Reno Cartwheel
June 2010

Next Meeting:
Tuesday, 1st of June 7:30 p.m.

Carrow’s Restaurant
605 N. Wells Avenue
Reno, NV  

June My Favorite Coin
Please bring an old or new favorite coin or set of coins to share with the club.

July Coiner of North-West Territories Mint

At The Last Meeting

Well, I didn’t make it. (I’m struggling with health problems, and my wife is working two jobs to
support the adult children and grandkids (only one adult has a full time job). E-mailed and called board
members, but could not get any info. I also missed AJ’s and Dan Waterman’s show, taking some of
the grandchildren to Disneyland–the reason my wife is working two jobs AND overtime. Hope the
show went well. Glad to be back, see you June 1 with my set of Old Towns of Russia.

Please let one of the board members know of a topic you would like to do or have presented.
Someone in the club knows all.

Early Bird Prize was won by Bob Wagner: Planchette and Union Shield set

Raffle prizes winners were:

Lynn White: 2010 cent set
Mona Heater: 1988 1 dollar bill, special Kennedy/Lincoln set
Leo Rossow: Washoe County Library round,  1978 Kennedy half
Bob Wagner: roll of log cabin pennies
Rick De Avila: 1977 Ike dollar
Craig Chichester: 1995 $1 bill
Ken Hopple: millennium coin
Steve Podhurst:1964 roll Canadian nickels, coin case
Jack Gruhler: 1982 cent set, Gerald ford medal
Andre Azzam: Nevada quarters

Russ Bachtell (not present) won
quarter pot


Paul Williams won 2008 Silver Eagle, donated  by Steve Podhurst for $25.

Donors in memory of Rusty King’s mother:  
Gerald Breedlove, Duke Morin, Ken Hopple,
Roger Edwards, Rick DeAvila, Jou Tchao,
Karen Sanguinetti, Andre Azzam. $130 in all.                

Upcoming Coin Shows

June 29, 2010
ALAMEDA ~ Alameda Coin Club Show,
Alameda High School Gym, Tom Gesner,

July 10-11, 2010
MODESTO ~ Stanislaus County Coin Club,
Modesto Centre Plaza, 10th and K Streets,
Bourse: Mike Tandy, P.O. Box 1672, Modesto
CA 95353 ~ (209) 239-1770.

July 31-Aug.1, 2010
VALLEJO ~ Nor-Cal IX Coin Show, Elk’s
Lodge #559, 2800 Redwood Parkway, Bourse:
Harry Davis, 2900 Georgia, Vallejo, CA 94591
(707) 642-0216,

RCC Officers
Doug Larson…. President……843-0162
Karen Sanguinetti..Vice Pres...857-4508
Ralph Marrone..Treasurer.……882-6741
Shannon Holmes ..Secretary….827-4359
Dan Waterman….Director……747-4380
Ed Waselewski…Director……354-0287
Gerald Breedlove….Director...425-2967
Duke Morin……….Director…856-4935
Paul Williams…ANA Rep...…720-5395
David Elliott........Editor...........815-8625

The RCC Board meets the third Tuesday of the month at the Carrow’s at 7:30PM. All members are
invited to attend.

The Other Coin: Smashed Pennies
Just back from taking the grandkids to Disneyland and other Southern California attractions, and I
have several dozen smashed pennies. I do not know how many other club members collects these
novelties, but I have always found them to be a nice, cheap souvenir.  
The first smashed or elongated coins in the United States were created at the World's Columbian
Exposition in Chicago, Illinois held in 1893. Several designs were issued to commemorate the Fair,
and are available in the elongated coin collecting community today. The biggest website for elongated
coins is Most of us probably smashed pennies on railroad tracks as kids as
The proliferation of smashed pennies extends to our own Nevada State Museum, but the big southern
California attractions have dozens of designs, special albums for the coins, and Disney land smashed
pennies can be found in several places on the net. It is a fun way to collect souvenirs coins.
Numismatically yours, David Elliott.

