" Bad money
drives the good
money out of
Reno Coin Club Photo Album
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David Elliott
2845 Edgewood Drive
Reno, NV 89503
" Money makes the world go round."
Rusty King, Ken Hopple, and Doug Larson minting
coins on Coin Press #1.
Coin Class Photo 1997: Steve Graham, Paul
Williams, David Elliott, Ken Hopple, Al Blythe, Otto Klay
January 31st, 2006 the Nevada State Quarter was introduced in
Carson City, Nevada. The Pony Express is unable to save,
Treasurer Krolicki's daughter from falling off the horse.
2007 Elk Lodge Coin Show: Steve Graham, Ken Hopple, Bonnie
Elliott, David Elliott
Rusty King, Steve Grahm,
Dan Waterman
Al Shay
David Elliott
Dan Waterman,
Ray Brown
Al Shapiro
Al Shay and Bob Fahari
Al Blythe,
Doug Larson
Ken and Karen
Bill Fragner on
Rusty Goe
Duke Morin in front
Ed Hoffman