Coins of Cyprus
Coins of Cyprus

1. Title page with flag
2. Detail map of Europe
3. map of Cyprus
4. Flag of Cyprus
5. Atlantis near Cyprus c.10,000 BC before Mediterranean was formed.

Cyprus famous for two things, Copper, derived from Cyprus, ( Kuproj) and the place where
Aphrodite came to shore.

6. Recreation of Copper mining in Cyprus by Agia Varvara
7. Ancient oxhide copper ignots
8. ancient copper tools
9. Botticelli’s birth of Venus
10. Aphrodite of Cyprus by Jacqueline Karageorghis on postage stamp.

Cyprus near the center of commerce and Lydia when coinage invented.

11. Map of Lydian Kingdom and relationship to Cyprus
12. King Croesus and Solon, Gerard van Honthorst, 1592-1656
13. Gold stater of Croesus, 560-547BC

City state Kingdoms come under the control of Persia (vs. Egypt) 700-325BC

14. Map of Persian Empire
15. Tiles (bricks) of Susa  
16. Persian soldiers
17. Cyprus, AR tritartemarion, dolphin, 7th BC
18. reverse incuse
19. AR stater, Baalmelek II, 425-400BC, Heracles advances in lion skin with club and bow, lion attacks stag
20. Hector dragging Achilles
21. Greek warriors

Cyprus briefly  independent under King Evagoras of Salamis 411-374 BC

22. Royal tomb of Cyprus.
23. Silver diobol of Timocharis, 5th BC Europa on bull
24. Evagoras I, AR 1/3 state, Heracles seated on rock with club and horn, rev. goat kneeling, 411-374
25. Cyprus, Evagoras II, AE16, Lion stands left, ram head above, 361-351 BC
rev. horse stands left, star and ankh, S5826
26. Cyprus, Aptera, AE15, Artemis head right, 2nd- 1st BC,  rev. Warrior with spear and shield
27. Cyprus, Timarchos, AE11, Aphrodite in splendome l., 320-310 BC,rev. Rose, S5788 (Paphos)
28. Alexander the Greats Empire
29. Roman mosaic of Alexander fighting Darius at Gaugamela
30. Alexander the Great tetradrachm minted in Cyprus
31. Map of Age of the “Successors” battle for Alexander’s Kingdom after his death, creating the empires of
Seleucis, Ptolemy, Macedonia, etc.
32. Statue of Demetrius Poliorcetes (“the besieger”), 306-285BC
33. Minted many coins in Cyprus, which he used as a base of operations agasinst Ptolemy, etc.
34. AR tetradrachm, victory on prow, rev. Neptune with trident–commemorates naval battle at Salamis where
Ptolemy’s navy was destroyed.
35. Demetrios Poliorcetes, AE 15, D. in Corinthian helmet, 306-283
rev. BA above prow, monogram below-S6775
36. Demetrius Poliorcetes, AE 16,  Shield with monogram, 306-283,  rev. Helmet, BASI, S6774

Cyprus was the major mint of the Ptolemies with Alexandria being second.

37. Ptolemaic Kingdom
38. Map of Kingdom at greatest extent.
39. Ptolemy III, AE17, Head Zeus Ammon, 246-221
rev. Aphrodite stands–famous statue at temple of Paphos, PTOLEMAIOU BASILEWS
40. Ptolemy XII (father of Cleopatra), AR tetradrachm, head of Ptolemy I, rev. Lagid Eagle, Isis headress.
41. Ptolemy XII, AE13, fine, Zeus Ammon head right, 80-51                 
42. rev. Isis headdress, SNGCOP685 (Cyprus)
43. Cleopatra enthroned from Zuma world
44. tetradrachm
45. Cleopatra VII, AE 40 drachm, head right, 51- 30 BC,  rev. Eagle left, M, S7956
46. Cleopatra VII, AE 14, head right, 51- 30 BC,  rev. Cornucopias, S7850
47. Cleopatra VII, AE 11,  Head of Zeus right, 51-30,  rev. Zeus stands with wheat and scepter
48. Cleopatra VII, AE 10, fine, Thunderbolt, 51-30
49.  rev. Eagle on Thunderbolt
50. AR denarius Mark Anthony and Cleopatra, struck 34 BC, S363
51. AR denarius, Mark Anthony Legionary denarius battle of Actium, legion III

Octavian, known as Caesar Augustus defeated Cleopatra and Mark Anthony, taking Egypt and
Cyprus as his personal fiefs.

52. Map of Roman Empire
53. Augustus AE Dupondius of the CA Series, ca 25 BC. AVGVSTVS, bare head right
54. rev. CA in rostral wreath. RPC 2234
55. Augustus, Paphos, Cyprus, AE 23, Bust right, Caesar,  27BC-14AD, rev. Augustus in wreath, RIC486
56. Antonius Pius & Aurelius (Cyprus), AE 33, head right ,AvtKtAilAdrAntwnocCebe
57. Caracalla AE 31mm of Cyprus. Radiate, laureate, draped & cuirassed bust right / KOIN-ON
KVPRIWN, temple of Aphrodite Paphos with three bays, each surmounted by dove; in central bay, conical
stone surmounted by ornate top & flanked by stars; semi-circular forecourt. SNG Cop 92v.
58. Map of Byzantine Empire
59. Justinian and court mosaic San Vitale, Ravenna
60. Thirteenth-century fresco of Christ Pantokrator ("All Sovereign") from the Church of St. Themonianos.
61. Church of the Holy Cross, Pelendri, Cyprus, 1200 AD
62. Cataphracts from Total War computer game
63. Byzantine Cataphract from “Deadliest Warriors Matchup.”
64. Heraclius, AE, follis,  3 fig. H. Constantine, H., Martina, 610-641
65. rev. ex KVP, anno M with  cross officina G, regX4II, S849 (Cyprus)
66. Isaac Comnenus, Usurper in Cyprus, 1184-1191, Mint of Nicosa,  billon aspron trachy, Bust of Christ
facing, beardless, wearing nimbus, and raising right hand in benediction, scroll in left, rev. Isaac standing facing,
wearing crown, divitision and sagion, and holding cruciform scepter and akakia, manus Dei in upper field to
right, SB1992.
67. Isaac Comenus (Cyprus), AE trachy, afine, virgin enthroned, 1184-1191
rev. I. & St. George standing with cross, S1991

