2010 Reno Cartwheels
Next Meeting:
Tuesday, 4th of November 7:30 PM
Carrow’s Restaurant
605 N. Wells Avenue (Wells and 6th), Reno, NV

October 31, Nov 1: NV Day at the State Museum,  Rusty King will tell the story of the 125th anniversary medal on Friday at 2PM. Coin press. Free admission.

The Curious Life of LaVere Redfield, author Jack Harpster will present his new book (available for sale Dec. meeting).

December: Minibourse. Bring something to sell or trade.

January: Memories in photographs of the Club by Rusty King

February: Presidential Medals by Doug Larson

March: Comstock Mines: NV ideas in silver by Clay Mitchell

The Last Meeting
    31 members heard Rusty tell us the story of the NV 100th anniversary medal with the Hoover dam and Mackay statue. Garret Allen is waiting for a bone
marrow transplant,
please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. We will be at the NV State Museum for NV Day! Oct 31 Friday and Nov1 Saturday, 9:30-4.
Free admission. The
silver Kennedy set with W mint goes on sale at 9AM October 28th(Yah , I got the time zones confused.) Buy it on phone or web site.
www.usmint.gov 1-800-872-6468.
Clay Mitchell of Comstock Mines is looking for ideas for NV related medals in silver. He’s coming in March, but making
medals now. If you have an idea, call 707 843-0895, CMitchell@constockmining.com I will not be bringing any coins for sale, as I will have all the audio visual
equipment and no bid board as the presentation will be long.
Thanks for the postage (Rick DeAvila) and blanks (Ken Hopple) donations. Newsletter in envelopes is
working, let me know if there are any problems.
Please come after 7PM if you are not attending the board meeting. Don’t miss LaVere Redfield by Jack

Early Bird Prize
was copper round won by Clayton Brownell.

Raffle prizes winners were:
Milton Angel: book Gold and Silver in the West, Peru 10 pesos
Rick DeAvila: 1971D unc. Ike, coin holders                                                             
Colorado Sand Dunes .25, FDR $1 now here!
Glen Fruehen: colored $2, 50 peso coin
Ed Scott: last set 2014PD halves, 2 silver dollar books
Clayton Brownell: 2013S quarter set, mystery box 1988
slabbed .05 and planchettes, old & new buffalo .05 (3)
Don Stamps: copper round, SF city hall medal
Ken Hopple: chocolate coin, unc. 1976 .50, 1936 .05
Laurel Hoggan: foreign bills, full date buffalo .05
David Kasper: copper round
Leo Rossow: foreign bills
Bart Daniels: unc. 1995 roll of .01
Edro Cranch won a copper round

No auctions.


Upcoming Coin Shows

October 24-26,Coin, Currency, Stamp, Jewelry Show, Orleans Hotel, Las Vegas, Israel Bick, 818 997-6496, www.bickinternational,com  

Oct 31, Nov 1, NV Day at NV State Museum, 600 N. Carson St.,CC, FREE Admission. Press will be running, all the new coins. Rusty lecture F 2PM.

November 7, 8, Sacramento Coin Show, Clarion Inn, 1401 Arden Way, 65 tables, Admit$3, Peter McIntosh, 916 317-9055, www.mcintoshcoins.com

November 14,15, Sunnyvale Coin Show, Domain Hotel, 1085 East El Camino Real, 34 tables, Admit$3, Bill Green, 925 351-7605, www.norcalshows.com

November 29,1st Annual California Numismatic Educational Seminar, Vallejo Naval Museum, 734 Marin St., FREE, 9AM, Topics: Errors, Scandinavian
Coinage, Bass Collection, Numismatic Ambassadors Stan Turrini, 707 246-6327, www.valmuse.org  EMPERORI@juno.com

RCC Officers
David Elliott….......... President….......…815-8625
Rusty King..............Vice President......... 677-7057
Doug Larson............Past President..........843-0162
Gerald Breedlove........Treasurer..............425-2967
Andre Azzam ..............Secretary….........338-0707
Paul Williams…..........Director….......…720-5395
Joe Wozniak.............…Director…......…853-4223
Ken Hopple ....…..........Director..............677-1544
Shannon Holmes...........Director..............827–4359
Paul Williams…..........ANA Rep.............720-5395
David Elliott...................Editor................815-8625

datbbelliotts@prodigy.net  www.renocoinclub.org

The RCC Board meets the 1st  Tuesday of the month at Carrow’s at 6:30 PM. Everyone is invited to attend Please come after 7 PM if not attending the board
meeting. We're all old (mostly) and can't hear each other in a room full of people.

