Reno Cartwheel
July 2012

Next Meeting:

Tuesday, 3rd  of July 7:30 PM
Carrow’s Restaurant
605 N. Wells Avenue (Wells and 6th), Reno, NV

July Mini-Bourse
Bring coins to sell or trade. (I know I've a bunch of duplicate ancients.)

August History of Coin Press #1 at the Old Carson Mint & Its Modern Medal Production
Ken Hopple will give us the history of the 1876 press still minting at the Nevada State Museum and bring a selection of the medals
produced there. Also a good time to start planning our 30th anniversary medal (which is also Nevada's 150th anniversary, 2014).  

September Ice-cream social & ANA Movie
A Carrow’s sundae or other treat and a ANA movie to be announced.

October  US Mint Medal
Bring your favorite medal from the US mint to share.

November Presidential Inaugural Medals
Doug Larson will bring his medals to share. Please bring yours if you have some.

At The Last Meeting
40  members were in attendance for pizza night and there was a lot of pizza left over. I saw a nice collection of commemorative
half, a 12 caesar set, and other treasures. We also got to sea the transit of Venus through eclipse glasses. For the July meeting we
will have the Cleveland dollar (D mint, there’s a delay minting P), The Acadia quarter P&D and probably the S minted Puerto Rico
National Park quarter. All the quarters minted this year will also be minted in San Francisco.  

Early Bird Prize was a copper Reno Coin club medal won by Phillip Shalitt.

Raffle prizes winners were:
Ken Hopple: 1972, 1981 proof set
Bill Gregory: Painted $2 bill, mint director book
Howard Buchler: obsolete set of US coins
Keith Gregory:$2 Louisiana bill
Roger Edwards silver nickel and dime
Leo Rossow: 1928 nickel
Troy Young: 1959D penny, copper coin club medal, history medal, copy $10,000 bill
Brittany Gruhler: commemorative coin, Andrew Johnson medal
Joe Drapale 1955D nickle, wheat pennies
Bart Daniels: copper medal
Daniel Trabke Ronald Reagan medal, wheat pennies
Ron Jahn: silver nickle, wheat pennies, Coin World almanac, Chester Arthur dollars.

mystery box was there but not noted

Ken Hopple won a 1953 red seal $5 note for $13 donated by David Elliott.
Jack Gruhler won 1943S ½ for $16.25 donated by Larry Demangate.
Paul Williams won a Chinese silver round for $40,

Quarter Pot
Gary Dahlke won the quarter pot, about $5.25, and he was there to collect.


Upcoming Coin Shows

June 29 Dollar Exchange & Coin Press at Nevada State Museum
600 N.Carson St , Friday 10am-3pm. Ken Hopple at the press! $8 adult, under 18 Free.

July 14-15 Stanislaus County Coin Club, Annual Coin and Collectible Show
Modesto Center Plaza, 1000 L. St. Bourse: Brandilyn Gilmer, 209 492-9028.

July 28-29 Fremont Coin Club 40th Annual Show
Elk’s Hall, 38991 Farwell Dr. Info: Vince Lacariere, 510 792-1511

August 16-19 Santa Clara Coin Show
Santa Clara Convention Center, $6 general admission. Info:

RCC Officers
David Elliott….......... President….......…815-8625
Rusty King..............Vice President......... 673-6745
Doug Larson............Past President..........843-0162
Gerald Breedlove........Treasurer..............425-2967
Andre Azzam ..............Secretary….........338-0707
Dan Waterman…..........Director…......…747-4380
Ed Waselewski.........…Director…......…354-0287
Ken Hopple ....…..........Director..............677-1544
Bob Wagner..................Director..............3781022
Paul Williams…..........ANA Rep.............720-5395
David Elliott...................Editor................815-8625,

The RCC Board meets the 3rd  Tuesday of the month at Carrow’s at 7:30PM. Everyone is invited to attend.

If there is a topic you would like to see please let a board member know. Someone in the club knows all

Fred Holabird wanted to remind everyone that the club’s large library is house by him at 3555 Airway Drive #308 (around back as
Holabird Americana). Call ahead 852-8822.

Not the Other Coin: Carson City Coin Press
The original Coin Press No. 1 is located in the Old Mint Building portion of the Nevada State Museum in Carson City. Built in 1869
by Morgan & Orr of Philadelphia, it weighs 12,000 pounds and in 1879 was capable of producing 1,500 coins per hour. Coin Press
No. 1 is now used to strike Nevada Commemorative coins and Medallions in gold, silver, copper and bronze. Coin Press No. 1 is
currently being operated and maintained by museum volunteers Ken and Karen Hopple of Reno for the State Museum. Under their
supervision, the press is minting the last Friday of each month.
Although legislation authorizing the creation of the US Mint at Carson City was passed by both houses of Congress on March 3,
1863, actual construction did not begin until three years later. Work proceeded so slowly that three more years passed before
coining machinery arrived. The steam-powered six-ton press arrived at the Carson Mint in 1869. As was the custom of the day, it
was painted with a large "1" to signify the first press located in the coiner's department. On February 11, 1870, this press struck the
first coin bearing the soon-to-be-famous CC mint mark, a Seated Liberty dollar. For nearly a quarter of a century it was used to
strike most of the larger denomination pieces produced during the years the mint actually produced coins, from 1870 to 1885 and
again from 1889 to 1893.
When the press suffered a cracked arch in 1878, it was repaired at the local shop of the Virginia & Truckee Railroad. Proud of
their, handiwork, V&T machinists replaced the original brass Morgan & Orr plate with one bearing the name of their famous
railroad. The Carson City Mint ceased coining operations in 1893 and the presses were removed in 1899, along with all other
machinery in the coiner's department. Press No. 1 was moved to the Philadelphia Mint, where it was remodeled in 1930 to operate
with electric power. In 1945, it was transferred to the "new" San Francisco Mint and renumbered "5" to correspond with its place
in the coining department there. Finally, when all coin production was temporarily halted at San Francisco in 1955, the old press
was due to be scrapped.

