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Got Ct .25, ordered Salt River. NA, Georgia $1 here, 2019S .25 sets here.
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SF set of all five 2013-2019S .25 in case $5
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October 27 Can You Beat Sam Dibitonto’s Morgan?
Sam will bring his MS Morgans and  seated Liberty
dollars. Bring  your best and see if  you can beat his.

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November 24 Happy Birthday NV, Rusty King

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Bring coins you found, found a new love for, or
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2020 NA & CT $1, VT .25, 2019S & 2019S .25 sets here.
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  I had intended to include papal bullae when I discussed seals, but I did not have one and the seals article was growing too long.
Now, I have one, or a half a one anyway found by a mudlarker in the Thames. Mudlarkers dig and use metal detectors on the
Thames mudflats when the tide is out. I was looking for an Irish penny of Elizabeth I, the last affordable Irish coin I was missing,
when I saw he had half of a bulla of Gregorius IX 1227-1241 AD for about $60, half price, and a tenth of whole one and a pope,
who did not issue coins as the reconstituted Roman Senate issued coins from 1143-1300 in place of papal coins for the most part.
The only coin available for Gregory IX is a bulla.
Bullae are lead seals placed on official documents and decrees, which guaranteed the authenticity of the bulla. They were
supposed to be cut or destroyed after use. And, although often of similar designs, each pope had a different number of bordering
dots and his name affixed to the reverse as well as special ribbons attaching the seal to the documents. Below bullae of Innocent
IV (1243-1254) and Gregory IX 1227-1241. Boniface IX(1389-1404) and Alexander III (1159-1181, Gregory X (1271-1276)
and Nicholas III ((1277-1280).. St. Paul and Saint Peter are on the obverse. I have Saint Paul and the E IUS and IIII of Gregorius
PP VIIII. There is a nice website on the bullae as part of the portable antiquities finds in Britain that list all the metal detectorist
finds:                    https://finds.org.uk/counties/findsrecordingguides/papal-bullae/  
I also got a corroded, but fine Elizabeth I penny at about a tenth of what it would normally cost. Nice Irish harp, full date 1602
and most of the inscription. You can get most any rare coin for much less in a poor or damaged condition, a 1795 flowing hair
dollar can be bought for under a $1000 in AG 3 and the same design in a half dollar for $650. The half a bulla allowed me to add
a rare pope for $60 and keep my papal collection to coins under $100.
New eagles designs for gold and silver eagles to come out sometime in 2021. The gold will have the closeup of an eagle head, and
the silver an eagle in flight with oak branch. The
finest known 1794 dollar was auctioned in Las Vegas this month. Last sold for $10
million in 2013, it is expected to sell for$20 million this time. (It went unsold!) It is the first American silver dollar.
Go, Go Robert. Jeff
Shevlin is restriking the Wilson Dollar for the 100th anniversary of the opening of the Manila Mint.
The restrikes use the
original Wilson Dollar obverse die engraved by George Morgan. Struck by Daniel Carr of the Moonlight Mint, in gold, silver, copper,
brass, aluminum, nickel and select gold-plated. 38mm, the same size as the original. The gold is 1.6oz, 50 grams of gold for $5,000,
silver is $100, copper is $50, and the brass, aluminum and nickel are $35. Silver with select gold-plate is $125.  The reverse die
commemorates the 100th anniversary of the Manila Mint and will be identical to the original die except in the legend “Anniversary”
replaces “Opening” and will be dated 2020, not 1920. I bought one, great design, awful president. To buy visit on-line:
Canadians in at least one province are hoarding $100 bills to avoid income taxes and participate in the underground cash
according to circulation patterns of banknotes observed by Canada’s central bank. Canada also attributes the lack of circulating
coins to people not wanting to get germs from coins, rather than hoarding. Perth mint year of the ox coin and a 5 ounce Zodiac
Robert You still have a chance to beat Sam Dibitonto’s Morgan or Seated Liberty dollar, but this has to win best dollar. One of 4 best of
only 40-50 coins, the 1795 $1 Flowing Hair, 3 Leaves, Silver Plug, MS65+ PCGS. Ex: Lord St. Oswald. Sold $1.5 million by Heritage
Auctions. Got to see this in real life.
Talbot, Allum, & Lee engaged in the India trade. Formed in 1794, the partnership operated only until 1796. Their copper tokens dated 1794
and 1795 with the goddess of Commerce on the obverse and a sailing ship on the reverse were made in Birmingham, England
became US half cents.
At the time, penny coins in circulation were an assortment from various states (Connecticut, Massachusetts, New
Jersey, New York, Vermont), British halfpence, counterfeits, and more. The Liberty head copper cents made at the Philadelphia Mint
beginning in March 1793 were scarce. Consequently, just about any copper coin the size of a British halfpenny would trade at the value of
one cent. The shipping firm tokens dated 1794 that cost less than a cent to make were put into circulation where they circulated at the value
of one cent. The company profited from the coin and the advertising. On April 23, 1795, the firm sold 1,076 pounds of the unused tokens to
the Philadelphia Mint. The coins were a godsend to the Mint, which had been experiencing severe difficulties obtaining copper stock to strike
half cents and cents. Planchets for US half cents were cut by punching discs from the tokens, most of which were probably in mint
condition. Today it is not unusual to find a 1795 or 1797 US half cent with the token undertype with some of the ship's rigging and some
letters around the border of the token. Such half cents are highly prized by numismatists as they are literally two coins in one.
putting chips in its holders for coins and notes starting this month for added security
. A very good idea. You will be able to
authenticate on your smart phone.
ANA Money Museum has reopened in Colorado. Masks and limited number of entries. Watching
the coin press in Carson City is also masked and you have to make a reservation.
Carson City Museum is minting new medals to honor
and raise funds for Nevada’s health care workers
. Historic Coin Press No. 1 will mint a special medallion from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Oct. 30
at the Nevada State Museum, 600 N. Carson St. in Carson City. Interested people can purchase up to two .999 fine silver planchets and
watch as they are minted on the press. Cost for a planchet is $100. Registration is required for this event, as the museum itself will be closed
for the Nevada Day holiday. Participants will be given a scheduled admission time, will need to wear a face covering and maintain social
distancing protocols. Tom Roger design on obverse, state seal on reverse. Make reservation at:  https://nsmconnect.nevadaculture.
A rare Washington .25 error coin graded AU58 by NGC is feature in Heritage error coin auction December 15th. An off
center brockage struck on the 90% silver planchet that were used for the Washington Quarter's vintage years of 1932 to 1964.
Some  Russia & Canada 2020 WWII Coins
New US Coins
Numismatically yours, David Elliott
The Other Coin: Papal Bullae
Well, I was wrong, David Ryder, director of the mint got his WWII 75th anniversary coin after all. Eagle and olive branches rather
than anything military, but a nice coin. Certainly better than nothing. Will be in gold and silver. Of course these are nothing
compared to Russia and Canada (see below). The Kansas .25 with a butterfly and MA telephone dollar are coming out soon.
After the Last Board Meeting
We’re alive! Max of 40 at Denny’s and you must wear a mask when you come in unless eating or drinking. Please do not come if
you are feeling ill.
My doctor has me on the high risk list for a January vaccine and some of his patients are in the vaccine trials.
There are 5 vaccines expected by January and then I can go to the museum again. The museum is running the press from 11AM-3PM
on Saturdays, small groups with reservations.
Got Vermont .25 and CT $1. MA telephone $1 out October 29, WWII gold and silver
coins out Nov. 9. I thought David Ryder lost that fight. Kansas .25 November 16, MD$1 Hubble out Nov. 23.
Mint set out Nov. 30,
Buy proof set now if you want W-.05. The Bush $1 is not scheduled and still no date for
Barbara’s bronze medal or Trump presidential medal. I HAVE SOLD 33 OF THE 40 $10 TICKETS FOR THE 1884 CC BOXED
DOLLAR RAFFLE. We will draw for the boxed dollar at the meeting in October. Please mail me a check at 2845 Edgewood Drive,
Reno 89503 for your chance to win. Next raffle coin is a 1/10 ounce eagle. Contact me with any problems or ideas: 775 815-8625

