Next Meeting:
Tuesday, 25th of July 7 PM (4th Tuesdays now)                               
Denny’s,205 Nugget Ave.(at East McCarran), Sparks

July 27 Bicentennial Coinage Rusty King

August 22 Jewish Coins David Elliott

September 26 Ice-cream Social and movie

October 24 Happy Birthday Nevada!

The Last Meeting
29 members saw some treasures of their peers and we saw John Frost’s DVD on the Double-Dime and a link up with a die at the CC mint. John Frost’s free on-line
book lists all the varieties in color and has a nice history of the 20 cent piece.
The museum has not renewed the last Friday press run. Ken and I are waiting for a
call back to do the last Fridays for the museum and school tours. It will be a pity if they do not mint on the press any longer. It is unclear when they will be renewed.
Doug Cummings has offered to join me, if they do get going. Thanks!  Jerry is retiring as treasurer. Please consider the position now to learn the details from the
I got a Mary Queen of Scots and Francis II coin! They are very hard to find. I still got a lot of binders from Fred Holabird. Let me know if you want
any, otherwise they will go to a school this Fall.
Ellis Island .25 will be out end of August 28, and I will have them for the September meeting.  Only eight silver
club medals left at $65
, get yours before they’re gone. Bring up to 5 coins for the bid board now. We have about 20 each of the brass and copper. We will have
board meetings before the regular meeting and vigorously tell people to be quiet so we can conduct business
. Contact me with suggestions, concerns, or
topics you would like to see: 815-8625

Early Bird Prize was a Lewis and Clark NA $1 won by Doug Cumings.           2016 S .25 sets available, NA, Frederick Douglas Park .25 are here.
Raffle prizes winners were:

Bart Daniels: Canadian silver $1 Calgary, US Commemorative Coins,
Pierce $1
Jeff Allen: 1935S Liberty .50
Rick DeAvila: Mercury dime, coin bag
Laurel Hoggan: Hawaiians Money and Medals, coin envelopes
Gary Meckler: 2013S .25 set
Milton Angel: NA$1 set Delawares, 1973 proof set, 1999 platinum .25 set
Dan Waterman: 2007 Coin Prices, 2004 proof set
Gerald Breelove: 2000 mint set,chocolate coins
Ken Hopple: candy coins
Thomas Charleston: 1976 mint set, casino chips albums
Chuck Everitt: 1979 mint set
Art Bonnel: 2009 Lincoln .01 set
Leo Rossow:
mystery box Eagle album
Cole Allen: PDS Ozark Riverways .25, felt tray,
Wells Fargo 150th anniversary book
Mary Long: proof set album
Joe Wozniak:
2011 Red Book

Set of  Pogue auction books donated by Robert Rodriguez
won by Gerald Breedlove for $22

Quarter Pot
Ed Scott WON the quarter pot, about $12.                           


Upcoming Coin Shows

July 22,23, Fremont Coin Club Show, Elk’s Lodge, 38991 Farwell Dr., Admit: $0, Tables: 45, Vince Lacarrere, 510 792-1511        

ugust 1-5, ANA World’s Fair of Money, Colorado Convention Center, 700 14th St., Denver, Admit: $8, Tables: 500+, ANA, 719 482-9849

August 13, Fairfield Coin Club’s Show, Fairfield Community Center, 1000 Kentucky St., Admit: $1, Tables: 25, Bill Bartz, 707 688-8014

August 20, Sacramento Coin Show, Lion’s Gate Hotel, 3410 Westover St., Admit: $2, Tables: 66, Peter McIntosh, 916 643-6222

RCC Officers

David Elliott….......... President….......…815-8625
Rusty King..............Vice President......... 677-7057
Doug Larson............Past President..........843-0162
Gerald Breedlove........Treasurer..............425-2967
Andre Azzam ..............Secretary….........338-0707
Paul Williams…..........Director….......…720-5395
Joe Wozniak.............…Director…......…853-4223
Ken Hopple ....…..........Director..............677-1544
Shannon Holmes...........Director..............827–4359
Paul Williams…..........ANA Rep.............720-5395
David Elliott...................Editor................815-8625

The Other Coin: Ancient Jewish Coins
Jewish coins are one of the most popular series of ancient coins to collect. With a few exceptions the coins are plentiful and inexpensive. The Persian Cyrus the Great
conquered Lydia where coins were invented in 546BC and freed the Jews from Babylon-ian Captivity in 539BC, so the newly adopted Persian siglos coin in gold and
silver went with the Jews where they and their old neighbors: Philistines, Samaritans, Edomites, and Phoenicians (below) also minted coins, often with the Aramaic
YHD for the Persian province or satrap of Judaea. The most common of these coins were copies of the international Athenian owls.

