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Fred Holabird reminds everyone that the club’s large library is housed by him at
3555 Airway Drive #308 (around back as Holabird Americana). Call 851-1859
Dec2013-Crusader coins
Jan 2014-Euros
Feb2014-Lincoln Penny
March2014-Leto coin
April2014-So-called Dollars
SF set of all five 2013-2017S quarters in case $5
National Park Quarters  PDS .50        
Presidential, Native American  D P $1.25
May 2014-Kennedy Halves
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Next Meeting:
Tuesday, 23rd of July (4th Tuesdays)                               
Denny’s,205 Nugget Ave.(at East McCarran), Sparks

July 17 Reno Coin Show, Best Western, Bill
Green 925 351-7605 info@norcalcoinshows.com

July 23 Pot Luck Picnic! 4885 South McCarran,
Silver Sage Senior Residence 5PM-9PM by Jamaica Park

July 26 New Coins at the Museum Celebrating
the moon landing all week (see below)

August 1 Minting Replica CC Half Dollar at
   Nevada State  Museum (Thursday 5-8:30PM)

August 27 Large Cents Dan Waterman

August 30
New Coins at the Museum

September 24 Island Coins Laurel Hoggan

September 27 New Coins at the Museum

The Last Meeting
Favorite coins were a set of W mint coins, a boxed CC dollar won at the museum raffle, gold 1976 NV bicentennial medal, a medal of the home town Cunningham
San Joaquin jail, and
Sam Dibitonto’s best of show collection of seated liberty dollars. I was able to buy some more raffle prizes and got donations from Larry
Demangate and Allen Rowe.
Don’t forget the minting of the CC half dollar replica on August 1 at the museum, a bunch of us are going. The museum is also
having a week long celebration of the moon landing noted below.
Picnic July 23 at Silver Sage Senior Residence, 4885 South McCarran by Jamaica Park
thanks to Laurel Hoggan and David Loder
. We’ll have hot dogs, pulled pork, plates, etc., and whatever else you bring for the pot luck. There is a full kitchen and
patio, a dining room and attached patio.
Please bring friends and family. There’s a sharp right turn before bus stop on the north side of South McCarran, so best to
come off Airway Drive to make right turn. (See map below). The club could save a few bucks if you read the newsletter on-line. I’ll pass around a sign-up sheet.
San Antonio .25 August 26.
I will not bring coins to picnic. We will start set up around 4 PM. Contact me with any ideas, questions, or problems: 815-8625

Early Bird Prize: 1943 Mercury .10 won by rusty King

Raffle prizes winners were:

Bart Daniels: 1/10 gram gold bar in mystery box by Laurel, Eisenhower dollars
Milton Angel: chocolate coins, 1999 proof set, ANA peace medal
David Elliott: PD set innovation $1
Thomas Charleton: U-Do-IT, 1977 mint set
Jeff Allen: Merc.10, Barber .25
Rick De Avilla: Indian .01 & arrowhead, NA $1 set
Mary Long: 1976 proof set, year set holders
Faye Allen: steel penny set
Leo Rossow: 1998 mint set
Rusty King: RCC copper medal, coin bags
Clay Thomas 1 gram silver bar
Rose Moratti: 2018S .25 set, blue books
EdScott: presidential dollars
William Naylor: Guam .25, US coin books
Cole Allen: tokens
Ken Hopple: world coin books
Laurel Hoggan: 2009 .01set


No auctions.

Quarter Pot

Judy Thomas (not present) won the quarter pot.


Upcoming Coin Shows

July 19, 20 Reno Coin Show, Best Western, 55 E. Nugget Ave., Bill Green 925 351-7605

July 23-27 50th Anniversary of Apollo XI Moon Landing, NV State Museum, 600 N.Carson St. 775 687 4810 nvculture.org/nevadastatemuseumcarsoncity
$8 adults, 17 and under free (see details below)

July 27,28 Fremont Coin Club Show, Elk’s Lodge, 38991 Farwell Dr., Admit: FREE, Tables:45, Vince Lacariere 510 792-1511 coinVince@aol.com

August 18 Fairfield Coin Club Show, Fairfield Community Center, 1000 Kentucky St., Admit: $1, Tables:25, Bill Bartz 707 688-8014, 707 384-3793
Moviesman8@comcast.net www.solanocoinclub.com

August 25 Sacramento Coin Show, Lion’s Gate Hotel, 3410 Westover St., Admit: $2, Tables:66, Peter McIntosh 916 317-9055 peter@mcintoshcoins.com www.

