Next Meeting:
Tuesday, 27th of February 7 PM (4th Tuesdays now)                               
Denny’s,205 Nugget Ave.(at East McCarran), Sparks

February 23
At the Museum David and Laurel

February 27 Something Presidential Doug Larson

March 27 Coins of Georgia David Elliott

March 30 At the Museum

April 24 Unity: National Coins Week

April 27,28 At the Museum: National Coin Week

May 24 Error Coins Dan Trimble

June 26 Favorite Coin and Bourse

The Last Meeting
32 members showed up for dinner and Laurel Hoggan is our new board member and librarian. She is already organizing the library and putting it on-line (see last
page). She also wants to do outreach to schools and profiles of club members for the newsletter. All other officers remain the same.
We are working on a coin
design commemorating Eva Adams, mint director on one side and moon landing on other
. It’s 50th anniversary of both. Ken Hopple is going to present
possible moon landing designs at next board meeting. Our new coin won’t be minted in Carson as they have gone to .50 size.
The museum coin press is running,
we hope to be there last Friday of the month from now on. Please join us.
First 2018 quarter, Painted Rock arrived. The NA dollar honoring Jim Thorpe comes
out Feb. 15. I’ll pay extra for delivery by club meeting. Bring up to 5 coins for the bid board now.
We will have board meetings before the regular meeting and
vigorously tell people to be quiet so we can conduct business
. Contact me with suggestions or topics you would like to see: 815-8625
Still missing a few dues payments, don’t forget.

Early Bird Prize was Calvin Coolidge $1 set won by Leo Rossow.                               2017 S .25 sets & Pictured .25 here. Hope to have $1
The president who cut budget in half.                                                  
Raffle prizes winners were:

Ed Cranch: 1999P .25 set, Red Book & grading book
Robert Rodriguez: forgot to tell Andre
Laurel Hoggan: 5g silver flag, mint bag
Gary Meckler: 1999 proof set
Thomas Charleston: WWII .01 set
mystery box,NA $1 set
Milton Angel: Elko railroad medal
Ken Hopple: 2017S .25 set, 1995 mint set
Cole Allen: walking Liberty .50, Mercury .10
Mary Long: 2016S .25 set
Rick De Avila: Standing Liberty .25
Joe Wozniak: 2009.01 set
Jerry Breedlove: chocolate coins


Larry Demangate donated xf 1889P Morgan dollar won by Rick De Avila for $25.
Jerry Breedlove donated 1924 Peace dollar won by Rick De Avila for $30.

Quarter Pot

Larry Demangate WON the quarter pot. Guessing $12.


Upcoming Coin Shows

February 22-24 Long Beach Coin, Stamp, Sport Show, LB Convention Center, 100 S. Pine Ave., Admit: $8, Tables: Huge, Taryn Warrecker,
805 680-0294

March 3 Visalia Coin Show, Sons of Italy Hall, 4211 W. Goshen Ave., Admit:FREE,Tables:?,Leo D’Andrea, 559 738-8128

March 4 Livermore Valley Coin Show, Elk’s Lodge, 940 Larkspur Drive, Admit: FREE, Tables:24, Steve Kramer, 925 980-9307 mstampman

March 16,17 Sunnyvale Coin Show, Domain Hotel, 1085 E. El Camino Real, Admit:$3, Tables:34, Bill Green,

March 30,31 Sacramento Coin Show, Lion’s Gate Hotel, 3410 Westover St., Admit:$3, Tables:66, Peter McIntosh, 916 317-9055

RCC Officers

David Elliott….......... President…........…815-8625
Rusty King..............Vice President......... 677-7057
Doug Larson............Past President..........843-0162
Gerald Breedlove........Treasurer..............425-2967
Andre Azzam ..............Secretary….........338-0707
Laurel Hoggan…..........Librarian..........…223-5096
Joe Wozniak.............…Director….......…853-4223
Ken Hopple ....…..........Director..............677-1544
Shannon Holmes...........Director..............827–4359
Paul Williams…..........ANA Rep..............720-5395
David Elliott...................Editor................815-8625

