2010 Reno Cartwheels
Next Meeting:
Tuesday, 6th of January 7 PM (NEW TIME)
Carrow’s Restaurant
605 N. Wells Avenue (Wells and 6th), Reno, NV

January: Memories in Photos of the Club, Rusty King. Elections and dinner. Feel Free to nominate yourself or others for any officer position or Paul Williams and
Shannon Holmes board positions. New blood always welcome.

February: Presidential Medals, Doug Larson

March: Comstock Mines: NV ideas in silver

The Last Meeting
Only 22 attended the mini-bourse, you missed a lots of great coins going cheap. Joe Wozniak found a 100" screen, twice the size of the one we had for about $60. Got it.
Researching projectors, I will probably buy one of them soon. NEW TIME OF 7PM as Carrows goes to winter schedule, board meeting at 6PM. We may need to start
looking for a bigger place, if you know of one, let us know. Dan Waterman had a stroke, but is already home and OK. Said he would likely be at the dinner. Garret Allen is
waiting for a bone marrow transplant, please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. Clay Mitchell of Comstock Mines wants ideas for NV related medals in silver. He’s
coming in March, but making medals now. If you have an idea, call 707 843-0895, CMitchell@constockmining.com. It appears the Truman dollar is coming out the Feb.
5, the first quarter Feb. 24 and the Native American dollar in March. Please come after 6:30PM if you are not attending the board.

Early Bird Prize was 2014 S set won by Joe Wozniak.                                    Everglades .25, 2014S set now here!       
prizes winners were:
Bart Daniel: $15 dues donated by Joe Wozniak,
Kindra Amunson 1888 Morgan dollar, copper round
Joe Wozniak: colored $2, date buffalo .05, 10 peso Peru
Rick DeAvila: mystery box 1977 Ike& planchettes,
1971 Ike unc., copper round, coin album
Claude Sendon: RCC copper round
Mike Caroolan:2014S .25 set
Dan Trabke: 2013 .25 set
Ken Hopple: chocolate coins
Jerry Breedlove: 1967 Canada centennial medal, 2014D NA$1 unc.
Bill Amunson: Mexico 1982 50 pesos


Rusty King won the NV medals and stamps display for $35 donate, I believe, by Doug Cummings..

                         Quarter Pot
Quint Anninao won the quarter. About $5.25.


Dues are Due, $15 January 1

Upcoming Coin Shows

January 9,10, Concord Coin Show, Clarion Hotel, 1050 Burnett Ave., Admit:$3, Tables: 39  Chair: Bill Green, 925 351-7605, www.norcalcoinshows.com

January 23-25, San Jose Coin Club Coin Show, Doubletree Hotel, 2050 Gateway Place, Admit:$4, Tables: 70 Chair: Ray Johnson, 408 598-7772, www.
sanjosecoinclub.org  SanJoseCoins@aol.com

anuary 29-30, Long Beach Coin Show, Long Beach Convention Centre, 100 S. Pine Ave., Admit:$8, Tables: 400+ Chair: Taryn Warrecker, 805 680-0294, www.
longbeachexpo.com TWarrecker@collectors.com

RCC Officers
David Elliott….......... President….......…815-8625
Rusty King..............Vice President......... 677-7057
Doug Larson............Past President..........843-0162
Gerald Breedlove........Treasurer..............425-2967
Andre Azzam ..............Secretary….........338-0707
Paul Williams…..........Director….......…720-5395
Joe Wozniak.............…Director…......…853-4223
Ken Hopple ....…..........Director..............677-1544
Shannon Holmes...........Director..............827–4359
Paul Williams…..........ANA Rep.............720-5395
David Elliott...................Editor................815-8625

datbbelliotts@prodigy.net  www.renocoinclub.org

The RCC Board meets the 1st  Tuesday of the month at Carrow’s at
6 PM (NEW TIME). Everyone is invited to attend Please come after 6:30PM if not attending the
board meeting. We're all old (mostly) and can't hear each other in a room full of people.