Persia and Egypt contended for control of Judaea and this is reflected in coins that have an Egyptian falcon and Jerusalem lily replace later with the head of a Persian
king or satrap.

Whether Alexander the Great visited Jerusalem or not his conquest of Persia and Egypt left Judaea as a prize for his generals Ptolemy of Egypt or Seleucid of Persia
who founded contending kingdoms. The Phoenician city of Tyre supplied Jerusalem with coinage, whomever the overlord was and either bore Melkart, the
Phoenician Hercules or the Seleucid or Ptolemaic ruler. Seleucids were most often in control of Judaea, and the Tyrian shekels and half shekels continued to be the
dominate coinage even into Roman times and made up the coinage of  the 30 pieces of silver that went to Judas. Below left is Melkart and right is the Seleucid
Demetrius II (129-126BC). Note the Egyptian or Lagid eagle and the club with T-Y monogram as the mint mark of Tyre.

The Kingdom of Jews was established by the last of the Maccabean brothers Simon when they revolted from the Seleucid Antiochus IV (174-164BC), who wanted
to Hellenize the Jews by setting up Zeus alongside Yahweh in the temple. Confronted with Egypt and a rebellion at home the traditional autonomy of Jews was
reestablished and the Jewish kingdom was allowed to produce their own bronze coinage beginning with John Hyrcanus (135-104 BC), then Judah Aristobulus (104-
103 BC), Alexander Jannaeus (103-76 BC), Salone Alexandra (76-63BC,no coins), Jonathan Hyrcanus II (63-40 BC), and Antigonus Mattathias (40-37 BC). The
rulers of Jerusalem were high priest, king, and Seleucid governor simultaneously with the independence being signified by no longer paying tribute to the Seleucid
Empire, although Jewish troops were often part of the Seleucid army as separate units. The coins are mostly small bronze prutahs and half prutahs smaller than a
dime, and even in very fine condition less than $20. There are a few rare varieties, but mostly in keeping with no graven images the coins have a lily of Jerusalem,
double cornucopia, Hebrew lettering, anchor symbol of the Seleucids, or sun wheel.

Herod the Great (37-4 BC) managed to come to power by playing off Julius Caesar, Mark Anthony, and Caesar Augustus, supporting all sides in the Roman civil war.
Mark Anthony killed the last Maccabean ruler in battle. Herod's coinage is much more varied and includes helmets, shield, tripod, caduceus, aphlaston, palm branch,
galley. and pomegranates. There are also larger bronze coins.

Upon Herod's death the Kingdom of Judaea was divided among his three sons: Herod Archelaus (4BC-6AD), Herod Antipas(4BC-39AD), and Herod Philip(4BC-
34AD). Archelaus and Antipas had images of ships, grape clusters, and helmets. Herod Philip put images of Roman emperors on his coins and Herod Agrippa I(41-
44AD) placed images of himself on coins as did the last Herodian Herod Agrippa II (50-96 AD). These portraits coins are pricey often several hundred dollars in very

The Romans procurators, residing in the port of Caesarea they built, also minted coins with images of shields, palm trees, wheat ,grape leaves, lituus, and amphora.
These inexpensive coins were issued from 6 AD to 61 AD by procurators Coponius ( 6-9 AD), Ambiblius (9-12 AD), Gratus (15-26 AD), Pilate (26-36 AD), Felix
(52-59 AD), and Festus (59-61 AD). Most of the coins are dated and have the name of the Roman emperor on them.

The Jews revolted against Rome in 66AD and minted coins for 3 years until they were crushed in 70AD. The Roman victors minted coins for 20 years celebrating
their victory. The bronzes are inexpensive, silver pricey.