RCC Officers

David Elliott….......... President…........…815-8625
Rusty King..............Vice President......... 677-7057
Doug Larson............Past President..........843-0162
Mary Long..................Treasurer.............853-0696
Andre Azzam ..............Secretary….........338-0707
Laurel Hoggan…..........Librarian..........…223-5096
Joe Wozniak.............…Director….......…853-4223
Ken Hopple ....…..........Director..............677-1544
Shannon Holmes...........Director..............827–4359
Paul Williams…..........ANA Rep..............720-5395
David Elliott...................Editor................815-8625

datbbelliotts@prodigy.net  www.renocoinclub.org

Not The Other Coin: The Nevada State Museum Celebrates the Moon Landing July 23-27

We are pleased to be part of the Nevada State Museum’s celebration of the Moon Landing July 23-26. There will be moon rocks from Apollo XI and XVII, a lecture
on “The Lunar Quarantine systems” by Dr. Richard C. Simmonds 2PM. Wednesday will have hands on family activities from 10-3 followed by a Star Party at
Western Nevada College at 2699 Van Patten Ave. from 8-11 PM. On Thursday there will be a 2PM lecture “Underwater Virtual Reality for Spacewalk Training” by
Paul MacNeilage and at 8PM “1969 Apollo Mission” by Michael Thomas Please make reservations at: nvculture.org/nevadastatemueumcarsoncity/events
Friday there will a 2PM lecture “Robots Working with Humans to Explore Space” by David Feil-Seifer and we will be there 10 AM-4PM with our moon landing coin
display and medals. Please come.

Not The Other Coin 2: Littleton Coin Creations

Gave the rockets from the US mint with the Kennedy half and NA dollar to my grandkids before I knew I would have to present my moon coin display for Apollo XI
week at the museum (see above). In scrambling to fill the holes, I found Littleton Coin Company had made a nice display of the 2019 NA coin with Mary Golda Ross,
who worked at Lockheed from 1942-1973 designing rockets and satellites when my grandparents and mother worked there. (2 secret service guys raided our house
to retrieve dinosaurs molded from heat shield polymers my mother had made me. Those guys have no sense of humor.)

Littleton often makes nice sets and is also the main source for painted coins: all the dollars, a moon set on half dollars with various designs, all the quarters and a
special American animal set and Native American medals. I got the missing presidential dollars (carter to Trump) available either painted or affixed to dollar coins.
Littleton also commissions coins from foreign countries and makes coin albums. They have painted all 20 democrat presidential candidates on half dollars, a set of
famous American women on dollars and eagles, and painted the national parks on 2 dollars bills to name a few. I just ordered a set of encased 2009 PD pennies that
include painted and plated in gold pennies. They sell some of the coins I feature from London, Perth, and Canadian mints at twice or more if you got them from the
mints and US coins at 3-10 times what you might pay a local dealer. Nevertheless, the painted coins and sets are fun and found nowhere else, and they are the first to
offer albums in a variety of styles.

Numismatically yours, David Elliott

Map to picnic below. Best to come down Airway Dr. From Peckham on southside of Atlantis, so you can take first right on South McCarran or just come down E.
McCarran. The right turn is not a street, but a drive-way. If you pass the storage place and park you have gone too far. You can park at the park and walk over,
although there is lot of parking at the senior center, as well as a full kitchen, patio and gate to the park with horseshoes and tables.  
Please bring a potluck dish. This includes chips or cookies or drinks, if you do not cook. We will have hotdogs and pulled pork, plates and stuff. There is a grill if you
want to grill something. There are tables and chairs inside and outside. Please bring friends and family. Some of us will be setting up at 4PM with food ready by 5PM
or so and definitely by 6PM.  My cell is 775 815-8625.

Numismatic Potpourri

Canada’s 3 ounce moon bar wins for coolest Apollo XI coin so far although Littleton’s painted half dollars are cool too. The mystery of the 1894S dime has
never been a mystery at all
. Rich Kelly & Nancy Oliver discovered an article in the October 1895 issue of the San Francisco Bulletin which explained, directly from
the weigher of the SF mint, as to the reason why the 24 1894S dimes were struck. The weigher, Frank Berdan, said that he had purchased 2 pieces as he always did,
a family tradition. And, word also came that the ex-coiner, Charles Gorham purchased two as well. What better sources could you have to explain the coin's creation?
In addition, there were 3 pieces set for assay not 5. Two for special assay at the Philadelphia mint, and one for the annual assay. This left a total of 17 sent into
circulation. Since 9 are known, 8 are still missing.
Keep looking.  Bureau of Engraving and Printing includes a $50 bill for their Apollo XI offering for $86.

1938S PCGS MS68+ brought $364,250 in Legend’s Regency Auction for those seeking the finest known PCGS graded cons. An 1876CC twenty-cent piece is one
of the most famous and most desired of all American coins, and the offering of an example attracts great attention in the numismatic community. Not only is it a great
rarity with fewer than 20 pieces believed to exist, but it also possesses the added romance that accompanies coins from the historic and short lived Carson City Mint.
Stack’s Bowers Galleries is pleased to announce that it will be offering a PCGS- graded Gem MS-65 1876-CC twenty-cent piece in the Rarities Night
session of the firm’s Official Auction on the evening of August 15, 2019, at ANA World’s Fair of Money in Rosemont, Illinois
. It last appeared as lot 1405
in The 400 Sale held by Stack’s in January 1988 and will be the first Gem 1876-CC twenty-cent piece seen on the market since Stack’s Bowers Galleries’ sale of the
F.C.C. Boyd specimen in January 2013.