Rare 1794 Silver Dollar Sets World Record Price at $7.85 Million

(Irvine, California) — The Neil/Carter/Contursi specimen 1794 Flowing Hair silver dollar has been sold
for $7,850,000, setting a new record as the world ‘s most valuable rare coin. The Neil/Carter/
Contursi specimen 1794 Flowing Hair dollar, graded PCGS SP66, has  been sold by Steven L.
Contursi, President of  Rare Coin Wholesalers, to the Cardinal Collection Educational Foundation for a
world’s record $7,850,000.
Graded PCGS Specimen-66, it is the finest known 1794 dollar and believed by several prominent
experts to be the first silver dollar ever struck by the United States Mint.
Contursi used his investment to publicly display the coin in a dozen cities around the country and at
the American Numismatic Association’s headquarters museum. He had a custom-made, four foot tall
wooden exhibit case constructed so it could easily be viewed, and he estimates that tens of thousands
of people saw the coin in person the past six years.
The 1984 Stack’s auction lot description in the Carter Collection sale stated, "It is perfectly
conceivable that this coin was the very first 1794 Silver Dollar struck!"Over the decades, various
numismatic researchers have stated a similar belief including Walter Breen, Jack Collins, John
Dannreuther, David Hall and Logies who is author of the book, The Flowing Hair Silver Dollars of
A total of 1,758 silver dollars were recorded struck on a hand-turned screw press at the Mint in
Philadelphia on October 15, 1794, the only day of production for dollar coins that year. They were
made from silver provided by then Mint Director David Rittenhouse, and intended to replace the
Spanish, English, Dutch and French coins that dominated local commerce and "pocket change" of the
post-Colonial era. Logies estimates there are only about 140 surviving examples, and the
Neil/Carter/Contursi specimen is unique among them.
From 2004 to 2009, the coin was a featured exhibit at the American Numismatic Association’s
Edward C. Rochette Money Museum in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and was displayed at a half
dozen ANA World’s Fair of Money and National Money Show conventions around the country. "For
five years, this spectacular 1794 dollar gave visitors to the ANA Money Museum an opportunity to
view a true historic treasure," said ANA Executive Director Larry Shepherd.

ANA Club Trivia Answers   
1. What is the numismatic relevance of 132 South Eden Street?
Answer: It is the site  of the Baltimore Gold Hoard, found  in 1934.

2. In 1935, President Franklin Roosevelt directed Secretary of the Treasury Henry Morgenthau Jr. to
ask Congress to authorize two new coins. What were the denominations of the coins, and what were
their intended purposes?
Answer: One-half cent and one-tenth of a cent, to replace state issued sales tax tokens.

3. Who is portrayed on the 1891 $50 Silver Certificate and for which historical event was he listed as
the main speaker?
Answer: Edward  Everett; the dedication at Gettysburg (1863).

4. What is the longest one-word name for a coin, and where was the coin used?
Answer: Trihemitetartemorion, issued in Athens in the 5th and 4th centuries BC.

5. What world mint was geographically the northernmost ever established?
Answer: The mint at Kengis, northern Sweden which produced copper plate money.

6. What coins were known as black “dogs”?  
Answer: Black dogs were coins made during the reign of Queen Anne that were made for circulation
in the West Indies. They were made of lead or pewter with a little silver.

7. Which country hand-struck its bullion gold coins in 1990?
Answer: Fiji.

8. Coins from what city and its colonies were nicknamed “colts” in the ancient world?
Answer: Corinth and its colonies.

9. “Tribute pennies” most likely were issued by what country and ruler?
Answer: A tribute penny was a Roman denarius issued by Emperor Tiberius, who ruled during Jesus
Christ's ministry.

11. How many coins were needed to complete  the Panama-Pacific Exposition double coin set  and
what was the original purchase price for the coins and presentation frame?
Answer: 10 coins at a cost of $400.

12. What did Doris Doree and Irene MacDowell have in common?
Answer: They both modeled for the  Standing liberty quarter.

13. On what unit is Macao’s monetary system  based?
Answer: The Pataca (1 Pataca = 100 Avos).

14. Why was a tiny maple leaf placed next to
the date on some 1947 Canadian coins?
Answer: The coins were minted in 1948 with the old obverse die that listed India as part of the British
Empire. India gained its independence in late 1947, and time was  needed to design new dies.

15. Which state quarter portrays an image that is totally not within its state boundary?
Answer: New York. The image is the Statue of Liberty, which is located entirely in the state of New

Bonus Question: Name the youngest person ever elected to the ANA Board of Governors?
How old was he? What year was he elected?
Answer: Robert Hepworth Lloyd, 24 years old, 1930. (He holds the record for longest "continuous"
membership at 83 years, August 1926 - Oct. 2009.