Reno Cartwheel
May 2011

Next Meeting:

Tuesday, 3rd  of May 7:30 PM
Carrow’s Restaurant
605 N. Wells Avenue
(Wells and 6th), Reno, NV  

May Fred Holabird Live!
Fred Holabird of Holabird-Kagin Americana will present highlights from his last 2 auctions including the 100 ounce gold nugget
found last year in California. He will also share his expertise on what is going on with the price of gold. New dollars including the
new Sacagawea dollar will be available at face value and the National Park quarters will be available at 6 for $2.50 including the
Glacier Park quarter. We will also be answering the ANA National Coin Week club Challenge Trivia questions(below).

June My favorite coin
Bring an old or new favorite coin to share

July Coins of Cyprus
Coins of Cyprus of 7th century BC to present.

At The Last Meeting
34 members attended and Rusty King presented David Elliott with June Black Life Member #11 award. He got me as he talked
about giving it to Duke Morin all month. Thanks everyone. David Elliott presented the ANA National Coin Week material on Civil
War Coinage. Paper became legal tender for the first time, war bond became the way to pay for wars, cheap bronze replaced
copper, nickel replaced silver, and In God We Trust was placed on coins among the numerous other changes the War brought to
our currency. The Trivia contest below was passed out to all  members present. We will pool our answer and try to win a Stone
Mountain Commemorative half dollarfrom the ANA.  

Early Bird Prize was a Lewis and Clark first day issue cover and nickel won by Bob Wagner

Raffle prizes winners were:
Rick DeAvilla: Carson city mint Bag
Ed Waselewski:1891 dime
Jerry Breedlove: 1857 3 cents
Bart Daniels:Proof set 1977, 2004 nickel 1st day of issue
Ken Hopple: 1986 half
Rusty King: $1 silver certificate
Karen Sanguinetti: 1937 nickel
Jack Gruhler: 2006 nickel, 1900 nickel, 1972 Colorado medal
Glen Fruehan V nickel


A 1963 half donated by Paul Williams was won by Rick deAvilla
1936 half donated by Paul Williams was won by Jerry Breedlove
1991 Silver eagle donated by Larry Demangate was won by Paul Williams

Someone (not present) won the quarter pot of about $25

Upcoming Coin Shows

May 1
Vallejo Numismatic Society
39th Annual Show, 420 Admiral Callaghan Lane; Harry Davis 707 642-0216; e-mail

May 6-7
Sacramento Valley Coin Club Show
, Friday May 6 10-6PM and Saturday May 7, 9AM-4PM, The Dante Club, 2330 Fair Oaks
Blvd., Admission $2, under 18 Free Info:916 996-8144,

May 14-15
Downtown Coin Club Annual Show, Carson City
, Admission $2, Carson City Nugget, 10-5 Saturday, 10-4 Sunday. Dan
Wilson 883-4653,

May 21-22
AJ and Dan Waterman, Lawlor Events Center Western Americana and Coin Show. This year’s show is May 21, 10-5 and
22,10 AM to 3 PM Sunday. Lawlor Events is on the north end of the University of Nevada, Reno on N. Virginia St.  25 dealers,
free appraisals. $2 admission for all day. Reno Coin Club Members are free with badge.
We need ticket takers and club table volunteers.

RCC Officers
David Elliott…. President….…815-8625
Rusty King..Vice President...... 673-6745
Gerald Breedlove..Treasurer.....425-2967
Andre Azzam ..Secretary…......338-0707
Dan Waterman….Director……747-4380
Ed Waselewski…Director……354-0287
Ken Hopple ....….Director.......677-1544
Paul Williams….Director…....720-5395
Paul Williams….ANA Rep.....720-5395
David Elliott........Editor...........815-8625,

The RCC Board meets the third Tuesday of the month at Carrow’s at 7:30PM. Everyone is invited to attend.

 The Other Coin: Copper Bullion?

