The Other Coin: National Coin Week at the State Museum

National Coin Week is April 19-25th with the theme-- Lincoln's Legacy: A Nation
United. Ken Hopple, Bonnie and I will be at the state museum in Carson City Friday and
Saturday April 24 and 25. We will be exchanging the Harrison dollar, DC quarter, 2009
Lincoln penny, and hope to have the new Sacagewa dollar as well. We will also
participate in the Lincoln Treasure Hunt with all the treasure available to be found at our
table. The 5 treasures to be found are: A quarter featuring Lincoln (Illinois), a quarter
featuring Lincoln's birthplace (Kentucky), a penny from the year of your birth (I put
together a penny book from 1975 on), a penny with a mint mark, any presidential
dollar.  You may enter the drawing for prizes at

We plan to give everyone completing the hunt a few 2009 Lincoln penny with his log
cabin. We had over 600 people attend the museum last year and one of the largest
participations in the nation for national coin week. If you have time to volunteer, please
coin us. Ken will be running the press both days.

The lingering flu has kept me home for more than a week, which has given me the
opportunity to revamp the displays for the museum. The first case includes: Founding
Fathers, Early and Pioneer Coins, Coins of WWII, 20th Century coins, Animal Coins,
Foreign Currency, and Collecting Nevada all in 18 point type or larger. The Second
Case covers Primitive Coins, manufacture and use of ancient coins, Byzantine coins,
significant figures from ancient history, and in honor of Lincoln two new displays of
Philip II: Uniter of Greece and Octavian: Uniter of Rome.

Philip II's displays includes his coins as well as coins from each of the tribes and city
states he conquered to unite Greece with his newly improve phalanx and cavalry. He
left his army and a united Greece to his son Alexander the Great to conquer the world.
Instead of quarreling tribes and city states, Octavian took on the challenge of uniting a
country torn between the senatorial class and the people of Rome, Italy, and the greater
empire. The senators represented by Brutus and Cassius jealously guarded political and
economic privilege against the populist Julius Caesar. Upon his assassination Julius
Caesar's will made Octavian, his grand nephew, rather then Mark Anthony his cousin,
his heir. Octavian took up his uncle's populist role and defeated the various senatorial
armies one after another. The display has coins of Caesar Augustus and all his
opponents as he became ruler and uniter of the Roman Empire. (Read  Colleen
McCullough's Master of Rome Series or watch HBO's Rome series).

Numismatically yours, David Elliott
Philip II
Caesar Augustus standing
Marc Anthony         Cleopatra