Next Meeting:
Tuesday, 22nd of May 7 PM (4th Tuesdays now)                               
Denny’s,205 Nugget Ave.(at East McCarran), Sparks

May 22
Error Coins Dan Trimble

May 25
At the Museum: New Coins

June 26 Favorite Coin and Bourse

The Last Meeting
33 members got to see 20+ significant varieties of Morgan dollars including a spitting eagle, all visible to the naked eye. Rusty offered some additional designs for our
medal including a moon landing connection to Nevada. The Apollo booster rocket was developed in Palomino Valley. There is a nice article at https://www.usatoday.
We are working on a coin design commemorating Eva
Adams, mint director on one side and moon landing on other
. It’s 50th anniversary of both. Our new coin won’t be minted in Carson as they have gone to .50
The museum coin press is stopped running when Laurel and I were down for last Friday on the 27th. Evidently, The dies could not stay steady. Laurel
counted 30 adults and 95 kids at National Coin Week. I know I thrilled one kid with a Roman coin he proudly announced through the halls. Just a handful at the
presentations, although one guy said he came all the way from San Jose.
MN .25 with duck June 19th, so it will be available in July most likely.  to the next
. Robert got his 1792 half disme whacked by cyclotron, awaiting results.  Bring up to 5 coins for the bid board now. Someone brought a much nicer bid
board and donated several nice coin albums, some with coins, coming to raffle near you
. Rusty gave me some more foreign coins for kids. We will have board
meetings before the regular meeting and vigorously tell people to be quiet so we can conduct business. Contact me with suggestions or topics you would like to see:

Early Bird Prize was Jim Thorpe $1 set won by Rusty King.                                     
Raffle prizes winners were:

Laurel Hoggan: Indian .01,coinbox, 2018 3 quarter  set
Jerry Breedlove: Barber .25,1976 unc. set, $1 set
Milton Angel: 1996 proof set, coin values book, NV calendar, Heritage auction books
Ed Scott: fancy coin box, 1987 proof set, 2002 mint set, $1 set, coin book
Gary Meckler: Israel coin set, 3 coin trays
Jeff Allen: Mercury .10, Roosevelt .10
Faye Allen: Buffalo .05,, gram of silver
Bart Daniels: steel penny set
mystery box
Ken Hopple: copper club medal
Joseph Drapula: 5 .25 S set
David Loder: Georgia mint book
Rick De Avila: 2009 .01 set
Mary Long: NV and coin calendar


6 Aces tickets for Reno’s 150th celebration donated by David Elliott
won by Rick De Avila for $10
1996 silver eagle donated by Larry Demangate won by Bart Daniels for $50.

Quarter Pot

AJ won the quarter pot, but did not have .25 in.                


Upcoming Coin Shows

May 18-20 Las Vegas Numismatic Society Coin Show, Westgate Resort & Casino, 3000 Paradise Road, Admit: $3, Tables:?, CK Shows, 888 330-5188  www.ckshowscom

June 10 Sacramento Coin Show, Lions’ Gate Hotel, 3410 Westover St., Admit: $3, Tables: 66, Peter McIntosh 916 317-9055 www.

June 14-16 Long Beach Coin Show, Long Beach Convention Center, 100 S. Pine Ave., Admit: $8, Tables: huge, Taryn Warrecker 805 680-0294  www.

June 22,23 Concord Coin Show, Clarion Hotel, 1050 Burnett Ave., Admit: $3, Tables: 39, Bill Green 925 351-7605 www.norcalcoins

RCC Officers

David Elliott….......... President…........…815-8625
Rusty King..............Vice President......... 677-7057
Doug Larson............Past President..........843-0162
Gerald Breedlove........Treasurer..............425-2967
Andre Azzam ..............Secretary….........338-0707
Laurel Hoggan…..........Librarian..........…223-5096
Joe Wozniak.............…Director….......…853-4223
Ken Hopple ....…..........Director..............677-1544
Shannon Holmes...........Director..............827–4359
Paul Williams…..........ANA Rep..............720-5395
David Elliott...................Editor................815-8625

