March 2011
The Reno Cartwheel

Next Meeting:

Tuesday, 1st  of March 7:30 PM
Carrow’s Restaurant
605 N. Wells Avenue (Wells and 6th), Reno, NV  

March   Numismatic Trivia
A J. Jacobs will challenge us to a game of Numismatic Trivia. Three teams will compete for a Carrow’s pie.

April  ANA National Coin Week The theme for  88th annual National Coin Week is "Blue, Gray and Greenbacks."
commemorates the American Civil War and the "numismatic changes and innovations during the conflict." I know a lot of you
have Civil War stuff, bring it in.

May Civil War Display?
I’m trying to get Doug Larson to share his Civil War display with us. He’s being coy

June My favorite coin
Bring an old or new favorite coin to share

At The Last Meeting
29 members attended and David Elliott told the tale of Cupid and Psyche as well as had a short slide show of coins of Mars,
Venus, and Cupid.
Ken Hopple has made arrangements for ANA’s Susan MacMillen (719) 482-9850 to take reservations for the Tuesday March
22 super spectacular Carson mint extravaganza starting at 7:30 AM and running all day: Bob Nylen, Curator of History will
discuss the history of the Carson City Mint. Ken Hopple will give a demonstration of the historic Coin Press No. 1. Guy
Rocha, former assistant administrator of the Nevada State Library and Archives, will speak on the history of Nevada. Gene
Hattori, NSM Curator of Anthropology, will speak on the Chinatown gold coins found in Lovelock, Nevada. Free lunch $99 by
credit card or she’ll send invoice. Must be an ANA member.

Early Bird Prize was a 2010 penny roll won by Conn Davis

Raffle prizes winners were:
Jerry Breedlove: 1934S half. 1937S penny
David Elliott: 1919 Newfoundland 50 cents
Rick DeAvila: 1914S penny, 1912 V nickle, 1937D penny
Jack Gruhler: 1913S penny, , 1907 nickle, 1915S penny, quarter album, 1919 Mexican coin
Rusty King: 1910S penny
Ken Hopple:1926 S penny, 1919 Canadian coin
Quince Aninao: Large print Red Book
Bart Daniels: roll of pennies, 1935S nickle
Rudy Prisco: Gem proof set of coins, How to collect coins
I WANT TO THANK EVERYONE WHO DONATES TO THE RAFFLE! (Rusty King donated 22 items and David Elliott
donated some silver certificates for next auctions)
Ed Scott won 1989 silver eagle for $25
Andre Azzam won the Big Red Book for $10
Rudy Prisco got 1848 Large cent for $22
Ralph Doucette (not present) won the quarter pot of about $15
I will  bring all 6 P&D National Park Quarters
$2.50 for 6, $5 for all 12, including Gettysburg.

Upcoming Coin Shows

February 25-26
Lincoln Celebration at the State Museum, Carson City. Lincoln dollars and the other presidents, all the new Lincoln
pennies, and the national park quarters at face or cost will be available along with Doug Larson’s Civil War display. Bob Nylen’
s Lincoln penny lecture, and Ken Hopple at the press minting Lincoln medals–how can you resist?

March 17-19
ANA National Money Show, Sacramento Convention Center. We should car pool.

April 17-23
National Coin Week’s theme is “Blue, Grey & Greenbacks: Money of the Civil War.” I imagine Ken and I will be at the State
Museum in Carson city on Friday 22 and Saturday 23.

May 21-22
AJ and Dan Waterman Lawlor Coin Show. We’re negotiating to co-sponsor it.

RCC Officers
David Elliott…. President….…815-8625
Rusty King..Vice President...... 673-6745
Gerald Breedlove..Treasurer.....425-2967
Andre Azzam ..Secretary…......338-0707
Dan Waterman….Director……747-4380
Ed Waselewski…Director……354-0287
Ken Hopple ....….Director.......677-1544
Paul Williams….Director…....856-4935
Paul Williams….ANA Rep...…720-5395
David Elliott........Editor...........815-8625,

The RCC Board meets the third Tuesday of the month at Carrow’s at 7:30PM. Everyone is invited to attend. We are working
to get the website fixed.

Paul Williams has agreed to fill Duke Morin’s last year as a director. Thanks Paul.
The Other Coin: Going Internet
The Reno Coin Club is going on line. The website is up and running and will be updated monthly. Eventually many more
photos will be added. Please e-mail or mail me any photos to add. The newsletter is on Facebook under Cartwheel. there are all
last years Cartwheels in full and most of my articles back to 2007. Paul Williams will be bringing me his and Dan Waterman’s
Cartwheels, which will be added on Facebook as Cartwheel Archives. It will be possible, but time consuming to transfer to
html, but someday. In reverse order on Facebook “Cartwheel” (meaning the first article on the list is on the bottom of last

Jewish Coins: Jewish Kingdom
Jewish Coins, pt 2 to the second Revolt
Coins of Syracuse
A Roman Cast Bronze
Biblical Related Coins
The “Phoenician” god Bes
Greek and Roman Origins on Valentine ‘s Day
Coins of the Crusaders
Ancient Gold Coins
Armenia: First Among Nations
Chinese Coins
Paper money
Ancient Coins of India
Christmas Tales: Herod Philip and the 4 Wiseman
Ancient Rome’s New year’s Traditions
Changing Image of Christ as Influenced by Byzantine Coins
National Coin Week at the State Museum
Atlantis, Europa, and the First Coins of Europe
My Favorite Coins: How I started Collecting Ancients
The Coins of Lost Christianities
Sogdiana: History through Coins
Atlantis, Europa, and the First Coins of Europe (yes, twice)
Ancient India, part 2
Ancient India, part 3
English Coins
Minting the Reno Coin Club 25th Anniversary Medal
National Coin Week 2010
Smashed Pennies
A cigar box of coins
Coins of Bulgaria: From Ancient to modern
Coins of Syracuse (yes, twice)
A Brief History of the Cast Coins from Olbia to Cherson
Monstrous Coins: Monsters on Greek and Roman Coins
Christmas coins: the 4 Wiseman and Biblical Coins
Two Roman Quinari

February 2011 issues and later will be on Facebook under Reno Coin Club.

