The Other Coin: The Internet Connection
I am taking a time out to review several important developments on the internet. More and more
collections are being put on line, for example: U.S. Large cents:, Colonial coin
collection at Notre Dame:, and, of course, for ancients
Wildwinds: and the Handbook of Biblical Numismatics at The history of US coins series are well documented at the Old Coin Shop,
These are just a few example, and I mention them because there is a lot of useful information about
grading and collectors, chat rooms for people that collect the same coins as  you do, etc. However,
more and more sites are welcoming you to put up your collection on line. This is a wonderful way to
preserve and display your coin collection. I recently put my Byzantine collection on line at yahoo
photos as several people complained that there was not a good collection of Byzantine bronzes on line.
There is a nice gold one. I was then asked to also put the collection on line an
where many other collection are available. These aid in identification and research for the coin
collection community. Even more importantly,  the Coin Forgery network has gone on line,, and is inviting people to upload pictures of their counterfeit
coins--ancient, world, and US. They will very quickly develop the largest data base on forged coins in
the world if everyone helps out.
This also brings to mind the new way to shop for coins VCoins, has become the
largest dealer in ancient coins and is now selling US and world coins as well. It invites other dealers to
display their wares on-line and has collected most of the ancient dealers and is growing in US and
World dealers. Most people now shop with split screen on e-bay and vcoins, checking to make sure
the coin they are bidding on doesn't cost them more than what they could but it from for a reputable
dealer. E-bay and Vcoins also gives you an up-to-date idea of what your coins retail for. The hobby is
becoming an international, virtual community and there are many opportunities to join in.
My Byzantine and Golden Horde collection can be viewed at:

Numismatically yours, David Elliott