The Other Coin: The Four Wisemen
  I am about to put away my Christmas decorations, so I though I would trot out the ancient coin con-tenders for the Three Wisemen: Azes II of the Indo-
Scythians, Phraates IV of the Parthians, Gondophares of the Indo-Parthian (whom St. Thomas is said to have converted to Christianity) and Aretas IV of the

Don’t forget that Jesus was born at 7BC or 4BC to take into account all the personages mentioned at his birth, which was how time was kept back then e.g. the 7th year
of emperor, king, magistrate so and so. Also there are good records of a large comet then. Our year 0 was a pretty good medieval guess.
Don’t forget that Jesus was born at 7BC or 4BC to take into account all the personages mentioned at his birth, which was how time was kept back then e.g. the 7th year
of emperor, king, magistrate so and so. Our year 0 was a pretty good medieval guess.
Besides wisemen candidates, Biblical related coins can be collected by person, place, or event mentioned in the Bible. Jewish kings minted their own coins starting around
140BC with the Lilly of Jerusalem on the coin. Jewish related coins begin with the end of the Babylonian captivity in the 6th century BC with Judah as the name of a
province placed on some Persian coins. Of course, coins can be collected from almost all the cities mentioned in the Bible, although not from the same time since coins
were first minted in the 7th century BC and Biblical events began with Abraham in the 17th or 18th century BC and Moses in the 13th C. BC.
Popular collecting themes include a coin from each of the cities Paul ministered in or a coin from
each city that minted them in the Holy Land. Coins showing a history of Jerusalem or the Jewish kings, Roman procurators of Judah, Jewish coins of revolt in 70AD and
135 AD. Of course the Roman emperors minted coins commemorating their victories over the Jews known as Jewish Capta coin, often showing a weeping Jewish under
a palm tree. You can also collect coins mentioned by Jesus like the Widow’s mite, tribute penny, or one of the 30 pieces of silver (shekels of Tyre) paid to Judas. Most of
the cities Jesus ministered in minted coins, often during the time of his ministry. A coin of Pilate is a must, of course, as well as Nero and Caesar Augustus."The
Handbook of Biblical Numismatics” is on-line at amuseum.org/book Also James B. Lovette's inexpensive, Biblical Related Coins (2000). By the way, very nice Widow’s
mites can be had for $10 or less. Almost anything of this nature can be found at www.vcoins.com or on ebay.
Numismatically yours, David Elliott

National Coin Week April 19-25 theme is "Building Tomorrows:Inspiration & Innovation at World's Fairs"

As I See It: Expanding Membership in the Reno Coin Club
A couple of weeks ago I talked to Paul Williams about ways we could increase membership rolls in the Reno Coin Club, and he pointed out to me that we need to do more
community outreach in the schools with school children through a lecture program that Reno Coin Club members could do in the area. While I think this idea has great
merit, I feel that it only touches only a small part of the problem of declining interest in the hobby, which is not just a local problem.
The Reno Coin Club was founded by a group in 1984 that was motivated and was quite a bit younger than most of Reno Coin Club members are today. Sure we need
young kids to perpetuate our hobby, but we need their 30 something parents probably even more to replace the young Turks who were the energy of the RCC in its earlier
days. The ANA is a fine national organization, but when comes to local coin clubs it often misses the boat! A coin club is a local organization and the responsibility to fix
declining coin club membership has to be taken on locally! I have never seen the ANA address the problem of declining interest in coin collecting, or in membership
declines in local coin clubs across the nation! Perhaps when they do that ANA membership rolls will begin to increase again!
Here's an idea for a theme for National Coin Week. The ANA should devote a year to promote the local coin club, how to start it, how to make it grow, how to maintain it,
and how to perpetuate it in the long term. The local coin club is the bastion of collector enjoyment and knowledge in the local area. It needs to be preserved and
maintained. We in the RCC have many gifted members in our rolls and we need to show that to our local community. It would probably be a good idea to have some kind
of open house in the Reno area to invite the community to
come and see what coin collecting and the RCC is all about. We could have exhibits by the members, lectures, a raffle, door prizes and refreshments. We could even have
a home and away National Coin Week in Reno and invite The State Nevada State Museum here the first weekend then go to Carson City the following weekend! It has
also been proposed that we have a Reno Coin Club Crawl during National Coin Week. Wouldn't that be a Hoot! As always I am looking forward to sharing ideas with you
and wish you a Merry Christmas and an extremely happy holiday season.
And That's How I See It!    Rusty King

