Next Meeting:
Tuesday, 26th of June 7 PM (4th Tuesdays now)                               
Denny’s,205 Nugget Ave.(at East McCarran), Sparks

June 26
Favorite Coin and Bourse

June 29 At the Museum: New Coins

July 24 Something Patriotic Doug Larson

July 27 At the Museum: New Coins

August 28 Counterfeit Coins

The Last Meeting
26 members shared error coins, and we hope to reschedule Dan Trimble later. Stan Pehr will be the presenter in September. Mark Amodei has introduced a bill
for a commemorative dollar for the CC mint
. Thanks Rusty. We are almost done on a coin design with Eva Adams, mint director on one side and moon landing
on other. It’s 50th anniversary of both. We need to find a already made moon design and Eva will appear where Lincoln is on our current coin. We will design an
insert to explain Eva being from NV and Palomino Valley’s role in the moon landing. The museum coin press was running when Laurel and I were there in May.
MN  .
25 with loon ordered June 11th
, so good chance to be here on 26th. Robert got his 1792 half disme whacked by cyclotron. Results so far are “encouraging,” and
another whacking is planned for October. Hope you saw the huge John Paul Jones medal, 1785 American eagle, and the first copper coin minted for America (Rosa
Americana) as oppose to minted in America he brought last time (Higgley copper). Bring up to 5 coins for the bid board now. Don and Betty Maynard donated a
mostly filled penny book that should go to someone’s grankid. Larry gave me some more foreign coins for kids. We will have board meetings before the regular
meeting and vigorously tell people to be quiet so we can conduct business. Contact me with suggestions or topics you would like to see: 815-8625  
I will be gone for the August meeting and there will be no September newsletter as I will be in Europe on long planned Greece and Italy

Early Bird Prize was 1999D mint set won by Con Davis.                                     
Raffle prizes winners were:

Don Stamps: mystery box 2010 roll of .01 & set 3 steel     .01 set, NA $1 set
Bill Naylor: 1998 proof set, 1988 proof set
Ed Scott: 1976 unc. set,
Mary Long: 1990 unc. SetPD
Rick De Avila: .filled 01 album, set NA $1, Indian .01,
2016 Redbook
Rusty King: chocolate coins
Faye Allen: 3 grams of silver
Tom Charleston: set of Presidential $1
Phil Shallit: Liberty medal
Ed Crank: Georgia mint book
Mary Long: 2017 .25 S set, NV .25 set
Ken Hopple: copper club medal
Joe Wozniak: Canadian penny set
Dan Waterman: Early American coin catalogs
Jeff Allen: 1964 Roosevelt .10
Cole Allen: Mercury .10
Laurel Hoggan: 2016 Blue book, Albania coins
David Loder: boxes for slabbed coins


No auctions

Quarter Pot

Judy Thomas (Hawaii member) won quarter pot.                


Upcoming Coin Shows

June 22,23 Concord Coin Show, Clarion Hotel, 1050 Burnett Ave., Admit: $3, Tables: 39, Bill Green 925 351-7605 www.norcalcoins

July 12-14 F.U.N. Show in Orlando Florida 600 dealers, 1500 tables

July 28,29 Fremont Coin Club Show, Elk’s Lodge, 38991Farwell Drive, Admit: FREE, Tables: 45,Vince Lacariere 510 792-1511 www.

August 14-18 ANA World Fair of Money in Philadelphia, 500 dealers

September 15 Northern California Numismatic Association Seminar, Why collect these? at the Vallejo Naval and Historical Museum, 734 Marin www.

RCC Officers

David Elliott….......... President…........…815-8625
Rusty King..............Vice President......... 677-7057
Doug Larson............Past President..........843-0162
Gerald Breedlove........Treasurer..............425-2967
Andre Azzam ..............Secretary….........338-0707
Laurel Hoggan…..........Librarian..........…223-5096
Joe Wozniak.............…Director….......…853-4223
Ken Hopple ....…..........Director..............677-1544
Shannon Holmes...........Director..............827–4359
Paul Williams…..........ANA Rep..............720-5395
David Elliott...................Editor................815-8625

