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205 Nugget Ave. Sparks, NV
by Holiday Inn, across Hwy 80
from Western Village
2010 Reno Cartwheels
Got Ct .25, ordered Salt River. NA, Georgia $1 here, 2019S .25 sets here.
May 2011: Copper Bullion?
July2011-Coins of Cyprus
August 2011-Coins of
Alexander the Great
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SF set of all five 2013-2019S .25 in case $5
National Park Quarters  PDS .50        
Presidential, Native American  D P $1.25
April2012-Tour of Medallic Arts

Next Meeting: Nov. 24, Denny’s, 205 Nugget Ave,
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November 24 Happy Birthday NV, Rusty King

December 22 My Covid Coin and Minibourse
Bring coins you found, found a new love for, or
want to get rid of now after Covid lock up.

Early Bird Prize: mint bag of .50 Kennedy chocolates
and $100 Benjamin mints  won by Leo Rossow

Raffle prizes winners were:
David Elliott: Morgan & Peace Dollars book, new .25 sets
Andre Assam: 2018S .25 set
Jerry Breedlove: 1 gm silver, 4 unc. .25, Mercury .10,
Book on great US coin collection
Rusty King: chocolate coins, mint bags
Bart Daniel: unciculated .05s, 1989 proof set, set steel .01
Danny Clifton: PD CT $1, 1974 proof set, 1977 unc. set,
Indian .01, V .05
Joe Lamberson: bit coin
Ken Hopple: 2 presidential $1 set, 2 mint bags
Mary Long: RCC copper medal, PDS 2020 ,25

RAFFLE and donated it back! THANKS!

                 Quarter Pot
Jim Arden (not present) won the quarter pot
THANKS everyone for donating to the RAFFLE!

Upcoming Coin Shows (ALL canceled)

FUN Show Orlando, FL on January 7-10

Bill Green is trying to get CA shows going again.