New Coins for 2015
Here are the Dollars and quarters:

And the March of Dimes and Marshall Service commemoratives:  

I should also mention the proposal to recreate coins closely resembling those of
1915 Pan-Pacific International Exposition, including for the first time, an octagonal $5
gold piece. Surcharges from the coins will go to the
San Francisco Museum and Historical Society, including Old Mint and, the Palace of Fine Arts on the grounds of
the former Panama-Pacific International Exposition.”This legislation offers numismatists an exceptional opportunity to enhance a National Historic Landmark and
numismatic icon — The Old San Francisco Mint — while giving collectors the opportunity to readily acquire the extremely popular and uniquely designed Panama-Pacific
coins” said Dr. Donald Kagin, co-chairman of the American Money and Gold Rush Museum in San Francisco. He urges numismatists to contact their respective members
in the U.S. House to urge them to immediately cosponsor H.R. 2760. The coins are proposed to be minted in 2017.

Numismatic Potpourri
A double die was found on a 1964 D dime. And there’s a new book: Civil War Sutler Tokens & Cardboard Scrip, by David Schenkman, edited by Richard Irons.
$100, but the first of its kind.

The president has approved the
2018 WWI commemorative coin, and Boystown will have a coin in 2017. No metal composition would make the cost of making the
penny less than a penny
, says the mint. There would be saving in the dime, nickel, and quarter to use plated steel or zinc. Use plastic like the mil coins we had.
Netherlands won coin of the year with its 5 euro coin, yuck!

Civil Air Patrol was awarded a gold congressional medal for their WW II service. I was right about the code talker medals, 27 tribes have received them with 6 more
to go. All these medals can be bought from the mint in 1.5 inch bronze for $7 or 3 inch for $40. Whitman Publishing announces the release of
A Guide Book of Hard
Times Tokens
, by Q. David Bowers. The 320-page softcover book Copies can be pre-ordered from booksellers and hobby shops nationwide, and online (including at
www.Whitman.com), for $29.95. Also can be borrowed from ANA library. On Oct. 21, 2014, rare coin experts from Kagin’s Inc. announced the discovery of
one of
the largest natural California gold nuggets
ever seen. The treasure was found by a California man who was prospecting for gold on public land in Butte County,
California in July of this year. The nugget, which weighs over 70-ounces, is estimated to be worth somewhere between $350,000

Lithuania has issued a coin
a coin commemorating John Paul II’s canonization with a piece of his stole in it. Japan has a coin with iridescent color for the 50th
anniversary of its bullet train (You’ll have to see that on the on-line edition.)
Denmark has announced it will stop making coins and notes on the way to becoming a
cashless society and to better monitor transactions and prevent people from avoiding the VAT tax by paying in cash.
ISIS has announced it will be producing bullion
coins in gold, silver, and copper
to Islamic standards. Britain announced its 1 millionth treasure find under Portable Antiquities Act where finders and land owners
share in the discoveries and the government gets right to buy at full market value. All discoveries are recorded to the delight of historians and archeologists. Free market
wins again.

Dues are Due, $15 January 1
Fred Holabird reminds everyone that the club’s large library is housed by
him at 3555 Airway Drive #308 (around back as Holabird Americana).
Call 852-8822
SF set of all five 2013, 2014 quarters in case $4
National Park Quarters  PDS .50        
Presidential, Native American 2013  D P $1.25
Azes II,
mounted/Athena stands,
Phraates IV
head/ king as archer,
Aretas IV & wife
Shuqailat/ cornucopias
bust/Nike stands,
World's Fairs and Expositions have long celebrated
mankind's achievements in science, architecture and
social progress. The 2015 National Coin Week theme,
"Building Tomorrows: Inspiration and Innovation at
World's Fairs," will celebrate the history of these
great events and the 100th anniversary of the 1915
Panama-Pacific International Exposition in San