Not the Other Coin: LaVere Redfield (I do not know where I got the below article, the poem is by John English–David Elliott)

The man who would someday become the quint-essential eccentric hoarder was born October 29, 1897 in Ogden, Utah. After moving to Idaho, he performed a
variety of odd jobs, including digging potatoes. At the age of 24, he got a job as a clerk in a department store, where he met and then married a co-worker. The
couple soon moved to LA, where Redfield became a securities broker. When the Great Depression hit, Redfield not only avoided financial ruin, he prospered.
Displaying an uncanny knack for buying and trading oil and purchasing depressed stocks, Redfield made his fortune. By the late 1930s, he was a millionaire several
times over. A self-made man, Redfield began planning for the future by investing some of his profits in real estate, including the purchase of 51,000 acres of land,
80 square miles, approximating a path from southwest Reno to the shore of Lake Tahoe and, by one account including, the peak of Mt. Rose.
After he moved to Nevada in 1935 to take advantage of the state’s low taxes, it soon became apparent that the odd little man had an intense distrust of banks and
kept large amounts of cash hidden in his modestly furnished, 15-room stone house. On at least two occasions, he attended real estate auctions with a grocery bag
stuffed full of cash. During the day, he was often seen driving around town in an old pickup truck hauling produce for local markets. Though Redfield lived the life
of a farmer by day, at night he enjoyed the rattling excitement of the Reno casinos, where he was often seen playing blackjack in the company of many different
women. He drank sparingly and didn't smoke. Generous to total strangers, he often gave money to people who were down on their luck. He also gave land to a
number of squatters and tenant farmers on his land and asked for nothing in return.
Mr. Redfield died in 1974 with an estate worth about $100 million. In the basement of his modest home, behind a false wall, was a hoard of over 411,000 silver
dollars. Most of the silver dollars were Morgan Dollars, and to a much lesser extent there were Peace Dollars too. Many of them were still in their original Mint
bags. Just to give one a concept of 411,000 silver dollars; it is a weight of about 11-tons.
At its height, the Redfield Hoard probably contained more than 600 bags — over 600,000 silver dollars. But a pair of robberies in the 1950s and 1960s reduced the
hoard. In 1952, a burglary set up by some of his female gambling friends netted them a jackpot of $1.5 million. In 1963, the Redfield home was again burglarized.
This time a haul of 100 bags — $100,000 — was taken. The crime was never solved, and it is believed the thieves used the silver dollars in the nearby Reno
casinos. That is probably what encouraged him to build a false wall in front of his coal bin. That way, the only thing he had to do  was to just drop the bags down
the coal chute. Upon the death of Redfield, the IRS seized the opportunity to audit the estate. While searching the Redfield home, the false wall was discovered and
removed. Behind the wall was 400 bags of silver dollars, most of which had been sitting there for decades.
When the coins were put up for auction, there were so many coins the lot could not be properly examined by the potential bidders, and when the hammer fell Steve
Markoff of A-Mark Corporation purchased the entire lot for $7.3 million. It has since been estimated that the wholesale value of the Redfield Hoard of silver dollars
was about $20 million. So as to not flood the Coin Market with this huge number of coins, Markoff utilized a three-year liquidation plan with a well thought out
marketing campaign. Several major Coin Dealers handled the retail sales of the Redfield Hoard. The most notable of these was Paramount International Coin Corp-
oration in Ohio. This company packaged the Redfield silver dollars in a hard plastic holder with a cardboard label surrounding the coin reading either "A Silver
Dollar from the Redfield Collection," or "US Silver Dollar, Paramount International Coin Corp."

