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Constantine: Propaganda in Bronze

1. Film Clip: Constantine and the Cross
A. Diocletian and Maximius retire, Constantius and Galerius move up with Severus and Licinius under them re-spectively.
B. Constantine goes to father and battle, just as he is killed, revealed his mother is a Christian, proclaimed Emperor at York
C. July 25, 306 and marches on Rome.

2. Title with Constantine head found at York.

3. Map of Roman Empire

4. Silver medallion with horse

5. Gold solidus with halo (Divus, not saint)

6. Head of colossal statue found at Rome (as Apollo or Sol)

7.  Bare head

8-16 Helmet heads

17. Consular robes with mappa and scepter.  

18. Diademed and scepter.

19. Crowned.

20. Pannonian cap.

21. Bearded.

22. Veiled at death.

23. Solidus in prayer.

24. Bronze in prayer.

25. Gods of Olympus.

26. Zeus or Jupiter, Jove.

27. Iovi ConservatoriAug-To Jupiter the Savior of our Emperor-Jupiter stands nude with eagle and Nike.

28. and captive.

29. and palm of victory.

30. and victory wreath.

31. Hercules-statue with club

32. On vase wrestling Nemean lion.

33. Hercules with club–HerculiVictori-to Hercules, the victor.

34. Hercules wrestling lion-HerculiConservatoriCaes-To Hercules the Savior of our Caesar

35. Apollo in Chariot

36. Head of Sol, Apollo-SolInvictoComiti-In honor of the unconquered sun, the companion of the Emperor.

37. standing nude with orb right.

38. standing in robe with flail.

39. standing nude with orb left.

40. Comiti Aug-Companion of the emperor-standing nude with orb left

41. Mars

42. Head of Mars-MartiConservatori-To Mars, Savior of our Emperor

43. Mars armored standing with spear and shield.

44. Mars armored walking with spear and shield-PepertuaVirtus-Eternal Strength

45. Nude walking with spear and shield-MartiPatriPropugnatori-To Mars the defending father.

46. Nude walking with spear and shield-VirtusAugEtCaes-The Valor of our emperor and caesar

47.  Standing armored, spear and shield-MartiPatriPropugnatori-To Mars the defending father

48. Nike or Victory

49. Victory walking left-VictoriaAugg-Victory of our Emperors

50. Victory on prow with shield

51. Victory on prow with shield and X-P

52. 2 Victories placing Vows (Vot PR) to the People of Rome shield on altar-VictoriaLaetaePrincPerp-Joyous victory to
the eternal Prince

53. altar with diamond

54. altar with X

55. altar with cross (?)

56. Victory walks with trophy and palm, captive before-SarmatiaDevicta-Sarmatia conquered.

57. with different trophy.

58. Victory sits with trophy and palm, captive before-ConstantinanaDafne-Dafne (now) Constantine’s

59. Army or Exercitus

60. Soldier with spear and shield standing-VirtusExercitus-Power of the Army

61. Soldier with spear and javelins.

62. Gloria Exercitus-Glory of the Army

63. 2 soldiers with one standard.

64. 2 soldiers with labarum

65. 2 victories with vexillum

66. 2 soldiers with 2 labarums

67. 1 soldier with 2 standards-Concordia Militum-Harmony with the soldiers

68. 3 standards-SPQROptimoPrincipi-The Senate and People of Rome to the Best of Princes

69. 2 captives below vexillum-VirtusExercitum-Power of the Army

70. 2 soldiers with X-P labarum-GloriaExercitum-Glory of the Army

71. Campgate, 2 turrets, door open-ProvidentiaeAug-(In Honor of) the Foresight of the Emperor

72. Campgate, 4 turrets, door closed-VirtusAug-Power of the Emperor

73. 3 turrets, door open-ProvidentiaeAug-(In Honor of) the Foresight of the Emperor

74.  Campgate, 4 turrets, door open-VirtusAug-Power of the Emperor

75. 2 turrets, door open, star-ProvidentiaeAug-(In Honor of) the Foresight of the Emperor

76. with victory wreath

77. large star, sun(?)

78. Sol on defensive works-VirtusAug-Power of the Emperor

79. Tetrarchy (Pannonian hats)

80. Genius with 2 lars, snake below.

81. Constantine with 2 standards-PrincipiIuventutus-In honor of the Prince of Youth

82. Genius standing with patera and cornucopia, GenioCaesaris-to the Spirit of the Caesars

83. different pose

84. Genius standing with patera, altar and cornucopia, GenioAugusti-to the Spirit of the Emperors

85. without altar

86. GenioFilAug-To the spirit of the Sons of the Emperor

87. GenioImperator-to the spirit of the Emperor

88. Concordia with scepter-Concordia Imperii-Harmony of the Empire

89. Genius stands with patera-BonoGenioPiiImperatoris-To the good guardian spirit of the pius Emperor.

90. Genio Augg Et Caesarun-To the spirit of our Emperors and Caesars

91. Moneta stands with scales and cornucopia-SacMonUrbAugEtCaesNostr-The sacred money of the city of our Augusti
and Caesars.