The Other Coin: Coins of Armenia
Armenia is Georgia’s older and more powerful brother in the Caucasus, controlling the land route at the end of Silk Road that earlier traded in gold and precious
stones from Afghanistan and points east. Armenia is home of Mt. Ararat where Noah’s ark landed and his sons spread out to populate the world (Genesis 5-9).
Floods from the glacial retreats around 10,000 BC swept from Canada across northern Europe, breaking England from France, drowning the North Sea land mass
and land bridge to Ireland. The Atlantic Ocean penetrated the Mediterranean; and, in turn, the now salty Mediterranean created the Black Sea. The flood waters
created the Mississippi river valley and the giant Lake Lahontan that covered the Great Basin. How many floods over what period of time is still debated and Noah’s
flood is best related to the c. 7500BC flood of the Mediterranean into the Black Sea. The floods scattered the Black Sea tribes into Europe, Egypt, and the eastern
Mediterranean. This might explain the sudden rise of a common agrarian, copper smelting, and animal husbandry culture throughout the area that brought a close to
the Neolithic era. Macrinus 217-218 AD and modern Armenian silver coin:

There are no Greek tales originating in Armenia , nor did Alexander the Great travel there. However, during the waning of the Seleucid Empire established by one of
Alexander’s generals, the Kingdom of Armenia founded in 190BC was lead by Tigranes the Great to conquer much of Asia Minor in 83BC. Defeating one Roman
army, Tigranes was later pushed back by Pompey Magnus himself from the coast, but he created the largest Armenia Empire in history. Tigranes the Great coins are
plentiful, all bearing the Armenian tiara. Coins of predecessors and successors are rare. His kingdom did not fall to Rome until 12AD. Georgia is just Iberia. Tigranes
on a modern note and coin with Heracles reverse and with Tyche of Antioch enthroned with river god Orontes swimming below.

Armenia became a buffer state between Rome and Parthia (238BC-226AD), then Sassanids (226-651AD). Conquests in Armenia are commemorated on several
Roman coins, especially those of Mark Anthony, who gave his conquest to Cleopatra. Their son Helios was the last independent Roman ruler of Armenia and defeated
by Augustus. Roman’s minted coins in the former Greater Armenia including Zeugma, Samosata, Commagene as well as in Rome. Often the Armenia tiara is on the
coin or the Roman Emperor adds the name Armenicus (conqueror of Armenia ) to his name. Coins of Mark Anthony, Augustus, and Lucius Verus.

Armenia plausibly claims to be the first Christian nation. Two of Christ’s apostles: Thaddeus and Bartholomew preached in Armenia in the 50’s and
60’s AD, establishing the Church. Shortly after the year 300, and before Constantine converted the Roman Empire in 312AD, Armenia converted to Christianity
(around 301AD). Armenia struggled to maintain its independence between Byzantine and Sassanian Empires, often divided between the two empires, but maintaining
its independence in language and religion. Some Byzantine emperors were of Armenian descent including Heraclius (610-641), Basil I (867-886), and Leo the
Armenian (813-820). Parts of Armenia were conquered by Muslims as early as 645, but not until 1071 and the destruction of the Byzantine army at Manzikert did
the Turks take over Armenia.

Fleeing Turks and allying with the Byzantines, the Armenian nobles set up a kingdom in Cilicia, southern Turkey, that lasted from 1080-1375, minting a series of
coins often with the distinctive Orthodox cross. With the arrival of the Crusaders in 1099, the Armenian nobles intermarried and allied into the Crusader kingdoms of
Syria and Cyprus. Georgia expanded into deserted Armenia. After 1375, Greater Armenia was the battle ground between opposing Muslim armies from Persia, Egypt
(the Mamelukes), and the Turks, soon the Ottoman Empire. All these Muslim dynasties coins are found in Armenia . Two Levon I 1198-1219, Hetoum 1226-1270,
Levon II 1270-1289, and Smpad 1296-1298 AD.

