Next Meeting:
Tuesday, 27th of December 7 PM (4th Tuesdays now)                               
Denny’s,205 Nugget Ave.(at East McCarran), Sparks

December 27 Minibourse, Nominations
December 30 Ken and Dave at the Nevada State Museum, 10 AM-3 PM Please join us.

January 24 Dinner, Election, and Movie Jeff Shevlin will be there to expand on his ANA movie on the So-Called Dollars.

February 28 Presidential Memorabilia, Medals and Coins with Doug Larson Bring and share your memorabilia with Doug

The Last Meeting
36 watched a power point on the transition from bartering to coinage with a history of the Roman As. Ken and I will be at the museum last Friday of December 30, 10AM-
running the press and having displays and the new coins. My wife is still babysitting on Fridays. Please join me at the museum if you can. I have just a few Reagan
dollars, no rolls, but still got Johnson, Ford, NA, and Nixon dollars.
Got Fort Moultrie park .25 and will make up 2016S sets for the meeting. Bring up to 5 coins for the bid
board now.
We will have board meetings before regular meeting and vigorously tell people to be quiet so we can conduct business. Contact me about concerns or
suggestions 815-8625
Updating internet stuff: our blog is at or from the website. We have 81 followers at If you look at NV
events and follow Reno Coin Club you will get an e-mail reminder or go to calendar, Dec 27, find RCC, click it, and click follow on top left.

Early Bird Prize was a cased John Quincy Adam $1 in holder won by Leo Rossow              Moultrie Park, Reagan dollar, and Code Talkers are here. 2016 S sets made.

Raffle prizes winners were:

Gary Dahlke: world coin book
Rick DeAvila: .01 filled album, Mercury.10, Barber .10, chocolate
coins (gave to Ken)
Milton Angel: set 3 World Paper Money, box of .50 tubes
Charles Benyak:1989 proof set, 2002D .10 MS65, mint bag         
Gary Meckler: .25 holder, 4 slab boxes, PCGS poster
Bart Daniels: gold plated 1976 .50 signed by designer, roll of 2009 .01
mystery box, 1999 PD .25 sets
Robert Kipperman: NA $1 set, standing Lib .25, president $1, set of
Americana books
Tom Charleton: Nat. Park .25 set
Leo Rossow: 2009 .01 set
Ed Cranch 74 series $1
Joe Wozniak: Red Book, penny paper weight
Trish Elliott: Case for 3 $1 coins

Rick DeAvila won a large magnifying light donated by Gary Meckler for $21
Rick DeAvila won $1 signed by Mark Amodei donated by Rusty King for $15

Quarter Pot
Pete Plath (not present) won the quarter pot.                           


Upcoming Coin Shows

December 30, Ken and Dave at Nevada State Museum, 600 N. Carson St., Carson City. 10AM-3PM, Press minting, coin displays, all 2016 coins, Admit $8, David 775 815-

January 6-7, Concord Coin Show, Clarion Hotel, 1050 Burnett Ave., Admit:$3, Tables: 39, Bill Green, 925 351-7605   www.norcalcoinshows.

January 20-22, San Jose Coin Club, Doubletree Hotel, 2050 Gateway Place, Admit:$4, Tables: 70+, Ray Johnson, 408 598-7772  www.

RCC Officers

David Elliott….......... President….......…815-8625
Rusty King..............Vice President......... 677-7057
Doug Larson............Past President..........843-0162
Gerald Breedlove........Treasurer..............425-2967
Andre Azzam ..............Secretary….........338-0707
Paul Williams…..........Director….......…720-5395
Joe Wozniak.............…Director…......…853-4223
Ken Hopple ....…..........Director..............677-1544
Shannon Holmes...........Director..............827–4359
Paul Williams…..........ANA Rep.............720-5395
David Elliott...................Editor................815-8625

The Other Coin: An Egyptian Temple and Scipio Africanus

I recently got a new coin from Alexandria and new information about an old Roman denarius I have.
Egypt was rich in copper, having possession of the mines of Cyprus; and like other copper rich nations, say Sweden or Russia, there was a tendency to promote
copper as a bullion metal. A penny should have a penny worth of copper, hence our own large cents or the Russian 5 kopeck coin of the 18th C. At 43mm, 4mm
thick and 51 grams. The Swedish plate money grew to a $10 thalers, 40 lb. monstrosity.  
Egypt had very large copper coins and a common 33-41mm, 23-30g coin, larger than the Roman sestertius and tariffed at 1/4 denarius. The Egyptian copper denarius
is mentioned and probably did exist even though none have been found. It would be over 3 inches and 3lbs. of copper. Even after Roman conquest large copper coins
used as silver fractions continued to be issued in Egypt. The copper drachm came in at 34mm and over 24 grams with a billion drachm mixed with silver at 27mm
containing the silver of a Roman denarius, about 23% silver as it was almost 4 times the size of a denarius. Of course silver content and size of the Roman Egyptian
coin-age declined over time, but never got as small as Roman coinage at Rome. The last Egyptian coins were 14-19mm, when Roman coinage dipped to 10mm.
In addition to a larger size, Egyptian coinage under Rome had unique reverses including the labor of Hercules, the zodiac, Egyptian gods and, funerary implements, and
Egyptian places and animals. I added a coin of Antonius Pius 138-161AD, 34mm, 24.90g with Isis seated with Horus in an Egyptian temple with Egyptian flared
columns. The image of Isis suckling or holding her infant son Horus is the model for the Madonna and Child sculptures and paintings.

