Next Meeting:

April 24,25 National Coin Week at the Museum
April 28 NCW: Remarkable Women: Catalysts
of Change featuring Eva Adams

May 21 6:30PM Board Meeting My house

May 26 Stan Paher Ghost towns of Nevada

June 23 Can you beat Sam Dibitonto’s Morgan?
Sam will bring his MS Morgans.
Bring your best and see if you can beat his.

July 17, 18 Reno Coin Show, Reno Ramada
Hotel & Casino, 1000 E. 6th St.

After the Last Cancelled Meeting
Everything may is cancelled except a board meeting at my house with masks and social distancing at no more than 10 people. The July Reno Coin show is closed
as is Long Beach and everywhere else
. Hopefully just a month more of this quarantine. The US Mint’s shipping is closed til May 18 when the new quarter will
be ordered basketball coins to ship June 4
. Will raffle off 3 club medals when we  next meet and then start the 1884 CC boxed dollar raffle. Will reschedule Stan
Paher. Did not get any updates from club members as of 5-15. I got one of my wife’s extra masks, finally got the stimulus money, cancelled Fall cruise to Athens
and Jerusalem until 2021, and had a lot of time to bid on coins, winning more than I usually do. Let me know how you are doing, so I can tell everyone. Stay safe.
Contact me with any ideas or problems:  775 815-8625.


Heritage will be offering a 1871CC $20 AU58 NGC, variety 1-A at their Long Beach auction in June 4-7. If you rule out the famous first year 1870CC double
eagle as an unobtainable rarity, then the 1871CC twenty would rightly take its place among the most challenging Carson City issues collectors could ever hope to
obtain. Rusty Goe claims in his 2003 reference, The Mint on Carson Street, that 14,687 coins were struck. The Guide Book reports a total production of 17,387
pieces. Experts are in relative agreement when it comes to the number of survivors: 200 to 250 coins with an AU survivorship of 45 to 50 coins. Heritage is taking
bids on-line now. Long Beach show is cancelled.

Upcoming Coin Shows (ALL canceled)

June 4-6 Long Beach Coin, Currency, and Stamp  Show, Long Beach Convention Centre, 100 S, Pine St. Admit: $8 Tables: huge Taryn Warecker 805 680-0294

July 17, 18 Reno Coin Show, Reno Ramada Hotel & Casino, 1000 E. 6th St. Admit Tables: 38 Bill Green 925-351-7605     

RCC Officers

David Elliott….......... President….......…815-8625
Rusty King..............Vice President......... 677-7057
Doug Larson............Past President..........843-0162
Mary Long..................Treasurer..............247-5796
Andre Azzam ..............Secretary….........338-0707
Laurel Hoggan….........Librarian..........…223-5096
Joe Wozniak.............…Director…......…853-4223
Ken Hopple ....…..........Director..............677-1544
Shannon Holmes...........Director..............827–4359
Paul Williams…..........ANA Rep.............720-5395
David Elliott...................Editor................815-8625

Treasurer’s report: Minimal activity, especially since we had no monthly meeting due to COVID-19.  Income was $0.  Normal expenses were paid for the
newsletter, our website, bank fees, plus $425 for our annual insurance.  

The Other Coin: Coins I Won During the Corona Virus

Evidently, dealers with shops closed and stuck at home have been selling more on line. The competition has been fierce among bidders also stuck at home.
My chief prize was the sestertius commemorating Marcus Aurelius’ funeral. The long bearded philosopher emperor is a chapter in my new book and a
favorite of mine. The many storied funeral pyre with life sized statuary and a real chariot taking the emperor to heaven of Apollo or Sol. My second favorite
coin is a 9mm or 1/16 shekel of Sidon, the great trading city of the Phoenicians. The obverse has the three towers of the city wall before which a galley full of
soldiers docks. Below, mostly off the flan is a lion, the symbol of Sidon. On the reverse is the Persian king Darius II standing with bow and quiver with
stamped goat head left and god Bes right. Darius II was overlord to King Baalsillem (“Vindicator of Baal”) 425-401 BC, ruler of Sidon. Bes was the ugly
dwarf god of Egypt that protected infant and women in childbirth from evil spirits that want to kill mother and child. Glenn wanted to see the French  