Cyprus under Crusaders. Richard the Lionheart attacks and defeats Isaac and sellsisland to the
Knights Templar, ruled by Lusignans from 1192-1489

68. Richard the Lionheart attacks Cyprus
69. Map of Crusader Kingdoms
70. Various crusaders
71. Knights Templars
72. Cyprus under Crusaders, Bohemund IV, AR denier, Chain mail head left, +BOH., 1201-1216
rev. cross
73. Hugo I, AR denier, Castle, +HVGO.., 1205-1218,    rev. cross
74. Henry II, AR-denier, Cross, henri REI DE, 1285-1304, 1311-1324
rev. Lion rampant
75. Cyprus, Janus, AE denier, Lion rampant, 1398-1432; rev. cross with 4 smaller crosses (Jerusalem cross)
76. John II, AR, John enthroned,1432-1458 rev. Jerusalem cross

The last Lusignan Queen Catherina Cornaro cedes Cyprus to Venice.

77. The Venetian Empire book
78. Map of Venetian Empire
79. Procession at square of St. Mark, Venice, Sandro Botticelli 1429-1507
80. Venetian pennant 16th century
81. 16th century Venetian soldiers
82. Cyprus under Venice, Geraloma Brioli, AE Cartzia, Cross, +HieronPrioliDux, 1559-1567         rev. Lion
rampant, S.MarcusVenetus

Muslim under Selim II invades Cyprus 1570-1878

83. Despite Battle of Lepanto Cyprus remains Ottoman, even though it ended Ottoman expansion in the
Mediterranean, 1571
84. Selim II, 1556-1574– known as Selim “the Drunk” he let his officials run his government as he lived in the
harem, drinking. It is said he invaded Cyprus because that is where his favorite wine came from.
85. Selim II on the march, Topaki palace collection
86. 16th century Ottoman warrior
87. Ottoman coins of Cyprus from Dr. Gyula Petranyi “Ottoman Coins minted in Cyprus”
88. Ahmed I, AR,  tughra, 1603-1617, rev. “May his victory be glorious, “minted Cyprus”date off flan
89. Ahmed I, 1603-1617, AR akçe (0.32g), Kibris (Cyprus),”Ahmed, sultan, son of Mehmed”
90. rev. “May his victory be glorious, “minted Cyprus” AH1012

Britain administers Cyprus as part the Ottoman empire until 1914, then as a colony until 1960

91. British half penny stamp counter marked Cyprus–Queen Victoria, 1837-1901
92. British 4 ½ piastre stamp-King George V 1910-1936
93. British fleet at Cyprus
94. 1 piastre, young Queen Victoria, 1887, Km3.2
95. 4 ½ piastres, old Victoria, AR 1901
96. Cyprus under England, CN, GEORGIUS VI DEI GRA REX ET IND IMP, 1936-1952
97.   rev. 2 lion, TWO CYPRESS SCHILLINGS,1947, Y27
98. Cyprus, English Colony, AE, QUEEN ELIZABETH THE SECOND, 1952-
99.  rev. fish, GOVERNMENT OF CYPRUS, THREE MILS,1955,Y35
100. Cyprus, English Colony, AE, head left, Queen Elizabeth The Second, 1952-
101.   rev. Ancient Cypriot carrying oxhide copper, Government Of Cyprus, 5(mils), 1956,YKM34

Independence 1960-

102. 20 pound note with statue of Aphrodite and galley, P56
103. Map of Cyprus showing partition after 1974 Turkish invasion
104. Cyprus Republic, CN, AU, Europa on bull, 50, 1960-
rev. shield with dove & olive branch,2004, Cyprus, Kupros, Kibris, KM66
105. Set of modern coins featuring seated Heracles (500 mils,CN), goat, 100 mils, Zeno, 20 cents, NBs, 10
cents birds on vase, 5 cents goat head, NBs, 2 cents 2 goats, NBs, 1 cent, stylized bird on branch, NBs
106. 500 mils, CN, cornucopia, man carrying basket of fruit, KM43
107. Cyprus Republic, AE, galley-5, 1960-
109. flag pin of Turkey and Cyprus

1974 Invasion by Turkey

110. 1 lira coin of Turkish northern Cyprus
111. obverses of Turkish northern Cyprus
112. 20 lira coin featuring Selim II on Turkish coin of Northern Cyprus

113. Map of European union including Cyprus–entered European Union 2004, coins 2008

114. reverses of Goat, galley, ancient fertility figure
115. goats
116. galley
117. fertility figure–Idol of Pomos, c. 30,000 BC
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