Through the efforts of Judge Clark J. Guild and other local businessmen, the antique press was purchased by the state of Nevada
for $225 and arrived back in Carson City in 1958. It was a popular, but non-working display until US Mint Director Eva Adams, a
native Nevadan, was faced with a severe coin shortage in 1964. She requested the loan of the venerable press. It was trucked to the
Denver Mint and placed in operation, striking more than 188 million coins during the next three years.
Once again returned to the Carson City Museum in 1967, press No. 1 was converted to a much slower electric drive. In 1976, it
was used to strike Nevada Bicentennial medals in gold, silver, copper and bronze. Don Schmitz, owner of the Nevada City Mint in
California, began operating the press for the state of Nevada on a limited basis from 1977 to 2001. Since then many medals
including Reno Coin Club’s 20th and 25th anniversary medals, designed by Rusty King, Ken Hopple, and Doug Larson have been

Numismatically yours, David Elliott  

British Pound Being Counterfeited
The British pound coin was reached some 3% or about 44 million counterfeit coins in circulation. usually going unnoticed in day to
day transactions. They are usually “discovered” when rejected by vending machines, although many counterfeits have the right
weight and metal content acceptable to the vending machines now. Counterfeit coin are usually absent edge lettering or have the
wrong edge lettering for the year, since it is changed every year. The rate of counterfeit coins has about doubled in the last ten
years. Pressure is increasing to remint the coin in some form that would be more difficult to counterfeit.

The recent arrest of a counterfeit manufactory found that the bimetallic 2 pound coin was also being counterfeited, although the
outer rim was simply spray painted gold. Counterfeiters are expected to have a heyday with the upcoming Olympics in London.

San Francisco Mints Circulating Quarters
The San Francisco Mint is celebrating its 75th year with production of S mint mark circulation strike quarters of this year’s national
park quarters. In typical government bureaucratize–the circulation strike quarters will not be put in circulation but available in rolls
and bags at a premium to collectors. If they are well received the program will continue in 2013. There is no mention of minting
previous years national park quarters, but now we all have to get different coin holders for the park quarters. Nevertheless, we will
be getting them and the first one should be available at the next meeting.  

Australia Mints Kilo Weight Gold & Silver Coins for the Diamond Jubilee
To celebrate the 60th year of Queen Elizabeth’s reign, the Perth mint is issuing kilo gold and silver coins with Queen Elizabeth II
portrait on the obverse and St. Edwards crown on the reverse. Some 60 of the gold coin and 600 of the silver coin are to be
produced. The gold is 99.99% pure or 32.151. troy ounces, 75.60 mm and 13.90 mm thick. Ties to the price of bullion, the coin
sells for about $57,000.  

The silver coin is 99.9% pure and is somewhat larger at 100.60mm and 14.60 mm thick.. It is also tied to bullion and is selling for
about $1810.

Long time coin club member Lloyd
Johnson has recently passed away.

 NGC Slabs Brasher Doubloon
The finest known example of the Brasher doubloon was recently slabbed by NGC and valued at $10 million dollars. America’s first
gold coin was minted privately by Ephraim Brasher, a gold and silver smith, who was both a neighbor and supplier for George
Washington. Only 6 examples are known of the EB punch on wing variety. The coin s were headed for the melting pot the
Philadelphia mint in 1838 when Chief Coiner Adam Eckfeldt spotted and saved them. They are America’s first gold coin minted in
1787 and much sought after.
The current owner, numismatist Walter Perschke bought the doubloon in 1979 for $430,000. truck in New York the coin features
an eagle with olive branch and arrow with America’s motto E Pluribus Unum (“From Many One”) on the obverse and a sun rising
over a mountain and sea with New York’s motto Excelsior (“Ever Higher”).  

Not Much Scheduled at the US Mint
It seems that after taking January to March off, the US mint is exhausted after a 3 month production schedule and has most of its
production schedule listed as TBD (to be determined). 8-16 is the date for President Harrison dollar and 8-27 for Volcano National
Park quarter.
Acadia    P or D .50
Cleveland   D $1.25 or $30 a roll
Puerto Rico, S mint .50  
Built: 1869
Maker: Morgan & Orr, Philadelphia, PA
Weight: 12,000 pounds
Production capability: 1869 - 1,500 coins per
Today: 1 medal takes 10 seconds to strike
Striking pressure: 1869 - 200 tons