April2011-1st Spouses in Bronze
Ancient Coins in US History,
In God We Trust
March2011-Cartwheel Goes Digital
2010 Reno Cartwheels
Feb2011- Cupid & Psyche
Jan2011-2 Roman Quinarii
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May 2011: Copper Bullion?
July2011-Coins of Cyprus
August 2011-Coins of
Alexander the Great
Next Meeting:
Tuesday, 26th of Mayl 7 PM (4th Tuesdays now)
Denny’s,205 Nugget Ave.(at East McCarran), Sparks

May 26 Coins of Constantine David Elliott

June 23 My Favorite Coin and Bourse Bring your favorite coin to share and any coins your ready to sell.  

July 6 7:05 PM RCC at Aces Baseball Buy your tickets now from the Treasurer Jerry Breedlove for only $15, under the eave in the shade.

The Last Meeting
25 members attended the hastily arranged meeting at Lakeside Bar and Grill to hear Jeff Shevlin detailed the coinage of the 1915 Panama Pacific Exposition in San
Francisco. We got to use are new club projector and 100 foot screen. He and a colleague are writing a book on the subject of all the West Coast Expositions and he
had a 100 year commemorative medals of the 1915 Exposition to sell that he had made. The food and staff at the bar were wonderful and we thank them for
accepting us at short notice, but it was dark and noisy as many called me to note, so
thanks to Larry Demangate we will be moving to Denny’s, 205 Nugget
, an actual meeting room! (See flier). 75 people, about half kids, attended the inaugural NW Library Coin Week celebration of National Coin Week
Thanks Laurel) that continued the following Friday and Saturday at the State Museum. The Eisenhower dollar and Louisiana wild turkey quarter are here
along with the NA Mohawk dollar. We ordered 50
Aces baseball tickets for Monday July 6 at 7:05PM in section 102 on the third base line, under the eave, so
no wind, sun or rain. You save a dollar at $15 each. Please buy them early.
Paul Williams came back from the ANA show in Portland with a lot of great raffle
. The board meeting will be at Lakeside Bar and Grill 6PM, May 5. Please join us.


Early Bird Prize was Civil War copper round won by Kirk Yaeger.

Raffle prizes winners were:                                                                       Louisiana .25 and Eisenhower NA $1 are here.                                     
Kirk Yaeger: 50 Peso Mexico and 10 peso Peru, set of Roosevelt, Truman $1,
baseball tickets, RCC medal, 2 French coins
Ken Hopple: chocolate coins
Milton Angel: 1971 proof set, old blue and red books, set UAE coins
David Elliott: Bower’s Coin book
Claude Sendon: copper round
Joe Wozniak:
mystery box  PCGS 1994S .05 & penny planchettes
Rick DeAvila:.05 collection gold and platinum plated, bag of wheaties,
Barber .05, .05 set
Andre Azzam: dinosaur copper round
Robert Rodriguez: Navy copper round, unc. 1971D Ike
Don Stamps: RCC brass medal
Danny Rossow: , US mint bag
Ed Cranch: Presentation wooden box

(OK, I’m missing 5 or 6 prizes, remember to tel Andre what you won.)

                       No Auctions

                         Quarter Pot
Bill Amunson (not present) won the quarter. About $11.

I WANT TO THANK EVERYONE WHO DONATES TO THE RAFFLE! (Especially Paul williams and Laurel Hoggan)

Upcoming Coin Shows

May 1-2, Sacramento Coin Club Show, Four Points Sheraton Hotel, 4900 Duckhorn Dr., Admit: $3, Tables: 50, Bob Shanks, 916 204-5168, www.sacvalcc.org

May 17, Vallejo Numismatic Society Show, Florence Douglas Senior Center, 333 Amador, Admit: FREE, Tables: 40+, Ed Hoffmark, 707 642-8754, www.
solanocoinclub.com Paper4Coin@yahoo.com

May 29-31, Las Vegas Coin, Jewelry,Stamp Show, Orleans Hotel, Admit: ?, Tables: ?, Israel Bick, 818 9976496, iibick@sbcglobal.net     

June 4-6, Long Beach Coin Show, Long Beach Convention Center,100 S. Pine Ave.Admit:$8, Tables:huge, T Warrecker, 805 680-0294, www.longbeachexpo.

June 26-27, Concord Coin Show, Clarion Hotel, 1050 Burnett Ave., Admit:$3, Tables:39, Bill Green,925 351- 7605, norcalcoinshows.com  