A second Jewish revolt in 132-135 AD also issued bronze and silver coins, but this short lived effort made the coins rare in both bronze and silver. Hadrian in 131 AD
issued coins in Jerusalem after the Temple was demolished and turned into a temple for Jupiter  under the name Aelia Capitolina (Aelia his gens name, and Capitolina
referring to the temple of Jupiter in Rome). These coins were minted until 251AD.

Numismatically yours, David Elliott

Numismatic Potpourri
The robbers of 100 kilogram maple leaf coin from a German museum were caught. No word of the $4 million coin, so it was melted, I suppose. The Perth
trio of kilo gold, platinum, and rose gold coins set with pink diamonds
sold for $1.8 million.

The new Canadian banknotes with all the fancy protections are being successfully counterfeited already. The Royal Belgium mint will close January 2018
and it is unclear if Belgium euro coins will be continued to be produced.
The Society of Paper Money Collectors has an ambitious project to compile a database
of all U.S. obsolete bank notes
. Similar to the web portal Wikipedia, any member can contribute and experts in their respective fields can correct and maintain the
integrity of the data. There is a twofold scope to the project: 1) to catalog all reported obsolete notes, and 2) to keep a census of all reported notes. Check out the
website at   In the
Chinese tomb belonging to Lu Chou of Western Wei Dynasty (535-557) who died in 538 were found gold coins of
Roman emperor Anastasius
(491-518AD) and silver coin of Sassanian king Peroz I (459-484AD). The Colombian government plans to salvage the Spanish
galleon San José
 that is believed to contain gold, silver and emeralds worth billions of dollars. On board were at least 11 million gold coins and six years of
accumulated jewels from the Spanish colonies. Columbian President Santos said that his government have struck a deal with an unnamed private investor and will
bring together a “dream team” of archaeologists and engineers from around the world to recover the wreck and put it on display in Cartagena. A US salvage
company, Sea Search Armada, claims it discovered the San José in the 1980s. A court ruling in 2007 awarded SSA half of any commercial treasure that may be
Only 60% of the platinum eagle proof coins with the old reverse for its 20th anniversary sold out July 6 at $1300. The last 2 years they sold out in
10 minutes.

The mint will be offering an
2017 enhanced proof set: "This coin set contains 10 coins with an enhanced uncirculated finish using a combination of laser frosted
areas and an unpolished field that accentuates design details, creating a unique contrast distinctly different from the mirror-like finish of proof coins." The regular
2017 Proof Set is available without limits for $26.95. It launched on March 29 and should reach around the 600,000 level before all is said and done. Far fewer
anniversary sets will be sold. There is no mention yet on pricing, but its mintage is capped at 225,000 without any per household order restrictions.
On sale August
. 2017 silver eagles sales are down about 35% due to low silver prices. The 1792 Mint Act is online at the Newman Portal, which is digitizing hundreds of
numismatic magazines and books. Check it out:  In April 2017, it became publicly known that at least
1,400 numismatic
objects were stolen from the Stockholm Royal Coin Cabinet
, with an estimated value of over $3 million. The former employee has already confessed that he had
sold the majority of objects in 1997. Thus, many have probably entered the coin market over the last 20 years. According to Inspector Jan-Ake Törnhage, the objects
are “coins from Sweden and world coins, including a lot of Russian and American strikings. To date, almost 1,400 coins are missing.”
Palau is offering laughing
Buddha coins in gold and silver

Austria’s latest niobium coin is called “microcosom.” There is a plan to make Osmiridium coins from a metal that is the combination of osmium and iridium. Both
metals have a theoretical density that is slightly above 22.5g/cc, making them the densest elements in existence.
Italy has stopped producing 1 and 2 cent euro
. English Royal Mint has agreed to sell bullion coins according to shariah law.

winners of the best coin design in Japan have been announced. Here’s 2 of them, the rest will be on line. Italy’s Imagination and Austria’s Magic Flute were
my favorites. 2 India and a China's Lost Home for refugees in Russia, Ukraine, and Germany won over all.
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Fred Holabird reminds everyone that the club’s large library is housed by
him at 3555 Airway Drive #308 (around back as Holabird Americana).
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SF set of all five 2013-2016S quarters in case $5
National Park Quarters  PDS .50        
Presidential, Native American  D P $1.25
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