In addition I have placed on Youtube under the main heading of ancient coins, the slide shows I have done:

Constantine Part 1: An excerpt from Constantine and the Cross with Cornel Wilde
Constantine Part 2: The Bronze coins of Constantine in a slide show
The lecture was designed for college student doing Roman history to read the coins as the newspaper of the day and ask what
Constantine was up to religiously and politically.
Coins of India: Survey of Indian history in coins
Eros and Psyche: Greek and Roman coins featuring Venus, Mars, and Cupid
I told the Eros and Psyche tale with emphasis on the importance for the Renaissance, Christian mysticism, modern
psychology, and as the Greek and Roman John 3:16. Notes if you want them.
Coins of Armenia: From Tigranes, through Roman times to the present.
Atlantis, Europa and the First Coins of Europe
Recreation of the “floods” Mediterranean, Black Sea, and Mount Thera, (Which was Noa'hs?) followed by a large collection of
Europa coins from ancient to modern times, coins of Croesus, the Aegina turtle and Athens owl.
Tiny Coins: A collection of the smallest Greek and Roman coins, Indian fanams, ending with the smallest value coins and
paper money from inflation.
Russian Civil War Currency
Jesus Coins
: the Byzantine coins with Jesus on them.
Bactrian Coins: A short clip from the history channels discovery of the Eukatides huge gold going, golden treasures of
Bactria, and my collection of mostly bronze Bactrian coins.
Bulgarian Coins: from Greek to modern coins of Bulgaria with special emphasis on the medieval kingdoms.

I have also placed the Cupid and Psyche slide show on the Facebook Reno Coin Club with the February issue of the
Cartwheel. All the pictures from the articles and Cartwheel are loaded above or near the Cartwheel in living color and
enlargeable. Facebook allows me to add my notes to the slide shows, Fqacebook does not, but it seems to be harder to load
films to Facebook. I will try again. It is also theoretically possible to put films on our website, but I haven’t learned to do that.
Next I will be getting the Redfield material on Facebook, so there will be room for everyone to share any Redfield stories. You
can remain anonymous if you so desire. Facebook allows you to comment on everything and can easily act as a blog. I will
also be putting buttons on the website pages, since I now know how to do that. I want to scan the Reno Life article on
Redfield into the Redfield site. Anyone know anybody there?
Numismatically yours, David Elliott

2011 Presidential  and National Park Coins
The designs for the 2011 Presidential dollars and National Park quarters are circulating.

Andrew Johnson, Ulysses Grant, Rutherford B Hayes and James Garfield give us an impeached president, a drunk, and an
assassinated president. Rutherford just has a funny name. Three of them are good looking bearded guys though. none of them
are on schedule to be minted and the new Sacagawea dollar hasn’t been placed on the direct free ship list yet either.
I got my bronze wives set for 201 a couple weeks ago. Very nice coin for $4-5 a piece, but no one else has mentioned there
are collecting them.

National park quarters are getting even nicer. We are getting Civil War memorials from Gettysburg and Vicksburg, another
buffalo coin from Glacier. I already have the Gettysburg quarter and will bring them to the March 1st meeting along with two
display boards.

Rediscover Gold,the ANA Sacramento National Money Show, March 17-19

In 1999, the ANA National Money Show in Sacramento set the standard for ANA spring conventions, attracting nearly 10,000
visitors in three days. The 2011 show should be even better with the ANA's signature Museum Showcase, featuring exhibits
from the ANA Edward C. Rochette Money Museum and rarities from private collections. With more than 500 of the country's
best coin dealers, a wide array of educational programs, family activities, plus special exhibits from ANA members and the
United States Mint, there's something for everyone - regardless of their collecting experience or interests.
The Idler/Bebee Type III Specimen 1804 Dollar, dubbed “The King of U.S. Coins.” There are three classes of 1804 dollars,
depending on when they were struck. Type I specimens were struck in 1834-5 as diplomatic gifts (8 known). The type II
(unique) and III specimens (6 known) were struck during the 1850s for collectors.
“Money of the Gold Rush,” displayed courtesy of Holabird-Kagin Americana, explores how gold developed in the Old West
from dust to gold exchange notes and includes a recently discovered 100-ounce gold nugget – the largest verifiable California
nugget in existence.
“Presidential Time Capsules” displays the autograph of every United States President from Washington to Carter, together
with vintage coins that circulated during their administrations.
"California National Bank Notes" includes a wide selection of paper money from 1863-1935, including notes issued from
National Banks in Sacramento, Long Beach, San Francisco and Los Angeles.
The McDermott/Bebee Specimen 1913 Liberty Head V” Nickel, one of five known. Struck under mysterious
circumstances at the Philadelphia Mint, the nickels became famous nationwide in the 1930s by legendary Fort Worth coin
dealer, B. Max Mehl, who widely advertised to buy them for $50 each.
The Reno Cartwheel
A Reno Coin Club Poem
by Glenn

It only costs $15 dollars to join this club,
Better than going to a pub.
If you go out and buy a coin today,
Maybe your health will be A-OK!
So buy, sell, and trade a coin,
Remember it only costs $15 to join!!!