Treasurer’s report: Minimal activity, especially since we had no monthly meeting due to COVID-19.  Income was $110 for our coin
raffle plus $240 from silver medal sales (thanks, Rusty).  Normal expenses were paid for the newsletter, our website, and bank fees.
SF set of all five 2013-2019S .25 in case $5
National Park Quarters  PDS .50        
Presidential, Native American  D P $1.25
Numismatic Potpourri
July2020-Bits and Cut Coins
Aug2020-Ancient seals
Sept2020-Hard Time Tokens
Robert's Treasures
Temple Coins has minted a medallion in honor of the signing of the Abraham Accord between the United Arab Emirates and
showing the Israeli and UAE flags over the silhouette of Jerusalem's Old City joined with the Abu Dhabi skyline. The American
eagle is beneath the Abraham Accord in Hebrew and Arabic. The reverse has a sword breaking into symbols of peace and advanced
technology. In Hebrew and Arabic is the verse from Jeremiah: For I will give you lasting peace in this place and from the Koran: And
if one inclines towards peace, it inclines towards you. The sword alludes to Isaiah: And they shall beat their swords into ploughshares.
Donald Trumps signature is on the bottom.
Stacks Bowers is auctioning a nearly complete collection of Indian Peace Medals in
The largest hoard of coins from the 7th century AD found in Oman in 1979 was put on display. 962 dirhams both
Sassinid and early Islamic.
Closing with something Halloweeny: This 1666 private half penny by John (Iohn) Morse of Waterford is
a reminder of death
momento morium minted in the year of the Great London Fire and many plagues. His initials are on the front with
flowers. The reverse has a skeleton holding arrows and an hourglass reminding everyone that time flies and flowers quickly wither
and die. The name Morse is a pun on the Latin
mors, which means death.

Nice movie on making coins from Franklin Mint: https://nnp.wustl.edu/library/book/584177