The recent acquisition of an Antonius Pius copper drachma of 33mm and 20.3g of Alexandria, Egypt, brought to mind several
other attempts to make pennies and nickels worth their weight in copper. It is unclear if the double thick chalkoi of 4th century
Thrace were an attempt to do this, but there is no doubt that copper and gold rich Egypt under the Ptolemies made huge copper
coins to serve as equivalents to their silver counterparts. Coins of 46mm and 90.1g are fairly common and it is speculated that
there were coins weighing as much as 96g—a octodrachma worth of copper, probably measuring around 50mm. My 33mm, 33.93
g Ptolemy IV coin would be worth about the value of the Ptolemy I half drachma ( 15mm, 2.3g), one of the earliest coins to
portray Alexander the Great. Similarly, the Emperor Antonius Pius (138-161AD) copper drachma was worth about the same as a
silver quinarius, 1.9g, 14mm.

Antonius Pius drachma, Roman quinarius  

Ptolemy half drachma in copper and silver. Silver coin enlarged: Alexander in elephant headdress.

The 18th and 19th century found several more attempts to monetize copper by weight. Empresses Elizabeth and Catherine the
Great created a 5 kopeck piece created a 42mm, 51g copper coin. Following their lead the US created the large cent of about
29mm and 10.89g, making the half dime of 15.5mm  and 1.24 grams the silver equivalent. That is 54.45 grams of copper equaled
1.24 grams of silver. The British under William IV(1830-1837) created the “cartwheel” penny of 34mm and 18.85 grams to equate
with the silver penny of 11mm and .5 grams.  

Empress Elizabeth’s copper
and silver 5 kopecks.

5 US large cents equaled
the tiny half dime.

The winner of the copper bullion sweepstakes is Sweden. Silver poor and copper rich, Sweden created “plate money” from 1664
to 1776 weighing up to 44 pounds and measuring 13 by 15 inches. The coins were issues in the giant 10 daler size equal to about
3.3 silver dollars and also the ¼, ½, 1, 2, and 4 daler plates. So unpopular were this monstrosities that not even bank robbers
would haul them off.

Numismatically yours, David Elliott
Same half daler with encased Euro coin
about the size of a quarter

Newest Coins of 2011:

US Mint Sales: American Eagle Bullion Coins Take Lead
American Eagle bullion coins took center stage in the latest batch of US Mint sales figures. Their week-over-week sales levels
improved for all but one offering.
"Seventeen US Mint numismatic products also outperformed their prior weekly gains, but the general sales trend for most collector
coins and sets was down. Several were actually yanked back, registering lower totals than a week ago.
The one-quarter ounce American Gold Eagle remained unchanged at 38,000 for the year. It was the only American Eagle bullion
coin which failed to rally higher. American Silver Eagles were coveted the most. They enjoyed a weekly US Mint sales increase of
697,500 against the previous 652,500. More impressively, their year-to-date sales topped the 12 million milestone.

2011 National Coin Week Club Trivia Challenge

1.What is the legend (text) surrounding the design on the reverse of the Jos. H. Merriam Die Sinker Civil War token?        
2.What is the smallest denomination of paper money produced by the Confederate States of America?
3. In which state was the first issue of Confederate States of America paper money printed and what was its denomination?
4.List ten Union generals and admirals who have been portrayed on United States paper money
5.What united States Mints did the Confederacy capture during the Civil War?
6.What was the name given to merchants who catered to soldiers in the field or at posts during the war?
7.Which of the slogans were NOT considered to be put on the 1864 two cent piece?
 A. God Our Trust B. God and Our Country C. Our God and Our Country D. God and union E. In God We Trust
8. What was the first regular issue Federal Currency to display the American eagle?
9. The 1925 Stone mountain half dollar was issued to commemorate and raise money for Georgia’s Stone mountain bas-relief
memorial. Which US President’s likeness was considered (and ultimately declined) for the coin’s obverse?
10. What private Colorado company, famous for its production of gold coins, was purchased by the US government in 1863?
11. What prestigious military decoration was created early in 1861?
12. Three types of United States currency were produced that bore interest, and two were produced during the Civil War. Name
13. Not including restrikes, how many Confederate States of America half dollar coins were minted?
14. What money was found in President Lincoln’s pocket when he was assassinated?
15. One month before the end of the war in 1865, Confederate Major Sidney Alroy Jones penned a poem some say was written on
the back of a Confederate $500 note. The poem became a symbol of the “Lost Cause” movement, and was featured , along with
several Confederate notes, on plaques. What was the name of this famous poem?