2010 Reno Cartwheels
Next Meeting:
Tuesday, 3rd of March 7 PM (NEW TIME)
Carrow’s Restaurant 605 N. Wells Avenue (Wells and 6th), Reno, NV

February 27: Coin Exchange at the NV State Museum: Ken Hopple and I will be running the old coin press (Ichthyosaurus medal)  and have the new coins
(Truman $1) at the mueum

March: Comstock Mines: NV Ideas in Silver Clay Mitchell

April: The Medals of the Panama Pacific International Exposition 1915 Jeff Shevlin

April 18, 24, 25: National Coin Week We will be at NW Library on the 18th and State Museum on 24th, 25th with displays and lectures.

The Last Meeting
25 attended the Doug Larson’s display of presidential inaugural medals. I have the Truman dollar in hand and the Homestead .25 will be ordered February 24. The
NA dollar comes out March 19.   We ordered 50 Aces baseball tickets for Monday July 6 at 7:05PM in section 102 on the third base line, under the eave, so no
wind, sun or rain. You save a dollar at $15 each. Please by them early. We are thinking about moving to 160 West Plumb St., Hamdog Restaurant:. Full bar, larger
room, TV, menu is above and beyond hamburgers and hotdogs, it is also quieter with a separate room. Check it out and let us know what you think.  Please come
after 6:30PM if you are not.


Early Bird Prize was Civil War copper round won by Clay Mitchell

Raffle prizes winners were:
Bart Daniel: mystery box 1974 S slabbed Ike & penny planchettes, set Thai coins, RCC copper round  
Rob Rodriguez: 1971D unc Ike, Nv State .25 unc.P,
Rick DeAvila: 1900 Morgan $1, 3 steel pennies, 2013S .25 set                                
Homestead .25 soon, Truman $1 here, 2015 NA March
Clay Thomas: unc. 1976 .50, RCC club medal, air force copper round
Clayton Brownell: 2014S .25 set
Ed Scott: foreign coins
David Elliott: dinosaur copper round
Laurel Hogan: Old & New buffalos
Ed Cranch: NY state colored quarter
Gerald Breedlove: dated buffalo .05
Ken Hopple: chocolate coins
Danny Clifton: 50 Peso Mexico and 10 peso Peru

No auctions
 Quarter Pot
Mke Murph (not present) won the quarter. About $5.


Upcoming Coin Shows

February 27, Coin Exchange at NV State Museum, 600 N. Carson St., Admit:$8, under 17 free. Ken will be making the Ichthyosaurus medal, I’ll have the
Truman dollar. Please join us.

March 1, Livermore Coin Club Show, Elk’s Lodge, 940 Larkspur, Admit :FREE, Tables: 32, 925 980-9307  stamp_man99@yahoo.com

March 5-7, ANA National Money Show, Oregon Convention Center, 777 NE Martin Luther king Blvd., Portland, Admit:$6,Tables: 100s, 800 367-9723  
www.NationalMoney Show.com

March 7, Visalia Coin Club Show, Sons of Italy Hall, 4211 W, Goshen Ave., Admit: FREE, 559 738-8128  dandrealeolola@yahoo.com

April 3-5, West Token’s Jamboree, Clarion Inn, 1401 Arden Way, Sacramento Admit:?,Tables: 25, Merle Avila, 707 585-3711AM  merle@avilaarchitects.com
April 3-4, Sacramento Coin Show, Clarion Inn, 1401 Arden Way, Admit:$3,Tables: 66, Peter McIntosh, 916 317-9055  mcintoshcoin@yahoo.com

RCC Officers
David Elliott….......... President….......…815-8625
Rusty King..............Vice President......... 677-7057
Doug Larson............Past President..........843-0162
Gerald Breedlove........Treasurer..............425-2967
Andre Azzam ..............Secretary….........338-0707
Paul Williams…..........Director….......…720-5395
Joe Wozniak.............…Director…......…853-4223
Ken Hopple ....…..........Director..............677-1544
Shannon Holmes...........Director..............827–4359
Paul Williams…..........ANA Rep.............720-5395
David Elliott...................Editor................815-8625

datbbelliotts@prodigy.net  www.renocoinclub.org

The RCC Board meets the 1st  Tuesday of the month at Carrow’s at
6 PM (NEW TIME). Everyone is invited to attend Please come after 6:30PM if not attending
the board meeting
. We're all old (mostly) and can't hear each other in a room full of people.

The Other Coin: A Richard III Penny
I finally got a Richard III penny, tougher than a 1909S VBD to get. OK it’s a half a one, but a whole one costs thousands, usually around $5,0000 and even a half a
one cost $400-800, so I reluctantly waited 20 some years for a beat up half a one, appearing on e-bay England from a reputable dealer.

The $3-4,000 one above shows better the key and T mint marks unique to Richard III, minted by the Archbishop of York. R3's coins are rare as he ruled only
from 1483-1485 after killing his nephews. He was the last medieval Plantagenet king made famous as one of Shakespeare’s greatest villains. His body was found
recently under a parking lot and is to be re- interred at the end of the month.
English coinage began with Celtic imitations of Philip II (father of Alexander the Great) coins and have the Picasso-like quality of most Celtic coins.