The Other Coin: Coins of Trebizond
Along with the coins of Georgia I found from Georgia coin dealers newly on e-bay were also coins of the Trebizond, a short-lived outpost of the Byzantine or East
Roman Empire. I also snapped up these rare coins at fractions of their usual cost. This allowed me to add all but two of a complete set of affordable (under $100)
monarchs of Trebizond to my collection and an intensified search for these last two: George and Andronikos I.
The Trebizond was a province of the Eastern Roman Empire in northern Anatolia (top of Turkey), right under Georgia along the coast. The Trebizond owes its

existence to the Fourth Crusade, when crusaders lead by Venetian commercial interests attacked and sacked Constantinople, the capitol of the Byzantine Empire. The
looted libraries, churches, and palaces gave impetus the Renaissance as Greek speaking professors and texts flooded Italy. The Romans withdrew to Epirus, Nicea,
and Trebizond with different families claiming the imperial throne. Not until 1261 did Michael VIII Palaiologos of Nicea win back Constantinople. After a bit of
kerfuffle, the ruling Trebizond leader married Michael VIII’s daughter and continued as a wealthy entrepot for goods from China, Russia, and India, it’s own silver
mines, and a wealth of princesses related to the Palaiologians.

Although there is some copper Byzantine imitations minted before 1204 attributed to Trebizond when market coinage was sparse, Trebizond coinage is considered to
begin with Andronikos I (1222-1235) in silver and copper. The coinage has St. Eugenius on the obverse, and the ruler in same pose on the reverse. The mounted

saint and ruler is Alexius II (1297-1330) and the standing figures is a coin of Theodora (1284-1285), a daughter of the Georgian Queen Rusudan and Manuel I of
Trebizond, who briefly seized the throne from her brother. On her coin the saint or the holy (
o agioj) Eugenius (eugenioj) is spelled out with the u off flan.
The saint is abbreviated as an A in an O, the original @? And, eugenioj to the left and under the horse. Theodora of the Komnenii is spelled out while Alexius is
AE with the curve being the rest of the letter l-xios, the check mark short for the great h megaj a K and symbol for (omen) and then ioj or the Great or
Grand Prince of the the Komenii. The symbol to the top left of Theodora also means the great. Trebizond coins were either flat silver aspers or cup-shaped
scyphates, when “cups” were small bowls. Here, a coin of Andronikos I with Virgin Mary, Mother of God (abbreviated
MR-Q and Jesus Christ IC-XC the Redeemer
CALKHTHS) as depicted on the bronze gates at Constantinople.

St. Eugenius was martyred by Diocletian (284-305AD) either for being Christian or for being Christian and destroying a large hill carving of Mithra near the city
Trabzon in Trebizond. His banners and icons were credited with defeating the Seljuk Turks in 1224, making him the patron saint of Trebizond.
The Trebizond sheltered Byzantine refugees after the fall of Constantinople in 1453 until 1461 and for a few years more near Cherson in the Crimea. They renewed
their claim to the Eastern Roman Empire in Renaissance Europe and there are also a series of modern medals depicted the Trebizond royalty current and ancient that
are widely distributed and found on ebay.

Numismatically yours, David Elliott

Numismatic Potpourri

The Sacagawea/quarter mule expected to sell for $30-50,000 sold for $129,000. The trouble for North-West Territorial Mint of Dayton keeps multiplying. A