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Fred Holabird reminds everyone that the club’s large library is
housed by him at 3555 Airway Drive #308 (around back as Holabird
Americana). Call 851-1859
2020 NA & MA, CT $1, VT .25, & 2019S .25 sets here.
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With the turmoil in Syria more Crusader and other coins have entered the ebay market with hoards of the rare large bronzes of Roger I and
Baldwin II of the First Crusade (1096-1099AD) evidently being discovered and becoming available. These large follis size coppers or
bronzes (a little lager than a half dollar) were Byzantine imitations with crosses or bastardized Greek proclaiming titles or offering prayers on
the reverse. The obverse were original with Christ or St. Peter and the two most sought after having armored knights mounted or standing.
The Crusaders are often condemned for invading  Muslim lands, but, of course, they were coming to the aid of the Christian Roman
Empire, now called Byzantines, who were desperately trying to hold onto the remnant of their empire after the last great Roman army of
100,000 men was destroyed by the Seljuk Turks at Manzikert in 1071 and the Roman Emperor taken hostage. The Byzantines offered the
Armenians southern Asia Minor, now called Turkey, which repopulated the area with a standing army and offered the Latin West territory
as vassals in the Holy Land. This was the impetus to the Crusades to restore the Roman Empire. The Armenians proved to be faithful
vassals, the Crusaders grabbed land for themselves and even destroyed Constantinople in the Fourth Crusade defeating the Byzantine
emperor for a time. The Armenians and Crusaders were trying to restore the Byzantines to their territory lost some 20 years before, not take
“ancestral Muslim lands.”   
  Roger of Salerno (d.1119) was the son of Richard of Salerno, one of the Norman of Sicily and southern Italy that spoke Arabic and had a
history of dealing with Byzantines and Muslims. He was appointed as regent and prince of Antioch (now Homs, the first Christian city,
which the Byzantines dubbed the city of God). He rebuilt the city after an earthquake in 1114 that killed his father, but set out with an army
of 700 knights, 3000 foot soldiers, and 500 Armenian cavalry to defeat neighboring Muslims, but did not wait for reinforcements and died
with his army. Reenforcements from Tripoli and/or Jerusalem meant those princes would add new territories to their kingdoms, rather than
Roger adding to his. The follis has the first image of St. George with halo and the dragon, a large snake or wyrm. The reverse spells in
Greek letters Roger Prince of Antioch (ROTZER PRIGKP OC ANTIOK). The C is an S.
 In 1100, Baldwin II became the second count of Edessa, the first crusader state founded in 1098, succeeding his cousin Baldwin I,
who became King of Jerusalem. Baldwin II, like most Crusaders, set upon a path of aggrandizing his own fief attacking the
Byzantines, their Armenian allies, allying with the Muslims or attacking them as he struggled with other Crusaders, Muslim princes,
Armenians, and others, After being captured and ransomed more than once, he was rescued by his cousin Baldwin I and succeeded
to the throne of Jerusalem 1118-1131 AD. The follis depicts Baldwin II in mail dress and leggings with a pointed helmet and sword
and inscription Baldwin, servant of the cross in Greek (BAGDOINOC DOULO CTAU(ROC). Baldwin’s name in his native French is
Baudouin. The prayer is a variation of the common Byzantine prayer of Lord help thy servant (name), The cross is a Byzantine copy.
Lloyd Jorgenson has released a color spiral bound book titled AAFES -POGS Illustrated Catalog and Price Guide 2001-2018. It has
been revised and material added due to input from other POG collectors. The first edition is dated August 2020 and the second edition is
dated September 2020. On e-bay for $27. What are these things? The coins shown in this section are money, just like ordinary nickels,
dimes and quarters in America. But, unlike regular coins in America, they are not legal tender. Printing currency is against the law so
AAFES (Army Air Force Exchange Services, the WalMart for the military) at the direction of the Department of Defense created these
as "gift certificates" for use by service members participating in Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom. They are commonly
referred to as "pogs." But why paper? The military operating in these regions must dedicate its shipments to vital hardware and supplies.
Metal coins weigh a lot more than these pogs. Both of these problems are gone when using paper currency in the place of metal coins.
Things were sold to the nearest .05, so no .01. Hundreds of designs and about a dozen series. New crusader series in Syria, I guess.
The Tyrant Collection, the most valuable and richest collection in the world is now on line with
beautiful photos of gold and silver coins:  Tyrants of the Thames, Tyrants of the Tigris & Euphrates From ancient Lydia to modern
Iraq), Tyrants of The Tyrrhenian & Adriatic Seas (from ancient Sicily to modern Italy), Tyrants of The Tiber, Tyrants of The Seine
(French coins from Visigoths to Napoleon). Half on line is Eagle of the Tyrant Collection: This exhibit contains over 300 eagles and has
every circulation strike from 1795 to 1933 with all the branch mint coins also represented. There are proofs of nearly every issue
including the ultra- rare 1804, 1838, 1839, and 1857 issues, as well as both 1907 No Motto Indian Head Proofs and the unique Matte
finish 1909. There are dozens of finest known examples of both circulation strikes and proofs. You can buy catalogs of each collection
for only $10. Since 2015,
Smithsonian’s National Numismatic Collection (NNC), has been putting their collection on-line at  https:
You can search whole collections or look for indiviual items or topics. Of the 1.5 million numismatic objects they have on-line: 6,128
