 cent euro coins. It costs 1.65 cents euro to strike a 1-cent coin, while it costs
1.94 cents euro to produce a 2-cent coin. Ireland will be joining Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, the Netherlands, and Sweden, all of whom have in recent years begun rounding prices to
the nearest 5 euro cents while discouraging further circulation of these two lowly value coins.
The Smithsonian Institution recently completed a project to digitize 270,000 Bureau of
Engraving and Printing certified proofs of currency, bonds, revenue stamps, and other intaglio products
, and they hope to make all of these images available on-line at high resolution
within the next couple of years. Already over 46,000 high-resolution scans of Series of 1875, 1882 and 1902 national bank note images have been uploaded to the Smithsonian website. Certified
proofs are printer's proof sheets submitted to officials for approval before full-scale printing proceeds.
A hoard of silver coins, some of which were issued by Mark Antony, have been
discovered in a Welsh field.
The 91 coins were issued by Roman rulers spanning 200 years, with the earliest dating back to Mark Antony in 31BC, through to the rule of Emperor Nero
between 54 and 68AD and Marcus Aurelius, who headed the Empire from 161AD to 180AD. They were unearthed by two friends out walking in a field near the small village of Wick in South
Wales and during the Roman era each coin would have been the equivalent to a day's pay. England’s treasure trove law will assign a market value to the coins with museums given the right to
buy the coins and have the proceeds divided among the landowner 20%, finder 80%.
And what not to do when you find a hoard of coins: Hamas forces seized a chest full of Ottoman-era
gold coins discovered in Gaza
. The Turkish coins were uncovered by workers paving a road in the neighborhood of Shujaiyeh. A fight broke out over the coins among residents of the area,
which was ended when Hamas-controlled police intervened. The police then confiscated the coins and other archaeological objects that were dug up.



The final coin designs for the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service will be offered in gold, silver, and clad compositions. The designs are better than first proposed with
Teddy Roosevelt and John Muir on the $5 gold, the Jazz instruments for New Orleans were replaced with Yellowstone geyser, but the Mexican dancer remained as a nod to political correctness.
The very busy half dollar was reduced to a hiker and a child finding a frog and the dinosaur skeleton was replaced with the Park Service emblem (see July 2015 issue). A very disappointing set
that could have complemented the national park quarters
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