Not the Other Coin: My Favorite Coins
   My original favorite coins were the three Romes: Rome, Byzantium, and Russia. I concentrated on bronze coins that cost $10 or less in the 1960s and tried to get
all the emperors. I am now filling in with copies of the rare emperors and extended my Russian collection to include Eastern Europe before, after, and during their
Soviet period and the Golden Horde and Crimea Tartars. This in turn led to the opponents to Rome, Byzantium, and Russia both pre-Muslim and Muslim, especially
coins of the Silk Road. I inherited and expanded my son’s Chinese coin collection as well. I started collecting Greek coins under $20, usually bronze, but also the
very small 7-11mm silver coins that often had the same designs as the large silver coins that were unaffordable. I first collected the coins of Alexander the Great and
his successors, then a coin from each of the regions in Sear’s
Catalog of Greek Coins, and simply anything that was “cool” that looked good or had a history.  
Sticking to bronze and minor silver for the most part, I soon had a coin of all the successor kings of Alexander’s generals, and a coin from each region. Keeping to an
under $20 idea with a budget of $200 per month or so, I turned to ancient India and European monarchs working my way back from the present to as far back as
$20 would carry me. I especially liked the coins of Italy and Germany pre-union in 1870. Germany also had notgeld coins from the 1920's. Germany in particular has
hundreds of different parts, cities, bishoprics and states. Medieval coins are generally under $20 as well since they are not well cataloged or collected. The exceptions
were Crusader and Papal coins that were collected and cataloged and generally started at $40, which caused me to wait until the last few years to complete a set of
these coins. Strangely I ended up with an almost complete type set of US copper and silver coins of the 18th, 19th, and 20th century to put on display at the museum
thanks to Doug Larson. I am missing the bust, seated, and trade dollars, which are just too pricey in any grade for coins I do not really collect. I also do not collect
African, South American, European colonial coins or the island coins. Had to get many of the Star Trek coins though mostly from Canada and Australia. As I put
together the European collection I made sure I had coins not only of pre and post Soviet Eastern Europe, but coins of WWI and WWII often of odd metals with a
coin of pre, post, and during occupation if available. Part of that is on display at the museums as well. I also put together primitive coins from Europe and China and
coins representing the coinage process of lumps of metal, or cast coins, to hammered, then milled. The cast Roman coin cost $250, one of the most expensive coins
I own.
   In retirement, I have been able to search for missing coins in series, give up and get a copy, or just give up. I still am missing the Byzantine 3 cent or nummi coin,
a few Constantine varieties. I have been able to put together a set of Scottish coins thought to be too pricey and generally cost $60 on up, even when getting a half or
cut silver penny. Star Trek silver rounds are $50 the half ounce or $100 the ounce. Recently, I put together a set of rare Georgian coins thanks to ebay having
Georgian coin dealers on-line, I completed a set of WWII coins of the Soviet Union, both commemorative and circulating and just got a Soviet WWII war bond from
Joel Anderson Coins. I still collect a coin if it is “cool” and under $20.

Numismatically yours, David Elliott

Numismatic Potpourri

Singapore Mint has produced coins for the Trump-Kim Summit with flags and a handshake. On the reverse, each medallion features the inscription "World Peace"
on the reverse with a dove and olive branch. The national flowers of the United States and North Korea, rose and magnolia are also included. Singapore's
commemorative coins, of which only a few thousand pieces have been made, were available from the mint and cost $1,300 for the gold version, $118 for the silver,
and $36 for the base-metal version. The White House gift shop offers a cooler coin for $49 with flags, busts, White House, and Air Force One.

ANA’s World Fair of Money medal features William Penn and brotherly love, since Philadelphia is the only the 2nd highest violent death city, I guess. For the
50th anniversary of silver proof coins, the
US Mint will produce reverse proof coins with frosty fields for $55, July 23. If you missed the palladium sell out last
year with all 15,000 going the first day, this year,
September 6 will be our second chance. The coin has the obverse of a Mercury dime and the reverse of the
walking liberty half dollar without cactus.

he inaugural issue of (JEAN)  Journal of Early American Numismatics will ship to subscribers in early July. It will replace The Colonial Newsletter. 240-page
journal. To subscribe contact Emma Pratte, 212 571- 4470 x117, or US $60.00 (two issues/year). Construction workers
in the UK
have found wads of cash dating back to World War II at a shop that once belonged to a tailor beloved by Winston Churchill
. The face value of the wartime
pot totaled around £30,000 -- the equivalent of about £1.5 million (just over $2 million).
On August 6 the first presidential silver medals of George Washington
and John Adams will be minted
on silver eagle flans with four presidents done every year based on their bronze medals. Perth has ugly Vikings and Tweety Bird
along with their koala bears.

A firm called
Baseball Treasure has created 30 medals, one player from each team. The medals are licensed by Major League Baseball. You can buy a pack of
three one ounce copper medals for $19.99. A six pack is $39.99. A pack of nine is $59.99. You can even buy a case containing 432 packs for $2,999.99. The desire
to get a favorite player is augmented by the possibility of getting a silver or a gold medal instead of a copper one in the packs you buy for a copper price. One star
from each team will be minted and presented on a cardboard mount with the heads side having a portrait with name and position, while the tails will note a highlight
from last season and carry an action pose.

Long Beach auction will include an
1804 dollar minted in 1834 Proof 62. Go get it Robert. Only about half of the WWI sets sold and 35% of the WWI
commemorative coin
, which can still be bought. The individual service coins should have been sold separately. A semi-truck carrying $800,000 in dimes
crashed and spilled its load on Interstate 15 near Glendale
, which is northeast of Las Vegas. Three more Yehud coins have been found as archaeologists sift
through temple mount “trash.” These 7mm silver coins have Judea spelled out in Hebrew, signifying the Persian province of Judea. The coins imitate the Athenian
owl coin.
A Chinese man gave his girlfriend a giant bouquet made of banknotes. The banknotes amounted to 334,000 yuan ($52,300) and were folded into
origami flowers. The arrangement took seven people more than 10 hours to complete.
Evidently, this is a thing. There are lots of banknote bouquets on-line, but not
this big. Now us Scots don't have to waste money on flowers for girlfriends, just give them pretty money.

Canada has a spectacular silver set with gold accent WWI coins again. About $80 each. Canada also has a sabertooth cat in ice, a cast silver maple leaf on their one
ounce gold coin, a heraldic unicorn, a convex 1 kilogram maple leaf silver coin, stylized horned owl, a nice Panda coin, silver remakes of pre-confederation coins, and
the winner is a glow in the dark Niagara Falls with fireworks. Need to see it on-line.

Canada, Britain, and Australia have wedding coins of course.
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