coins from the Josiah K. Lilly Jr. Collection, 5,754coins from the Paul A. Straub Collection, 13,678 coins and medals from the Grand
Duke George Mikhailovich Collection, 8,000 East Asian coins, 5,800 Chinese banknotes, 880 West African currency objects, 274,340
proof sheets from the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, 6,000 pieces of German notgeld, 119 Comitia Americana medals.
A good start.
Cool error coins from a recent auction: In 1976, the San Francisco Mint did not strike US coins for circulation, so this piece represents
a proof wrong planchet striking of nickel on a penny, 2000 Lincoln Cent struck on 2000P Dime, and 1970 5C Jefferson nickel struck on
clad 10C planchet.
Lianna Spurrier launched a website this week about her research on Japanese bar money The Rectangle Coins: Japanese Bar Money https:
FREE BOOK. Ernie Nagy’s monograph
Numismatic Collateral of British and American Abolition is the latest contribution to the field.
This work serves as a catalog of American and British coins, tokens, and medals related to the 18th and 19th century abolition movement.
Britain was well ahead of the U.S. in this regard, as these artifacts well demonstrate.
The American Numismatic Society is pleased to announce the
Greatest Coins video series, beginning with EID Mar enarius when Brutus
assassinated Julius Caesar. They have lots of videos on you tube. https://www.youtube.com/c/NumismaticsOrg/videos
For example Money Talks will have a great survey on The Ephemeral Flying Eagle:
Gobrecht Dollars in the ANS Collection, so to be on you
tube with article at: http://numismatics.org/money-talks-the-ephemeral-flying-eagle-gobrecht-dollars-in-the-ans-collection/   Missing Sean
Connery and the cancelled new movie? Perth Mint has these Bond posters on 5 gram silver foil at about $45 each or $250 the set. Randy'L
Teton, the spokeswoman for the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes,
modeled for the Sacagawea coin in 1998 and is the only living person who
appears on U.S. currency
. She is making person al video appearances at various schools for the 20th anniversary of the coin. She is  from
Fred Holabird’s Halloween auction had an SS Republic 46.53 ounce gold bar gold bar an extremely rare scrip note issued at
Wells Fargo, Virginia City
, Nevada. The note shows $5 scrip denomination on the front and a $2.50 denomination at each end of the back,
indicating the note can be torn in half and redeemed for $2.50 for each half. The serial number and all the info is duplicated left to right. The
note has been trimmed. This example is one of two known, the other a ragged example sold by us in 2015. The bottom edge of the note
originally showed the purported date of the concert as August 15, 1872, but it was postponed to Feb. 1, 1873. Exceptional piece of Virginia
City history.
An extremely rare silver penny of Baron Eustace Fitzjohn, a 12th century Yorkshire Business Magnate has been discovered
recently by a metal detectorist Rob Brown a 56. The 19 mm coin was minted in York and is one of only 20 surviving examples with this
design and is estimated to fetch £10,000- 15,000. On one side of a standing helmeted knight holding a sword. Around this is an inscription
which reads EUSTACIUS. On the reverse is a cross within a quatrefoil with the legend EBOR. ACIT. DEFT. Baron Eustace was a self-made
man, whom Henry I gave permission to strike local pennies. He supported Empress Matilda against Stephen in the English Civil War.
Numismatically yours, David Elliott
The Other Coin: The Other Coin: 2 Large Bronzes of the 1st Crusade: Roger I and Baldwin II
After the Last Meeting
14 people came with masks and a joyous heart as we finally met. They saw Sam Dibitonto’s marvelous Mogans. He will brings
his Seated Liberties in December. Max of 40 at Denny’s and
you must wear a mask when you come in unless eating or drinking.
Please do not come if you are feeling ill. The museum is running the press from 11AM-3PM on Saturdays, small groups with
Got Vermont .25 and CT and  MA telephone $1. Kansas .25 Nov.16. WWII privy marked eagles with V75 out Nov.
4 gold and silver ($83) WWII coins out Nov. 9, silver ($75). I think commemorative is nicer and cheaper. Kansas .25 November 16,
MD$1 Hubble out Dec.14. SC Innovation $1 not set, so next year?
Mint set out Nov. 30, BUT WILL NOT INCLUDE W-.05. Buy
proof set now if you want W-.05
. The Bush $1 is Dec. 4 and with Barbara’s bronze medal Dec.21. Mayflower Brit and US set (2
silvers) Nov. 17 $150. Trump presidential medal still not scheduled. Congressman Mark Amodei and Rusty King are trying again to
get new 2021 Morgan dollars  from all the mints. HR 6192 passed in Congress to produce Morgan Dollar and Peace Dollar in 2021 for
the 100th anniversary of the change from the Morgan to the Peace Dollar. The bill has now gone to the Senate, which has an identical
bill (S 4326). It is possible for the lame duck to pass the bill for 2021 or it will be resubmitted to commemorate the mints at a later
date. DOUG LARSON WON THE 1884 CC BOXED DOLLAR RAFFLE and donated it back to be raffled again after the 1989 1/10
oz. Gold eagle. Same deal 40 $10 tickets drawn when 40 tickets are sold. Please mail me a check at 2845 Edgewood Drive, Reno
89503 for your chance to win. Contact me with any problems or ideas: 775 815-8625 datbbelliotts@prodigy.net

Treasurer’s report: Minimal activity. Income  $110 for our coin raffle plus $66 from our monthly raffle.  New expenses: our annual
ANA fees plus payment of $230 for our next gold coin raffle purchased from Rusty.  Also, normal expenses were paid for the
newsletter, our website, and bank fees.
SF set of all five 2013-2019S .25 in case $5
National Park Quarters  PDS .50        
Presidential, Native American  D P $1.25
Numismatic Potpourri
July2020-Bits and Cut Coins
Aug2020-Ancient seals
Sept2020-Hard Time Tokens
Oct2020-Papal Bullae