Rob Rodriguez and friends study of the silver center cent appears in E-Sylum and elsewhere:  Complete article on Newman Numismatic Portal:
1792 Silver And Non-Silver Center Cents: A Study (https://nnp.wustl.edu/ library/book/538104) Lots of nice detailed and conclusive photos.
SILVERINGOTS.COM is a website dedicated exclusively to silver ingots produced by the United States Government. Fine silver ingots were made at United
States Government facilities in Philadelphia, New Orleans, San Francisco, New York and Denver, from 1892 through 1984. Ken Conaway has created a new site
featuring silver ingots of the US government and Englehard ingots. See: https://silveringots.com/     and  http://allengelhard.com/   
Heritage has held their third sale
of Neil Armstrong memorabilia
with many coins and medals flown in space and to the moon and bits of Orville Wright’s plane. Anyone score any of the treasure?
Perth Mint is continuing their Simpson series of silver rounds
. Someone likes them. Also superheros, Suicide Squad, Star Trek and Star War coins, an Egyptian
The fourth known 1854 San Francisco mint Liberty head half eagle, discovered just last year and sold at auction for $2.16 million, will be
publicly exhibited for the first time during the American Numismatic Association Chicago World's Fair of Money, August 13-17, 2019
. It will be a featured
display in the Museum Showcase.
The Bureau of Engraving and Printing has made “an exact reproduction of the original Declaration of Independence on  
parchment paper." It is 26" x 31" and the largest hand engraved print ever produced by the bureau
. The print is $195.95 and includes an illustrated booklet
detailing the history of the Declaration of Independence.
The 1933 Indian head gold eagle is called a poor man’s 1933 gold coin. Considering the 1933 gold eagle
currently lists for $600,000 in MS-65, it is hard to credit the word “poor,” but since the only other gold coin of 1933 (the famous Saint Gaudens double eagle of
1933) which once sold for $7 million, the gold eagle is a bargain. The Indian head  eagle was barely released at all due to the Gold Recall Order of 1933. As things
worked out, the recall order stopped the release of gold coins and gold certificates, and also called for the return of both gold  coins and gold certificates. Only
collectors were allowed to keep their gold coins, and all the 1933 Indian head gold eagles still in the bank vaults were melted and never released. Interestingly enough,
the government has always taken the position that the 1933 Indian head gold eagle was officially released while the 1933 Saint Gaudens double eagle was not. That
meant the difference between the double eagle being seized and the gold eagle being a very valuable coin, which is perfectly legal. Whether the government position
makes much sense does not matter in the case of the 1933 gold eagle as it is legitimate to own and legitimately scarce as well.


The British Royal Mint is selling off many of its rarities at a fixed price by raffle. You agree to pay the price asked and hope your name is drawn. To mark
the 50th anniversary of the
Give Peace a Chance recording, The Royal Canadian Mint has produced a 38 mm, silver proof $20 with a mintage of 9,999. The
reverse presents the original photo by Ivor Sharp of John and Oko taken during their B
ed-in for Peace protest on June 1, 1969. The song by John Lennon was
performed by the Plastic Ono Band. To mark the launch of the Perth Mint gold fund on the NY Stock Exchange,
the Australian Kangaroo One Tonne Gold Coin
came to New York City
. The colossal coin tips the scales at 1 ton (2,205 lbs) of 99.99% pure gold. Measuring more than 30 inches in diameter and over 5 inches
thick, this gold icon is worth in excess of $45 million. As the biggest, heaviest and inherently most valuable gold bullion coin in the world, it holds the title of the
“largest coin” ever made by Guinness World Records.
Oct2018-Italian Museums
SF set of all five 2013-2018S quarters in case $5
National Park Quarters  PDS .50        
Presidential, Innovators,Native American  D P $1.25
Club medal silver $65, copper or brass $15
205 Nugget Ave. Sparks, NV
by Holiday Inn, across Hwy 80 from
Western Village
Fred Holabird reminds everyone that the club’s large library is housed by him at
3555 Airway Drive #308 (around back as Holabird Americana). Call 851-1859
Dec2018-Ukraine&Crimea pt.1
2010 Reno
3rd 2019 .25 in mail, NA, Innovation dollar here.
Feb2019-150th Coin Press#1
March2018-Bullion Coins
April2018-NCW ApolloXI
May2019-Pacific Exposition medals
June2019-W mint