RCC Officers
David Elliott….......... President….......…815-8625
Rusty King..............Vice President......... 677-7057
Doug Larson............Past President..........843-0162
Gerald Breedlove........Treasurer..............425-2967
Andre Azzam ..............Secretary….........338-0707
Paul Williams…..........Director….......…720-5395
Joe Wozniak.............…Director…......…853-4223
Ken Hopple ....…..........Director..............677-1544
Shannon Holmes...........Director..............827–4359
Paul Williams…..........ANA Rep.............720-5395
David Elliott...................Editor................815-8625

datbbelliotts@prodigy.net  www.renocoinclub.org

The Other Coin: Shapur I and Sparadokos

I scored a coin of Shapur I, 242-272 AD, the second Sassanian King of Persia continued his father’s wars with Rome. In 256 he took advantage of the internal
chaos within the Roman Empire and invaded Syria, Anatolia, and Armenia; he sacked Antioch but was repulsed by the emperor Valerian. In 260, however, Shapur
not only defeated Valerian at Edessa, but captured him and kept him a prisoner for the rest of his life. The capture of Valerian was a favorite subject of Sasanian
rock carvings. The captives from Antioch were forced to build the city of Gondashapur, later famous as a center of learning. Using the same captives, who

excelled the Persians in technical skill, he built the dam at Shushtar. Shapur styled himself “king of kings of Iran and non-Iran”—that is, of non-Persian territories
as well. He appears to have tried to find a religion suitable for all of the empire, showing marked favor to Manichaeism. He also founded Zoroastrian fire temples
and sought to broaden the base of the newly revived Zoroastrian religion. His coin above shows him with an elaborate crown and hairdo, and on the reverse a
Zoroastrian fire altar with 2 attendants.
The Odrysian kingdom of Thrace emerged at the end of the 6th or the beginning of the 5th century BC. Athenian historian Thucydides reports that their kingdom
was the biggest and the most powerful one in Europe between the Adriatic and the Black Seas. Herodotus writes about the Thracians that they would have been
unbeatable if they had been united. According to their oral Orphic faith, the ruler was the son of the Great Mother-Goddess and of her son- the Sun. Power in the
dynastic families was conferred according to the ancient rule of the best among equals reaching the top, creating a neverending scamble for the throne and power.
Teres I (c. 540 – 448 BC) was not the first dynast, but he was the most powerful recorded, and he built a kingdom over most of the lands to the south of the
Istros (Danube) River. Teres I had sons, two of whom ruled after him: Sparadokos and Sitalkes. There is indirect evidence that Sparadokos reigned after the death
of Teres I and before Sitalkes and may have been a co-ruler with his father. Sparadokos was the first to strike silver coins, reigning from c. 464-444 BC. The
diobol is only 10mm, a penny is 19mm. Note the detail of the horse and eagle with snake in its mouth and even the Greek lettering. I love these little coins.

Numismatic Potpourri
A spectacular commemorative for Doolittle ‘s raid was issued in gold for the 4 surviving airmen and also in 3" bronze for $40 and 1" for $7. The 3" appears
sold already.

The other big news is 2 dimes being minted in a special set with a proof march of dimes commemorative.
Only 75, 000 of the proof silver W dime and reverse
proof P silver dime are to be minted
. Scheduled for release May 4th, if you want these new instant rarities call or go on line at 9AM. $62.The good guys won a
couple. Little more than a week after a federal judge in California sided against the Federal Government in its efforts to seize an experimental
1974-D aluminum
cent pattern coin
, the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit dealt a blow to the government’s case that it had the right to seize 10 1933 double
 $20 gold coins belonging to the Langbord family. Tommy Thompson of SS Central America fame had enough money to hire great lawyers that got him a
plea deal of giving up the ½ million he was found with and fully and honestly list his assets, so that the investors can finally get their fair share of the treasure.
come when you steal a lot of money and get caught all you have to do is give some of it back?
Zimbabwe is trying a second time to issue coins and currency after
its own currency was driven from the market due to inflation. $50 million was deposited in South African banks as surety for the same amount of coinage called
bond coinage due to the surety bond. The coinage is not being accepted as no one trusts the government.

Along the same lines,
Goldman Sachs wrote in a research note that the world has about 20 years of minable reserves of gold, diamonds and zinc and only
about 40 years of reserves left of platinum, copper, and nickel.
Like over population and global warming these predictions are made every decade or two, but as
we know from the recent oil glut, reserves will rise and demand lower every time prices rise. We are not running out of food or water (CA refuses to build dams,
water pipelines, or desalination plants).
It looks like the penny is heading to become copper plated steel and the nickel, nickel plated steel. Several countries
do that now. The Queens Maundy service coins include 1, 2, 3, 4, pence silver coins as well as coins featuring Churchill and the Battle of Britain. They were
awarded to seniors for their service to others in 89 pence bags for the Queen’s 89th birthday.

Steve Atwood of Florida found five new
doubled-die reverse varieties of the recently released 2015-P Homestead (Nebraska) America the Beautiful quarters.
At least one of the varieties falls into the category of major while a second variety can be classified as borderline-major, strong enough to find its way into the
Cherrypickers’ Guide To Rare Die Varieties by Bill Fivaz and J.T. Stanton. The doubling on his top two finds involves the water pump located in the foreground of
the design superimposed over the Freeman schoolhouse. The doubling of the strongest variety shows as an extra, fully separated, upper curve of the pump handle
wide northeast within the frame of a window in the school house. Atwood’s 2nd best find also involves a portion of the upper pump handle doubled up to the north-
west but not as separated as the more major variety.
First person that asks may go through the bag of Ps I have. Canada has a real nice set of coins with
colored song birds
, it won’t show up well here, so see it on line.

Russia will complete its 41 coin set commemorating every town that participated in WWII along with 18 coin set of memorials. I will bring the 2nd in.
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