not guilty plea to 20 felony counts of wire fraud and mail fraud for allegedly running a Ponzi-like scheme that cost customers more than $35 million was made by
Bernard Ross Hansen, the founder and CEO of Northwest Territorial Mint, and his girlfriend and vault manager, Diane Renee Erdmann. They allegedly bilked more
than 3,000 customers out of nearly $25 million, and ran two other scams that netted another $10 million. The American Numismatic Society is trying to buy the pre-
1997 dies of the NWT Mint, especially those of Medallic Arts Company. Since its foundation in New York City in 1903, MACO has served generations of America's
finest sculptors and other artists in the production of their work, as well as countless non-profit and for-profit institutions. Because medals have long been recognized
as a standalone art medium, and one that is that is far more affordable to acquire than larger sculptures or paintings, MACO has also served to put fine art into the
hands of many Americans who might not otherwise have had the chance to own the original work of a great artist. Medalcraft, Inc., a Wisconsin company
specializing in challenge coins has bought the newer medals. An internet search of a collector wanting to put a set together of the first coin from each mint solved the
Denver mystery,
What was the first coin struck by the Denver Mint? Until now, we did not know. According to the research of ANS Fellow Kurt Baty of
Austin, Texas, that initial issue was the half dollar of 1906. T
he finest-known 1913 Liberty Head nickel will go on the auction block Aug. 15 at the American
Numismatic Association World’s Fair of Money. There are only five known. Their production remains a mystery but somehow involved Samuel W. Brown, a former
bored, I say, Mint employee. The Professional Coin Grading Service grades this piece Proof-66. Fake news about fake 10 rupee coins has severely damaged the
economy of the poor in India. Across India, where 10 rupees - about 15 U.S. cents - can buy a meal, people are stuck with money they can't spend because no one
will take it. The problem stems from the large variety of 10-rupee coins in circulation. More than 5 billion coins, worth over $775 million, have been minted since
2010. The coins are real, the news of their counterfeiting is fake.
The British Royal Mint is producing for circulation 10 pence coins of the alphabet, all 26
letters in 2018, 100,000 each A to Z
:  Angel of the North, Bond… James Bond, Cricket, Double-decker bus, English breakfast, Fish and chips, Greenwich mean
time, Houses of Parliament, Ice cream cone, Jubilee, King Arthur, Loch Ness Monster, Mackintosh, National Health Service, Oak tree, Post box, Queuing, Robin,
Stonehenge, Tea pot, Union flag, Village, World wide web, X marks the spot, Yeoman, Zebra crossing. Here’s 2 of them, see all on on-line. Buy them on e-bay.

Canada offers a new Captain Cook silver dollar in its ongoing set of coins and says Borealia , a gold plated silver dollar and sister of Wonder Woman with a long
dress symbolizes the spirit of Canada, There is also a T-Rex and another maple leaf shaped coin.

China is releasing a set of Good Wishes bullion coins in proof 40 mm, 30 g .999 fine silver ¥10 and 20 mm, 5 g .999 fine gold ¥80. Mintages are 60,000 and
30,000 pieces, respectively. First is Longevity stone, peony flowers, a cat, and a pair of butterflies,  visual puns on longevity by way of homophones in spoken
Chinese. Second is bountiful offspring. The design here shows a boy shouldering a pomegranate tree branch. Pomegranates contain numerous seeds, and the
implication is that the coin’s recipient will be similarly fruitful. Third is a good marriage, a heart-shaped with selective gold-plating on the silver reverse but otherwise
both are of the same dimensions and weight as the corresponding standard round issues. The design shows a pair of goldfish among lotus leaves, symbolic of an ideal
marriage, along with the perfect match: a pearl set on a jade disk. And if you have achieved longevity and bountiful offspring from an ideal marriage, then you should
be experiencing happiness. This is symbolized by a pair of magpies singing in plum blossoms.
The 2018 silver 90% proof set went on sale April 24 for $50. A

lucky New Englander found a fourth 1854S $5 gold coin worth millions, now certified by NGC and thought fake. So, Chinese are getting really good or he
cornered the luck for the whole US this year
. Both Alexander Hamilton and Andrew Jackson are likely to stay on their respective bills. Hamilton was saved by
a popular play and Jackson by Trump’s accepting comparisons to Andrew Jackson and putting his portrait in the White House. Whether Martin Luther King appears
on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial giving his speech (
a good idea) on the $5 or various suffragettes appear on the reverse of the $10 or $20 is still up in the air, but
no changes until 2026 now.
Mark Amodei is ready to present a bill to commemorate the CC mint and look for a second press for the museum. Rusty King
has been spearheading that
. It seems Sweden has been successful eliminating 98% of cash transactions, even insisting panhandlers use card readers to accept
donations. This is, of course, so every transaction can be taxed.
Counterfeiters are successfully passing Canadian notes printed on clear plastic, overcoming
the new anti-counterfeiting banknotes.
The Dumbarton Oaks collection of Byzantine coins in 9 massive volumes is available on-line for free and
Early Christmas for me. Find them at: Hendy and Bellinger wrote other
Video on the packing robots in action at the SF mint replacing more and more workers:
Ship of Gold is offering 1.5 grams of nuggets from the SS Central America for $295 in nice packaging. The nuggets, or gold bits or in the liberty and eagle.
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