Numismatically yours, David Elliott

Kennedy Silver Set Available October 28 at noon, $99.95.
 Four half dollars struck in 90% silver with the higher relief sculpted obverse portrait, including
a proof version struck at the Philadelphia Mint, a reverse proof version struck at the West Point
Mint, an enhanced uncirculated version struck at the San Francisco Mint, and an uncirculated
version struck at the Denver Mint. The coins will carry the 2014 date and bear the P, W, S, and
D mint marks. The
silver Kennedy set with W mint goes on sale at 9AM October 28th
(Yah , I got the time zones confused.) Buy it on phone or web site. www.usmint.gov

Designs for Doolittle and Aces Proposed
  New designs for Doolittle Tokyo flight and America fighter aces have been proposed for
silver and gold. See all the proposals on-line. These are the two I like.

SS Gairsoppa WWII Silver Minted
The SS Gairsoppa silver bars recovered last year have been minted into one ounce rounds and ten ounce bars. GovMint.com is offering them for $36.95 and $329,

Odyssey Ends Recovery of SS Central America for the Season
Odyssey ended its seasons exploration and recovery at the SS Central America with a complete detailed survey. So far this year, over 15,500 gold and silver coins,
45 gold bars and hundreds of gold nuggets have been recovered from the site which is more than 2,200 meters (7,200 feet) below the surface. Additional items
retrieved from the shipwreck include gold dust, jewelry and other artifacts of historical significance. After a review of the survey, they plan to continue recovery in

1st Spouse Designs Proposed
    See all the proposed designs obverse and reverse: http://www.coinnews.net/2014/10/10/2015-first-spouse-gold-coins-designs/
This bronze and gold set has had outstanding portraits and reverse designs and are one of the cheapest mint products. These are the four I like best:

Numismatic Potpourri
The Royal Mint has produced a set of 5 pennies from Victoria to Elizabeth II for about $40 with a nice history of the monarchs, Britannia, and the penny.

Everglades National Park coin is to be released November 3. I’ll have them for the Dec. meeting. Australian bullion coins for 2015 include the Year of the
Goat, rock fishing, orangutan, crocodile, Hades, and super strength in super heros:

Thirty-one design candidates for the 2015-W and 2016-W Proof American Platinum Eagle coins have been unveiled by the United States Mint and reviewed
by the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee (CCAC) and Commission of Fine Arts (CFA). Here are two leading candidates, the rest will be on-line

It appears that
each Indian tribe (25+) is going to be awarded a gold medal for the code talkers that participated in WWII, with silver medals to each
survivor or survivor family and bronze replicas available to the public. Here’s the favorite Fond du Lac tribe’s code talker medal:

Nevada Museum of Art Exhibit of Nevada the 36th State was spectacular. Parts of the NV constitution that was telegraphed to DC were there, muster
books for the Civil War, an 1860s copy of the
Emancipation Proclamation (the original will be here for 5 days around Nv Day), letters from the 1st governor and
Lincoln, original 36 star flags and much more. Better go. The function I attended also had an historian from the
Wells Fargo Museum in SF open M-F that has
pony express mail, a large coin collection and great artifacts.
The old SF Mint building is now open Sundays. The San Francisco Historical Bourse of Ancient
is scheduled December 12-13 at the Holiday Inn Golden Gateway hotel, Fri, Sat. (Same weekend as the SF Star Trek Convention) with two evening
lectures, 17 dealers.
Fred Holabird reminds everyone that the club’s large library is housed by
him at 3555 Airway Drive #308 (around back as Holabird Americana).
Call 852-8822
SF set of all five 2013 quarters in case $4
National Park Quarters  PDS .50        
Presidential, Native American 2013  D P $1.25
Listen my friends and you will hear,
Of the Redfield Hoard and the man named LaVere.
I've told it before and I’ll tell it again,
For he was among the strangest of men.

He moved into Reno and purchased a farm;
No one paid attention, he did them no harm.
But he made a few friends in the banks all around,
And some tell of seeing him drive into town.

He would stop at a bank and pick up a bag,
And would toss it around like an old rotten rag.
They heard he trucked home alone with his loot,
Stashed in his basement, thrown right down the chute.

When he finally passed on in seventy-four,
The government poked around looking for more.
And what to their wondering eye should appear
But a great hoard of dollars, from the man named LaVere!
by John English