Revolution penny or centime I won with Liberty in pileus cap Republique Francasie. Reverse has un centime and L’an 7 or 7th year of the revolution 1798, an A or
Paris mint mark and the minter symbols of Artemis with bow left and a cock. Another tiny Greek silver coin, an obol 10mm from an unknown city in Cilicia of 4th
century BC has a facing head of Herakles in lion skin and reverse of eagle standing on stag head. As the stag is the symbol of Ephesus and eagle of Tarsus, this may
be a coin commemoration a battle between Tarsus and Ephesus. I got a satrapal coins of a Persian governor before Alexander the Great. A rare AE 10mm of

The of Gongylon I or II, a Spartan and his son that sided with the Persians in the war against the Greeks at Salamis and Marathon. He was awarded with a satrapy
of Pergamon in Mysia. I also got a the first coin of Kaunos, Caria 490-470BC with Iris, messenger goddess of the rainbow and a baetyl on the reverse. The cone
shape baetyl is made from meteorites, which were early idols. Best known as the three idols placed by Antiochus IV on the Jerusalem altar and called the
“abomination of desolation.” Judas Maccabees rose up and miraculously defeated the Seleucid Empire, getting rid of the baetyls, making an independent Jewish
Kingdom and establishing Hanukkah. Jason, who had bought the High Priesthood and wanted to integrate Judaism with Greek religion and Yahweh with Zeus thought
baetyls, not being an image and just a shape was an acceptable idol for Jews and Greeks. I also got a coin that depicts the change of Panormos, Sicily to Palermo

after the first Punic War when the Romans defeated the Carthaginians. The horse and barley grain/man headed bull river god of Carthage is replaced by the very
Roman Janus/Romulus and Remus and wolf, after 254BC. I also got Greek Olympic coins and some medieval coins as well as bit coins and a Libertas America
copy for the raffle. A lot got away, but not as many as usual. Hope you had the time to find some treasures.

Numismatically yours, David Elliott

Numismatic Potpourri

The American Numismatic Society is pleased to announce the launch of CoinHoards (, a new web-based, linked open data tool for research in
ancient Greek numismatics and ancient economies. CoinHoards provides primary data and other info on 2,387 hoards of coins produced by Greeks and other non-
Roman peoples between c. 650 and 30 BC.
Robert Rodriguez, team leader of the research project of the 1792 so-called silver center cent, recognized those
who contributed much to bring this project to fruition
. Since November 2017, the research team of Stuart Levine, Maureen Levine, and Tony Lopez conducted
research on the 1792 Morris cent, ending  in publication on the Newman Numismatic Portal, book/538104. The study's conclusion is
that the silver plug was inserted after striking and therefore not authentic. To better understand how this was done, six Indian Head Cents were modified by inserting
and hand-engraving a silver plug. The six fabricated silver center Indian heads were encapsulated and named after the respective recipients: Stuart and Maureen
Levine received the #2 specimen; Tony Lopez #3; Jim Halperin, Co-Chairman, Heritage Auctions, #4; Ron Guth, founder of The Numismatic Detective Agency, #5;
and, Ken Hopple, former Chief Coiner of the Carson City Mint, #6. Robert got the first specimen for himself after commissioning and paying for them to be made.
The team very much appreciates the support it has received from the numismatic community.

In June 2020 Santa Ana Auction is an
incredible MS-68 (PCGS) 1862 Indian cent that stands alone at the top of the condition census. 1936 buffalo nickel NGC
Proof 68 sold for $14,000
. Incredible color toning in an album. David E. Schenkman of the Civil War Token Journal Society ( has an article

sanitation fund medals begun during the Crimean War of 1853-1856, promoted by Florence Nightingale to improve sanitary conditions on the battlefield where
more soldiers died from infection than bullets. The idea for a US Sanitary Commission came from the British. During the Civil War era, two Union soldiers were
perishing from diseases for every one dying from combat. The US Sanitary Commission was officially established on June 18, 1861, by federal legislation, and
branch associations rapidly sprang up in numerous other cities. During the war they distributed more than $15 million to military camps, hospitals, prisons, etc. More
than 15,000 women volunteered their services to work at hospitals and aid centers during the Civil War. They also raised money by collecting donations, making
uniforms, comforting the sick and dying, and were instrumental in organizing the sanitary fairs. In 1864 an Austin, Nevada general tore owner by the name of Reuel
Colt Gridley made a wager with a friend, wherein the loser had to walk through town accompanied by the local band, carrying a 50 pound bag of flour. The bag was
auctioned with the proceeds going to the Sanitary Fund. The high bidder donated it back to reauctioned, and each high bidder thereafter did the same, until more than
$8,000 was raised.