The other treasure I already had, but gained new meaning  when someone asked why Mars appeared so old and ugly on the Roman denarius. The Blasio denarius has
Jupiter between Juno and Minerva complete with abs for Jupiter and busty goddesses. The traditionally identified Mars, because he is wearing a helmet, is old and
sallow and sunken. Now this is not true of Mars on other Roman denarii.  Below Mars is young and hand-some with curly hair rather than bald. A discussion on an
ancient coin blog sought to identify on old, ugly, bald guy that Blasio might put in a helmet on his coins. Roman denarii were produced by 2-3 yearly by elected
officials, who were in charge of mint as a step to higher things in the Roman bureaucracy. The coins were often used to promote one’s candidacy to higher office,so
you made sure your name was spelled right and honored your great ancestors or a virtue you wanted the populace to associated you with. Julius Caesar put Venus on
his coins as an ancestor and coins with defeated Gauls to applaud his recent victories there. Brutus put a Junius Brutus on his coin who slew the last Roman king as
well as the goddess  Libertas or Liberty to oppose Julius Caesar.
Now, there were no famous Blasios until recently in New York, but references to Blasio reveal that he claimed descent from Scipio Africanus, who had defeated
Hannibal at Carthage, ending the Second Punic War in 201 BC. Now that is someone you would put a helmet on even though he was old, ugly and bald. Other coins
with Scipio’s image look like the denarius and busts also look like the coin. After much discussion with some big names included, it was determined that the ugly Mars
was, in fact, the great Scipio Africanus, whom  previously was found only on bronze coins.

                                                                                                                                                                                   Numismatically yours,
                                                                                                                                                                                       David Elliott

Numismatic Potpourri

The Apollo 11 moon landing commemorative bill has passed both the senate and house and is likely to become law. The gold walking liberty started selling after limits
were lifted.
Too pricey for most, I suppose. Foreign gold coins are hitting the melting pot here and in Europe as the melt value comes within 2% of face or market value.
This is especially true of common date and lower graded gold coins.
Sweden is well on the path to demonetization with all coins become non-legal tender Summer 2017
except the 10 kronor as well as the 20 and 1000 kronor notes. At the same time the national bank is issuing new 100 and 500 kronor notes and 1, 2, and 5 kronor coins that will
no longer be legal tender at the end of Summer. Some 80% of all transactions with 98% of the value are electronic now by card or smart phone. This is said to be an attempt to
decrease illegal transactions, meaning not paying taxes while identity fraud is rising. There are billions of kronor in coin and old bills left to be redeemed with bank fees imposed.
Most Swedish banks no longer carry cash and it is uncertain how long the new notes with Greta Garbo and Birgit Nilsson will survive. Only 2 notes and 1 coin will be legal
tender after Summer 2017.

The final volume of
Borna Barac’s excellent series, "Reference Catalogue of Orders, Medals and Decorations of the World," has been published. It is the largest
volume so far, 576 pages with 7000 color pictures of ODMs (Orders, Decorations & Medals). Each book measures 6 3/4" x 9 ½". Cost for all 4 volumes is about $350. The
entire Newman Money Museum has been put on display in short videos at  No narration, but you can see all the 30
displays in detail on mostly American currency.
Nice video on the cost of producing US coins and currency:
coins-money-cost-2016-11   The penny is at 1.43 cents and the nickel at 7.44 cents. Don’t forget,
beginning at noon ET on Dec. 29, the U.S. Mint will no longer sell 2016-
dated commemorative coins
. And, at closing December 6 37.7 million silver eagle bullion coins were sold dated 2016. Coins of the year nominees include:

The last is Marco Polo before Kubla Khan and the Austrian coin celebrates 450th of the Spanish Riding School. And banknote nominees:

The last note is from Nuie. I guess blue is in this year. The Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, announced that, in an effort to account for his nation’s “black
money,” the two largest Indian bills, the 500 rupee and 1000 rupee (about $15), which together make up 86% of outstanding cash, would immediately be retired as
legal tende
r. They can be exchanged for new 2000 rupee notes. Again, a country trying to eliminate a cash economy to get more taxes and doing so by citing crime. The crime
is not giving the government their cut in every transaction.
The US bullion 2017 gold and silver eagles and buffalo gold go on sale January 9 with platinum available to
“authorized purchasers” later in the month. Mark ups are:
3% for each 1 oz. American Gold Eagle
5% for each 1/2 oz. American Gold Eagle
7% for each 1/4 oz. American Gold Eagle
9% for each 1/10 oz. American Gold Eagle
$2.00 for each American Silver Eagle
4% for each American Platinum
Authorized purchasers sell to dealers and the public at an additional mark up.
The 30th anniversary silver eagle has the W mint mark and a non-reeded edge with 30th
anniversary on i
t. It was the coin in the Reagan chronicles set as well. Sells for $44.95. The 8 coin silver proof set (5 quarters, .50, .10, and eagle) is back at $139.95in 2016
and very popular. There was no 2015 silver set.

Update on India bank notes: rather than turn their 500 and 1,000 rupee notes into the bank, most bought gold and silver bullion jewelry with them. The government then
threatened gold and silver merchants causing a panic buying of silver. About half the truckers were stalled as they pay for food, fuel, and tolls in cash. Tolls were suspended,
but not before markets and factories were shutting down. Jack Lew, Secretary  of the Treasury is getting a medal. Henry Paulson’s is also available.
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