The Roman invasion of England began with Julius Caesar, and Roman troops often carried much earlier Roman coins from as far as the Near East. Claudius was
the first emperor to specifically mint coins commemorating his conquering of Britain followed by Hadrian, Antonius Pius, Commodus, Septimus Severus, Caracalla,
and Geta.

Domitianus Domitainus declared himself ruler of England for a few weeks around 270 AD before he was executed for treason. A lucky metal detectorist found a
second coin of his recently confirming he existed. Carausius (286-293) was more successful declaring himself an independent ruler of Britain and set up his own
mints, his treasurer Allectus murdered him, ruling until 296 AD when he too was defeated by Constantius, faher of Constantine the Great. Carausius and Allectus
are often considered the first kings of England and their coins are easy to come by. Constantius Chlorus minted official Roman coins in England. The London mint
continued until Magnus Maximus in the late 4th century.

           Carausius with Pax                                                                                                              
                                                                                                                                                       Constantine/Mars London mint (PLN)
             Allectus with galley                                                               pecunia Londonium

The Goths overran Britain, at least the eastern half in the 6th century and minted coins imitating both Roman and Celtic coins. Independent Anglish kings and
bishops in York and Canterbury also minted coins. Anglish or later “English” kings continued minting coins with crosses, crude heads and Latin titles until the
Norman invasion of 1066. Silver coinage predominates with some gold. Small change was created by halving or quartering silver coins.

Eadbald of Kent                                                                                               Eric (Viking)
620-625 AD                                                                                                    943-952 AD

English coinage since the Normans was dominated by the silver penny with crude portrait, title, cross and mint on reverse. The silver penny, 4 penny groat, and
half penny with some occasional gold with different designs make up English coinage until Elizabeth I.

Under Queen Elizabeth(1558-1603) the screw press was introduced and James the First(1603-1625) intro-duced copper coinage minted by private contractors.
England also began minting colonial coins for America in the 18th century and many of their colonies around the world including India, Africa, and Hong Kong.
The British monarch still adorns numerous nations such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Bermuda. The royal mint has long minted coins for more than a
hundred foreign countries as well as England’s own colonies. British commemoratives, bullion coins, along with colonial and foreign coin production make the
Royal mint the largest and most varied mint in the world.

Numismatically yours, David Elliott

Numismatic Potpourri
Two large gold coin finds this week, The largest was 1000s of Fatimid coins off the coast of Israel from the late 909-1171AD. Lost tax or military payroll, or
even lost Crusader loot.

A smaller, but more valuable hoard of 5,000 coins was found by metal detectorist in England.
Anglo-Saxon gold and silver coins of  Ethelred the Unready (978-
1016) and Cnut (1016-1035) worth over $2 million.

Likely to appear next year are
2016-dated gold coins to commemorate the 100th anniversaries of the 1916 Walking Liberty half-dollar, the 1916 Standing
Liberty quarter, and the 1916 Mercury dime
. The Kennedy gold half sold so well they are going to try these too.

winning designs for a new Liberty and Eagle for the
high relief gold and silver coins to be minted in 2015  are:

The Perth Mint of Australia just released
Star Trek Coins, a series that will include the captain and ship of each Star Trek series. At $80 a piece I am going to
have to decline, but it’s hard.

World Coin News Coin of the Year went to this Austrian Coin:

Wells Fargo History Museum Robbed of its Gold Nuggets in San Francisco
Thieves in an SUV smashed through the glass doors of the Wells Fargo History Museum in downtown San Francisco and made off with gold nuggets dating back
to California’s Gold Rush that were on display. One man held a security guard at gunpoint while two others took items from a display case. Officials The 'crash-
and-grab' job occurred at 2:30 a.m. The suspects reportedly ditched the SUV and fled in a silver car. The museum was closed three weeks for repairs following the
Jan. 27 gold heist. Now, banners are posted encouraging people to "party like it's 1915," in reference to the museum's new exhibit celebrating the 100th anniversary
of the 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition and Wells Fargo's role in it. The exposition showcased silent movies, electrical gadgets, coast-to-coast phone
calls and other innovations of the day. More importantly, the 1915 exposition showcased San Francisco's comeback."A century ago, San Francisco rose from the
rubble of the 1906 earthquake and fires to stake its claim as a city on the move," Wells Fargo said. "The forum was the 1915 Panama-Pacific International
Exposition — a world's fair celebrating not only the city's rebirth but also completion of the Panama Canal the year before." The gold nuggets worth an estimated
$10,000 that were stolen last month remained missing when the museum reopened. said the nuggets have not been recovered and no arrests have been made.

Comstock’s Mines Sesquicentennial medal:
Fred Holabird reminds everyone that the club’s large library is housed by
him at 3555 Airway Drive #308 (around back as Holabird Americana).
Call 852-8822
SF set of all five 2013, 2014 quarters in case $5
National Park Quarters  PDS .50        
Presidential, Native American  D P $1.25
(Domitianus, I’m not even
trying to get a half a one)