92. Genius stands with patera-GenioRomanorum-The Genius of the Romans

93. GenioPopRom-Genius of the Roman People

94. Rome.

95. Urbs Rom and wolf with Romulus and Remus, laurel above, 2 stars

96. Helmeted Rome-Urbs Rom-City of Rome

97. Wolf with Romulus and Remus, laurel above, 2 stars

98. Wolf without laurel

99. Helmeted Rom-PopRom-People of Rome

100. Bare head with cornucopia-PopRomanum, Star

101. Pop Rom with soldier standing PR

102. Pax standing PR

103. Rome seated with Nike and shield-PerperuitasAugg-The perpetuity of the Emperors

104. Gloria Romanorum-Glory of the Romans

105. RomaeRestitutae-To the restored Rome

106. RomaeAeternae-Eternal Rome

107. Gloria Romanorum-Glory of the Romans-different design

108. Rome seated in temple-ConserUrbSuae-In honor of the savior of the city

109. another

110. Constantine giving Nike to seated Rome-RecuperatorUrbisSuae-To the restorer of our city

111. Constantinople

112. Walls.

113. Hagia Sophia

114. silver medallion-Constantinople seated-DNConstantiniMaxAugusti-To our Lord, Constantine, the Greatest Emperor

115. Helmeted Constantinople (female) with Victory on prow.

116. Constantinopoli with X-P and Victory

117.  Helmeted Constantinopoli

118. Victory on prow

119. PopRomanorun with Danube bridge

120. Danube bridge

121. Carthage in temple-ConservatorKartSuae-To the Savior of our Carthage.

122. Carthage standing-SalvisAugEtCaesFelKart-Carthage is happy that the emperors and caesars are safe

123. Head of Constantine–whats most important, HIMSELF! And his family

124. Constantine’s Arch

125. Constantinus Aug-Emperor Constantine

126. Constantine standing with Nike-VirtusConstantiniAug-The Power of Emperor Constantine.

127.  Family Tree

128. Constantius veiled, Eagle over tomb

129. Helena/ Pax standing- Peace

130. Theodora- Piety nursing child

131. Maximianus (father-in-law)- veiled enthroned-RequiesOptimorumMeritorum-The Well merited rest of the best.

132. Fausta-Security standing- SecuritasRepublica

133. Crispus and Constantine II

134. Claudius II (imaginary ancestor) -veiled enthroned-RequiesOptimorumMeritorum-The Well merited rest of the best.

135. Triumph

136. Constantine on horse-AdventisAug-The arrival of our Emperor.

137. Hope

138. Constantine on horse-SpesPublic-Hope of the Public

139. Vexillum with X-P and snake (very rare)-Hope of the Public


141. Security resting on pillar-SecuritasAugg-Security of the Emperors

142. Solidus-Emperor before trophy-SecuritasPerpetuae-Eternal Security of the emperor

143.  Reknown

144. Sol stands with orb-ClaritasReipublicae-Reknown of the state

145.  Felicity

146. Altar with orb-BeataTranquilitas-Blessed Tranquility

147. Rome seated-FelicitasAugg-Happiness of the Emperors

148. Wisdom

149. Owl on Altar with scepter-SapientPrincip-Wisdom of the Prince

150. Peace

151-Peace stands with olive branch and standard-PaciPerpet-Eternal Peace

152. Constantine dragging captive by hair-FundatPacis-To the founder of Peace

153. another

154. Liberty-Arch-Constantine distributing money and gifts.

155. Victory on galley with 2 wreaths-LibertasPublica-PublicLiberty

156. Constantine mounted, hunting, LiberatorOrbis-To the liberator of the world

157. Vows

158. Votis X

159. Votis XV Fel XX

160. Vot XX-Constantini Augusti

161. same different design-plain

162. with 2 palms

163. Vot XX on altar with orb

164. Vot XX Mult XXX-plain

165. in wreath

166. in different wreath

167. Vot XXX in wreath

168. Death

169. Roman deification OR

170. Elijah?

171. Veiled Constantine, C. in chariot, hand of God reaching down.

172-173. chariot

174. Veiled head, veiled standing-VNMR-Venerated memory

175. Justice stands with scales-IustVenerMemor-It is just for his memory to be venerated.

176. Head veiled, standing with scepter-AeternaPietas-Eternal Piety

177. Vision of the Cross

178. Hand pointing to heaven (also foot of colossal statue)

179. Donation of Constantine.

180 Lateran palace outside-given to pope of Rome

181. inside

182. Nicene Creed

183. Saint.
Here are all the reverses of Constantine the Great in bronze. As coins were the newspapers
of their day. What is the first Christian emperor trying to tell us?