American sanctions and economic mismanagement have caused
the Iranian rial to plummet to 156,000 rials to the dollar. The coronavirus pandemic, which
turned Iran into a regional epicenter of the disease, appears to have played a decisive role, contributing to a further devaluation of the rial. The Iranian Parliament took
that step, authorizing the replacement of the rial with another basic unit of currency called the toman. Each toman will be worth 10,000 rials under the new system.
The currency has been devalued 3,500 times since 1971. The $100,000 rial below is exchanged for $2.38 officially on $1.56 in the markets. The 500 and 100 rial
coins have been joined by 1000 and 5000 rial coins.
Cleaning can be disastrous to a coin's value. 30 of 439 lots in the George Cook Collection were recertified by
PCGS with cleaned, repaired, altered surfaces, surfaces smoothed or questionable color and given no grade. For example, a 1905 specimen Canadian half-dollar
recertified with an altered surfaces brought $3,360 just 6% of the $50,000 the collector originally paid for it before cleaning.
Don’t clean you coins unless they’re
. Love penny creations. In 2015, Kelly Graham, owner of Etsy shop Camias Jewelry Designs, one-upped the concept of penny tile: She decorated her floor
using 7,500 real pennies.

Privy marks on US coins are making a comeback
. In addition to the V75 on W quarters celebrating victory in WWII, each American Innovation $1 Coins will
include a unique privy mark every year until the program’s end in 2032.
Smyrna coins is selling the first 2 W quarters of 2020 for $49.99 each or bid on them at
e-bay starting at $1 or $18.50 buy it now. I got one. Speaking of
ebay nice article on selling: 11 Things You Don't Know About Selling Coins on eBay https:
// collecting-strategies-2/tips-for-new- collectors/11-things-you-dont-know-about-selling- coins-on-ebay/ A famous British rarity certified
by NGC realized
$810,000. The 1839 Victoria "Una and the Lion" Gold Five Pounds graded NGC PF 65 Ultra Cameo was the star of the sale May 3, 2020. After
spirited bidding from 11 different collectors and dealers, the
finest 1938 Walking Liberty Half Dollar ended up selling for a new all-time record price of $81,562 at
Great Collections on Sunday, April 26th.

Link to
Yellow Fever & the U.S. Mint on Newman Portal: multimediadetail/529486?Year= 2020&take=50
The United States
Mint facility at San Francisco resumed operations the morning of Monday, May 4, 2020, utilizing a reduced staffing plan in order to maintain
social distancing. West Point was closed April 21.
Stephen Album's Checklist of Islamic Coins, 3rd Edition (2011) available as a free PDF: https://www.   The third edition has greatly expanded the descriptive information for individual types and
subtypes, aspiring to present more details that might help the reader identify their coins. When the printed illustrated volume becomes available, there will be more
than 1000 illustrated coins. Fortunately, the internet is now providing thousands more photos, over 32,000 at  The author and manager of that superb
website, Vladimir Belyaev, has applied my appropriate Checklist number to most of the photos, and Steve Album is immensely thankful. Browse and search the
Bullion Database
to view examples of counterfeits. Learn how to test bullion with articles and videos in the Identification section. Read about the bad guys getting
caught with Counterfeits in the News
California Gold Rush gold nuggets lost at sea in 1857 on the SS Central America, are available:  Y
ou can  email to the US Mint at The email can be on any subject, including ideas for new
coin designs
. That’s how I got the W nickle campaign started. George HW Bush is getting a dollar coin and his wife Barbara will get her bronze and gold coins.
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