The Russian Empire freed a part of Armenia from Muslim control in 1829. However, Armenia’s hope of independence was ruthlessly crushed by the Ottoman Turks
beginning in 1890, which resulted in the first modern mass genocide from 1915-1923, when 1.5 million Armenians (as well as millions of Greeks, Romas (Gypsies),
and Jews were ethnically cleansed and piled up in mass graves. Armenia briefly gained independence in 1920 after being part of the Transcaucasian Republic in 1918-
1919 during the Russian Civil War. Civil war currency bears the Armenian script and has inflationary denominations of currency (250,000,000 rubles note).

After 1920 Armenia became a Soviet Republic. There are only three Soviet coins that commemorate Armenia: the earthquake of 1989, David Sasun monument of a
mounted swordsman, and the Matenadarin library:

Armenia gained independence in 1991 with so many other Soviet states and minted their own coins and currency. The Armenian enclave in neighboring Azerbaijan
gained independence as Nagorno-Karabakh in 1991, seeking to unite with Armenia has their own set of coins.  

Numismatically yours, David Elliott

Numismatic Potpourri
Coins have been found near the wreck of the steamship Pulaski off the coast of North Carolina, which sank around midnight June 13, 1838. All the gold
and silver coins are dated before 1838. One of the first explosions of a coastal steamship, over hundred people died in route from Savannah to Baltimore.
Many more coins are expected to be found. Go to link below or search Pulaski on utube. Many more coins ae expected to be found. See underwater metal

Salmon P. Chase, Lincoln’s Treasury secretary, saved the first federal banknotes: $10 Demand Note, Act of July 17, 1861, serial number 1, plate position A,
$1 Legal Tender Note, Act of July 11, 1862, series 1, serial number 1, plate position A, $5 National Bank Note, Act of Feb. 25, 1863, The First National Bank of
Washington, DC, Treasury sheet serial 9, bank sheet serial 1, plate D. And, Peter Huntoon traces their provenance in Numismatic News Feb. 2018: http://www.
Several reports of steel coins, plated or otherwise, rusting. Steel coins are used throughout the world and being
considered for our pennies with copper plating.
Sri Lanka has gone beyond "In God we Trust" by putting temples of Buddhist, Hindu, Christian and Muslim
religions on the new Currency
Note issued to Celebrate Diversity on the 70th Anniversary of Sri Lanka Independence on February 2018. I subscribed to the new
Star Trek series from Canada
, ½ oz. Silver $51, it glows in the dark and got the 3D Justice League .25 about $24 as well, will bring them in when I get them.
Fred Holabird was at the Tucson Gem Show this week promoting artifacts of early U.S. gold rushes from c1800 on. His upcoming auction features a lot of
interesting material.
Kolbe and Fanning have a few 1792:Birth of a Nation’s Coinage in leather bound editions for $325. New finds from SS Central
America Ship of Gold will be at Long Beach Show
. And Whitman Publishing is accepting ideas for its 25th book in the Bowers series from everyone.

Note from Our Club Librarian
Greetings Friends, you already know how excited I am about our club meetings that are filled with awesome people sharing amazing coins, priceless memorabilia,
history, stories, and my favorite, the quick wit of so many of you! And now, I've been introduced to another outstanding feature of this club,
the RCC Library! So
much fascinating reading! I've started listing the titles of books and journals into our club's new library website. At this time, the website's list reflects only a fraction
of the large library. Eventually, I hope to have all the books and journals entered. (Meanwhile, I do enjoy reading little sections of the books as I inventory them).
There's quite a bit of tidying up to do on the website. It will be a work in progress for the next few months. But please go ahead and take a look. You can find the
RCC Library website address printed here in the
Reno Cartwheel, and you can also find a link to our library on the club's web page. (Thank you, David!). Because
some of the books are expensive and irreplaceable, RCC board asks that you check with someone before taking any of the books out of the building and “sign over
your first born,” says David. Fred and his staff are gearing up for a show in March. (Very exciting!!) (
Thank you, Fred for your mega manifold contributions to our
!!). And thank you to all Club Members for making every meeting fun, and worth attending!

Enthusiastically, Laurel Hoggan, RCC Librarian
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